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Found 31 results

  1. This is going to sound pretty dumb but I'm serious! I'm so confused when it comes to applying to PA schools regarding the prerequisite coursework. I know MEDEX say that the courses can't be a part of prior training, but then I read online articles about how to incorporate prereqs for PA schools into your undergrad experience, killing 2 birds with 1 stone sorta thing...I understand the necessary courses. But I'm having a hard time discerning if the coursework can have been done as a part of one's undergrad. For example the cellular bio I took in my undergrad. Will that be applicable to MEDEX? Or does every prereq have to be done after completing one's bachelors? By the way I have a BA, not a BS. I'm late to the party:(
  2. Hey everyone, It was great to meet so many amazing, skilled people at the interview yesterday! I was wondering if anyone wanted to keep in touch after the interviews? It’s always good to network, right? Anyway, hit me up if anyone wants to talk about anything PA related or not. I wish everyone the best of luck in all your interviews and future PA endeavors! My email is: klmauldin@gmail.com Katie Mauldin
  3. I believe invites for Anchorage interviews were around this time last year (based on last years ANC forum feed). Starting this topic for news, collaboration and support. Good luck to all.
  4. I'm a recent graduate and am about to start working in IM in a few weeks. I'm definitely really nervous, probably more so because it is my first job but also because I'm doing IM! I decided to go with IM when I graduated because it's general medicine and would give you a feel for everything and also because I wasn't sure what I wanted to specialize in. I'm just curious as to how it was like for other people with their first IM job. Appreciate it. Thank you. :)
  5. Hi everyone! I did not see a forum started for this year's cycle specifically to the Tacoma site so I thought I would start one.
  6. Hey everyone! I am creating this form so everyone that who has received an acceptance phone call/letter can communicate together more efficiently. Has anyone received a phone call yet? If and when you receive an acceptance phone call/letter be sure to let us know so everyone can keep track of who is going to be the future classmates of Tacoma Class 6. Best wishes to everyone!
  7. I'd like to meetup on Friday in the evening if anyone is interested. I'm thinking seven seas brewing, it's close to campus.
  8. Good Morning Everyone, Yesterday I attended the re-applicant information session at UW in Seattle (March 23rd) and I would like to compare notes and find out if any questions get answered. I fell victim to the CASPA mess last fall, but I do have several areas that I can improve in. Anyways, I am going to jot down some of my notes and takeaways from the session. Feel free to critique and add some points. PLEASE call me out if I'm wrong. Academic Prereqs - STAYING THE SAME!!! :) -Consider taking recommended classes biochem genetic social science -Talk to / Shadow a PA Know roles of PA in different specialtiesThis one received many underlines for me because I work with a bunch of PAs so I did not feel the need to shadow anybody.. certainly room for improvement their. Apparently, this was a sizable area that people fell short during the interview; not clearly knowing the role of a PA in different specialties. -CASPA's Mess CASPA failed a lot of us this last fall 100 applicants were left unverified until November because they did not click the button "verify".... This is promised to be hemmed up by the hiring of 60 plus people Positive note - Allegedly, are caspa info will be retained for next year except references. Even verified transcripts will not need to be resubmitted ​-Spokane will be Master's only -Pay attention to current issues affection PAs and healthcare I have more minor thing. Please post what you have!
  9. Felt it would be prudent to make a separate thread for those wanting to meet up before the interview, share anxious thoughts, offer help to those coming from out-of-town on place to stay (if you haven't found one already), transport, etc. @fluidworks I'd definitely like to meet up before the big day. For pubs, the College Inn, in the U-District, has big tables and is in walking distance of the hotels suggested in the mailing info. There are also many fairly cheap restaurants around the area. One week!
  10. Just submitted my CASPA application! Now to work on the supplemental. Best of luck to everyone, can't wait to hear your updates.
