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Found 5 results

  1. Hello all! I took the GRE in May and received a 153 on quant (49%tile), 152 verbal (54%tile), and I did pretty bad on the writing- 3.0 (15%tile). I was wondering how bad it would hurt my application to have a 3.0 on writing. I have ~2700 relevant PCE hours, over 1,000 HCE hours, 3.68 cGPA, 3.53 sGPA both GPAs are an upward trend. Should I be too worried? I definitely plan on taking the GRE again if I don’t get accepted this year. Anyone have experience applying with low GRE and still getting accepted? thanks!!
  2. I know there are a lot of threads on this topic already, but I decided to share this for those who don't have the best stats but truly want to be PAs. I just got accepted this 2015-2016 cycle, and I'll be starting PA school in the fall! It can be done, but you have to work extra hard to prove that you really have what it takes. Undergrad Major: Biology CASPA CGPA (undergrad): 2.80 CASPA SGPA: 2.97 Post-Baccalaureate: 4.0 (17 credits) GRE: 149V, 153Q, 4.0A LORs: 3 MDs, 1 PA Age: 29 Attempt: 1st HCE: Approximately 6000 (paid, volunteer, etc) Shadowing: MDs, PAs, 1 NP Applied: 10 + schools too many to list Interview invitations: 5 (declined 1) Acceptances: 2 Waitlisted: 1 Denied: Who cares? Nobody likes rejection, but you simply can't win them all. If you're meant to be a PA, you'll become one. It took me 4 years to prepare and apply, and I got in on my first attempt. This is not something you can rush; shadow PAs, take health/science classes, help your community, be very familiar with the profession, and most importantly: do it for the right reasons. Be honest, genuine, and enjoy the process. If they say no, someone will see in you what others don't. However, you also have to be realistic; if you can't honestly explain why your grades are low, why they should pick you vs. a 4.0 applicant, and why you really want to be a PA, then you're not ready. Take your time, explore other professions.. stay motivated!
  3. I'm applying for the first time next cycle and was wondering will I receive automatic rejection with a poor GRE? I've always done poorly on standardized tests and really don't want to waste money on another GRE. Q 147 (27%), V 151 (52%), AW 4.0 (60%) However I have a 3.87 GPA and a 3.80 scGPA from Drexel. 200 Volunteer hrs (soup kitchen and transitional housing for homeless women and children) 1000 Direct Patient contact as a CNA in long term care + acute rehab 500 research hours at fox chase cancer center 32 combined hours shadowing a derm PA and an ortho PA My question is, will the schools who require the GRE trash my application seeing a GRE below 300? I want to make it to the interview phase.
  4. Hello all, this was my first year applying to PA school and I did not receive any interviews. I was hoping to receive some advice for next year as I know I am a very mediocre applicant. Here are my Stats: Undergrad GPA: 3.16 Science GPA: 3.05 BCP GPA: 2.74 GRE: 150 quant 148 verbal LOR: RN, PA, Pharmacist Patient care : CNA (1400), Pharmacy tech(1500), Medical Scribe(400) Schools Applied: 29!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Applications Submitted: Late June/ Early July I am really embarrassed to discuss this with any of my coworkers or family members, so I am hoping you guys can help me out. I would have thought I would at least gotten ONE interview. sigh :(. Any advice is appreciated!
  5. Hi Everyone, I have an interview at the Meridian Campus in a bit over a week and was hoping that any current or former students, or those who have attended an interview already in 2013, could shed some light on what to expect on the day of? Was there a writing assignment? Was the interview in a group setting versus individual? What sort of interview questions were posed? Any tidbits of advice would be much appreciated. Best of luck everyone! -Eric
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