  11. These two essays are for the MEDEX supplemental statements. I have thick skin, so feel free to be very critical! Please compose a personal narrative statement that answers the above questions. Personal statements allow MEDEX to get a greater understanding of your experience and personal character. Keep in mind that we will have your CASPA personal statement and we do not want a duplication of the CASPA statement. Please limit this personal statement to 1000 words. Remember to format the statements with a space between paragraphs. 1. Based on the MEDEX mission statement, tell us how your values and experience make you a good fit for MEDEX. 2. Describe how your experiences working with, talking to, or observing physicians, PA's or NP's have convinced you that the PA profession is the right health care role for you. 3. What are the biggest challenges you face by returning to school and what will you contribute to your MEDEX classmates? 4. Do you believe your academic history accurately reflects your ability to successfully complete PA school? Please explain. In the summer following my sophomore year of high school, I read a front page article in the newspaper about how Jimmy Carter was coming to our town to build a house with Habitat for Humanity. I had lots of experience with construction having taken building trades classes every year starting in junior high school. I knew little of Habitat for Humanity, but reading the article had me intrigued. If nothing else, I thought, when else would I get to meet a former President? I spent a full week working on former President Carter’s project in which we built seven houses from the ground up. I didn’t realize it then, but that week set the foundation for my own life of service. During that week, I had the opportunity to work side-by-side with the families who would be living in those houses. I lived in a middle-class suburb near Jackson, Mississippi and hadn’t ever spent time in the poor neighborhoods in the city. Spending a week talking, working and laughing with some of the poorest people in our city forever changed my opinion of those less fortunate than me. After the Carter project was complete, the site supervisor pulled me aside. He’d been impressed by my construction knowledge and how well I got along with the families and other volunteers. He offered me a position as a permanent member of the staff. I gladly accepted and spent the next two years leading volunteer teams in the construction of over 100 homes. Since that time, I’ve had a lasting relationship with Habitat for Humanity having volunteered on home builds in three different states. Though my work and school schedules often took me away from volunteer work, I’ve always gone back every time I get the chance. It is that experience in high school that prepared me for a life of service to others and has helped me relate with those less fortunate. MEDEX, as well as the physician assistant (PA) profession as a whole, is dedicated to delivering health care to underserved populations and I’ve long shared that same dedication to service. "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing”, a quote attributed to Socrates, was the opening statement I regularly used for a leadership development course on continuous improvement that I taught for the Navy. My point being that the moment a person believed he or she knew everything about his or her profession was the moment he or she began down the path of professional failure. In the military, we related the Dunning-Kruger effect of inability to recognize one’s own incompetence directly to a decrease in performance driving us to incorporate the concepts of self-evaluation into our team training. The resulting focus was on constantly evaluating one’s own performance and looking for areas for improvement. Applying these concepts to the PA profession, feeling secure in your knowledge leads down the path to inadequacy. To feel that one knows everything there is to know about health care is to disregard the complexity of the human body and how little we actually know. I believe strongly that the healthcare practitioner must be humble and recognize that medicine is constantly evolving as we learn more, occasionally with complete paradigm shifts as we discover that a previous assumption was incorrect. It is that humility that drives the motivation to be a true life-long learner. I was very fortunate to have a fantastic shadowing experience that exposed me to a wide variety of heath care settings within Harrison Medical Center (HMC). I was able to observe both hospital and clinic settings and PA’s in nearly every aspect of health care provided at the hospital.While I spent the vast majority of my shadowing time observing the work day of PA’s throughout HMC, I took a bit of time each week to speak with non-PA’s about their experiences with the PA’s on staff. The responses I received were overwhelmingly positive. The doctors spoke of how the presence of PA’s reduced their workload and allowed them to focus on their most complicated cases. Patients spoke of how much their wait times at appointments had been reduced since HMC began increasing their PA staff. The most enlightening discussion I had about the PA’s was with the human resources staff. HMC is in the process of substantially increasing their PA staff numbers. While I had observed a positive influence on patient care quality and heard from patients about improved service and decreased wait times, human resources had the data to back up those observations and their current goal of doubling their PA staff is a direct reflection of just how positive that influence has been. Seeing the incredibly effect the PA team at the hospital was having on patient experience and quality of care along with the opinions of the doctors and human resources staff further convinced me that PA is the right career path for me. The biggest challenge I will face returning to school is shifting from my current school experience as a part-time undergraduate student back to a full-time graduate student. I will meet this challenge by using using the time-management and study habits that I developed previously as a graduate student to keep up with the work load and higher work quality expectations of graduate-level college work. I have also saved enough money that I will not have to work during PA school as I did during my previous college experiences. I will contribute my previous graduate school experience, work experience in health education and rehabilitation, and six years as a Navy instructor and Master Training Specialist to help create a positive class atmosphere that uses our diverse health care experiences as a basis for productive class discussions, and provides willing assistance to others. My academic record accurately reflects my ability to successfully complete PA school. As my transcripts show, my academic performance continuously improved as I matured as a person and as a student. Despite some minor missteps as a young student, I completed both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees with high GPA’s under challenging conditions. I completed both degrees while working full-time. I also completed my master’s degree under difficult conditions, working full-time and raising my infant daughter at home; including a full semester that I completed while she was living full-time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit having been born nearly three months early. _____________________________________ Total current word count is 1,040, so I'm very close on length. My current major self-critique is that I should add a summary paragraph at the end. Please limit this personal statement to no more than 500 words. Which aspect of your professional or clinical Military experience prepared you to enter the MEDEX program and become a Physician Assistant? I walked through the doors and onto the tarmac. There sat our tiny airplane, dwarfed by the passenger jets that taxied by to other gates. Inside, there were two seats in the rows on one side and one seat on the other. There were only seats on the entire plane. The plane shook violently as it leapt into the air. I watched below as my city shrank below us and I left behind everything I’d ever known. I grew up in a middle class suburb of Jackson, Mississippi. As with most kids, I grew up only knowing of the environment in which I lived. We were a large family, so we didn’t travel for vacations. When I left for the Navy, I stepped onto an airplane for the first time. Late that night, we stepped off the bus and were shuffled into a large barracks building. We’d arrived too late at night to be processed in, so we just sat on the floor in an empty building waiting for morning. Everyone looked exhausted. It was 2am. It was dark in the room and I could barely see the others who were there with me. A dark figure sat a few feet from me. Hoping to pass the time, I leaned in his direction and said, “How was your flight?” He said something I couldn’t understand in reply. “What’s that?”, I said. He repeated himself, but I still didn’t catch what he said. “You from Puerto Rico, too?”, another voice asked. “Nah, Bermuda” the man next to me replied. And there we sat. Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Mississippi. I leaned back against the metal bed frame and tried to fall asleep. “Diversity.” It was still before lunch on our first day in boot camp. “Diversity,” our company commander said again. Nowhere else in the world are you going to work with as diverse a group of people than you will here in the Navy”. He was right. And 20 years later at my retirement, I hadn’t forgotten his words. I spent a lot of time reflecting on my career as my retirement approached. I’d been in a senior leadership position for nearly 10 years and my retirement ceremony would be the last time I’d address those who had helped me achieve the success I’d had in my career and both those junior and senior to me had helped me along the way. If I had to condense everything I’d learned in my career into a 10 minute retirement speech, what did I want to pass on? Respect. Of course! Naturally, respect for those senior to you, but also respect for those who are junior. Respect for the background, beliefs, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or rank of everyone around you. “If you can just respect everyone around you as a human being,” I said, “you will always be successful.” That was my advice to them and to myself. If I can carry on that respect for others into my PA career, I will always be successful. Regardless of whether the patient is young or old, rich or poor, educated or uneducated, gay, straight or trans, male or female. Regardless of who the patient is or where he or she came from, if I can just treat each and every one of them with the basic respect that we all deserve as a fellow human being, then my military experience will have prepared me to be a successful physician assistant. ______________________________________________ Current word count is 577, so I do need to do a little trimming.
  12. Well, we survived the day! Time to pat yourself on the back. This has definitely been the most interesting style of interview I've ever encountered. I don't feel like I was able to gauge my candidacy, but I'm crossing my fingers that I will open my mailbox and find an acceptance letter in it, at some point. Any thoughts or comments regarding the day? Good luck to you all and I hope we meet again as the class of 2018!! Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  13. Hi everyone, this is my first time posting a question, although I've lurked for quite sometime ;) I'm currently finishing up my AS degree as a medical assistant but I will still need a few pre-reqs before applying to a PA program--I hope to complete them while working/earning my HCE and could use some advice. My program of choice doesn't require the science course to have a lab component but they would like 5 quarter credits. The classes that I've seen online (some offering labs, some not) have only been 4 quarter credits. How much do you think this would impact my chances of being accepted? I'm a mother to two small children and an online program would be better suited to my situation but I also don't want to throw away money or diminish my chances of being accepted. Thanks for your help! p.s. If it matters, I have already completed three lab classes (general bio, human bio, & botany) so my transcript won't be completely devoid of labs. I'll also have all my MA lab classes as well.
  14. Hello, My name is Phil, and I am scheduled for an interview for the MEDEX Seattle Masters program on 11/19. If anyone is in the Seattle area and would like to meet up to grab coffee and a small bite to eat a week/couple days in advance, I am putting the invitation out for 2:00 pm on Saturday November 14th, at Cafe Solstice (4116 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105.) Cafe Solstice is two blocks west of the UW Seattle campus. Meeting other candidates will make the morning, heading into the interview, much easier knowing a few people than it will on your own. I'm looking forward to meeting all who are applying, interviewing, or are even current students. This is not meant to be for masters applicants only. Please join if you are applying to any campus or degree program. I look forward to meeting any and all of you. Good Luck, Phil Brown
  15. Hello fellow Spokane hopefuls! Wanted to start things off with a post that we can all share our excitement and nervousness for the upcoming interview session. I received that wonderful email a few days ago inviting me to the Spokane campus for interviews. Who else is coming? I will be driving over from the Tacoma area the night before and coming back to the Tacoma area on Sunday. Jeff
  16. I have my interview dec 13th at uw tacoma. I am super excited. Wondering if there are any current students from tacoma campus that could shed some light on interview questions and such.
  17. Hello MEDEX Tacoma applicants, I am a new member who applied to the Tacoma site and waiting to hear back (hopefully with an interview)! Has anyone else heard back yet? I know Tacoma is generally behind the rest in terms of interview dates. We can also share a little about ourselves here as we may be classmates in the near future. Good luck to everyone!
  18. Has anyone heard about any additional interviews for Tacoma #2.
  19. Hello, My name is Matthew Peterson and I am looking for some shadowing hours in the Kenosha, Racine, Milwaukee WI area. Thank you! mtthwpeterson30@yahoo.com
  20. I am in the process of starting a Pre-PA group in Fairbanks. Here are a few of my ideas for the group: Currently, I am trying to get list of PAs that have no problem letting us shadow them. Also, I'm trying to find a few different PAs that would do a question and answer session for us. I know of 3 PAs that recently graduated from MEDEX and hoping they will be willing to talk. Maybe we could even go to anchorage when MEDEX has information sessions? Once we get a good group together I think it will be valuable for us to do mock surveys and look over each others personal statement giving advice. I have been also complying a list of places to volunteer around town. In the winter I would love to hold a fundraiser for some kind of cancer awareness or maybe just help a group. It's always more fun volunteering with a group of people instead of by yourself. This group is not just for the MEDEX program, its for any one looking at the possibility of becoming a PA or pursuing the idea. If anyone wants to join I have started a facebook page. Again, I have just started this and I need to add some documents. I will probably make the group closed so we can feel comfortable posting questions without everyone seeing our comments. Copy and Paste :) https://www.facebook.com/UafPhysicianAssistant Currently its labeled UAF Pre-Physician Assistant, but its not only for UAF, its Fairbanks. -Kelly
  21. Hi pa students and pa's, I am an international student in a community college, I wanted to go to med school initially and was a premed for a year in a 4 yr college, but I learned that only one private school in the u.s accepts international students, so I decided to perdue nursing in a community college but I recently learnt about pa school and I would love so much to work as a P.A. I have worked in healthcare for 3 years now. I have 2 relatives working as P.A's and my boyfriend is finishing his medical residency and I have learned so much from them. My question is, am I an eligible candidate for MEDEX? Even as an international student?, I would be applying for the undergraduate program with an interest in pursuing masters too. Will appreciate feedback.
  22. There is really only one PA program I want apply to, Medex. Over the last few months I have been trying to beef up my application so I can apply next year. Can you please give me some advice on what I can approve. Also, what are my chances of getting into the MEDEX program. My husband is military, but I'm born and raised in Alaska. Currently we are stationed in Fairbanks. Own a cabin in Soldotna and plan to retire here. I am 25, no kids, love live and have a very friendly personality. I do not have a degree, my GPA however is a 3.8. I do have a few more classes to take and I'm hoping it stays that high. I have obtained this GPA while working full time and going to school part time. I'm hoping this will help me in the areas I'm lacking. If I don't get into the program the first year I plan to finish my BA in biological science and try again. I have thousands of volunteer hours, about 4,000 counted. Everything from food banks, orphanages in Cambodia, working with under privilege kids, volunteer children's pastor, senior citizen homes, mentor to youth, tutor, no one dies alone program, trash clean up, and an EMT. Currently, I am a Big Sister, EMT volunteer, helping at the food bank and on a military volunteer committee. I am also trying to start a Pre-PA group at UAF and for local Fairbanks people interested in becoming a PA. If anyone wants to join look me up on Facebook. I think it would be fun to do mock surveys, plug people in with PAs willing to have shadows, etc. HCE: I currently work as an ENDO-Tech and scrub tech. I assist about 15-20 different doctors throughout the week with all types of procedures. My job also lets me work in the wound care department and infusion once in a while. My boss has been doing everything possible to cross train me in 5 different areas so my HCE doesn't look too specific. I use to me a CNA at a long term facility (over 2,000 hours). I was a PT-aid for 1 year. I teach BLS to health care providers at the hospital and teach first aid skills to Girl Scouts a few times a year. I was told to become a ER tech, but I feel like I learn a lot from working directly with doctors and patients. If I was to work as an ER tech I would be stuck taking BP and doing paper work. Advice on that? PA Shadowing: I am still trying to get shadowing done. Right now I have 50 in primary care and 20 in ER. The Medex program does not require this, but I'm learning alot and having a blast! I plan to have at least 100 shadowing in the ER, 150 primary care, 30 with ortho PA, 20 OBGYN. Maybe I'm over doing it?My original goal was 500 hours, but with all my volunteer work, school part time and work full time I'm starting to get over whelmed. Reference: I have a well respective native hospital doctor who will be writing one for me. A very well known PA in Alaska who has been here for 30 years practicing, and trying to find an RN. Right now I only have my EMT 1. Before I apply I plan to have my EMT 2 and 3. I know a lot of people that apply have years of experience on them! I work with a doctor once in a while that has Medex PA students shadowing him for their clinicals. Everyone I have met so far has been Alaskan Native. I'm worried that I don't have enough HCE (8,000). Also worried that they might not like the fact that my husband is military and it might look like we don't plan to stay in Alaska. When in fact I couldn't imagine living and working some where else. I grew up very poor in Anchor Point and had some many people help my family and I love giving back. I find my self staying up late at night planning out my classes and the best route to make my self a better PA when I finally get in. Do you think it's a bad idea to only apply to one program? My husband has to stay in Fairbanks no mater what till 2018 and if I go to anchorage or WA we can see each other through out the year. I'm hoping that I can ask to do some clinicals in Fairbanks. I have a few Doctors that said they would allow me to shadow them if I get in. Plus, I see Medex Students all the time up here. Thanks for reading. I know it was long.
  23. It's easy to find a MD at the UW to contact for shadowing - pick a specialty and there's a doc and an email address. However, I have been unable to find a single PA on the uwmedicine website. Where does one go to find a PA to shadow at the UW? Bigger question: are there any PAs with academic specialties (research + patient care) outside the MEDEX faculty? Any suggestions on finding shadowing opportunities at UW would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  24. Good Day Folks, I am a Washington native and Navy Corpsman applying to MEDEX this summer. I have my Bachelors (3.0 GPA) and have taken one science course prior to now (Survey of Inorganic Chem, A-) I am currently going to Bellevue College and taking CHEM 161 (1st of 3 inorganic Chem), BIO 160 (1st of 3), and PSYC 100. I will be taking A&P I and A&P II over spring and summer quarter. I will also be taking Lifespan Psychology one of those quarters as well. Here is my question: If I go full time, I have room for two more courses before Apps are due- what courses should I take? MEDEX is very non-specific about which courses they want, and I will have already met the minimum requirement, however I want to be as competitive as possible. I also need to meet requirements for other programs as I intend to cast the net far and wide. I was considering CHEM 131 - Intro to O-Chem/BioChem and Microbiology. I want to be as competitive as possible, and I acknowledge that I am fighting an upstream battle with regard to my GPA. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thank You!
  25. Hello. I am a surgical RN living in Idaho. I will finish my BSN in April 2013. I have been working in surgery for five years, 3 as a certified surgical technologist (CST) and 2 as circulator RN. My long term goal is to assist in surgeries such as ortho or neurosurgery as a PA. In my research and talking to friends, I have narrowed my search to PA schools to MEDEX in Washington state or University of Texas in Dallas. I have a friend who I met when I was a CST student who went through MEDEX and is now working in Idaho with two orthopedic surgeons. I have a cousin who is a trauma nurse in Plano, Texas who says the pay is good there for RNs and plenty of career and educational opportunities there. I would appreciate it if anybody who has experiences with either or both of these PA programs if you could give me some insight so I can make an informed decision. I feel like it would be good to move to TX and work there for a year to gain residency status, but that would mean selling our home in Idaho and a leap of faith to rent once again after 8 years of homeownership. I want to do the best for my family and for my career. Thank you for your advice and good luck in your education and career to each of you!
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