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Found 13 results

  1. Hello everyone! I am a pre-PA UCLA graduate looking for a PA to shadow in Los Angeles County and/or the South Bay area! I live around the South Bay but I am willing to drive anywhere in Los Angeles (or farther) to shadow a PA! Please let me know if any PA's in the area would be open for me to shadow them Thank you!
  2. Hello all, My name is Michelle, an aspiring Physician Assistant. I am currently working on my CASPA application, and I would like to ask for your help. I am in need of a PA shadowing opportunity in the Los Angeles area. I have been reaching out to different websites and hospitals for an opportunity, but I've always been turned down. I hope you can help me find this opportunity. Thank you!
  3. I am a current PA student living in the Bay Area and will be relocating to Los Angeles in mid-August. This means I am finishing my last 3 rotations in Southern California. If anyone knows of an OB/GYN who is willing to precept a PA student for 5 weeks sometime September-December I would greatly appreciate it!
  4. If I don't get in this cycle I will have to retake certain courses. Is 6-7 years usually the standard before you have to retake these science courses? I feel like this would be an endless loop. Don't get into this cycle then basically wait even longer and retake all my bachelor of science courses lol. Anyone in the same predicament?
  5. Hello, I'm looking for any leads on clinical rotations in the los angeles area. I am an out of state student trying to set up rotations on my own so that I can be in LA for my clinical year. I am looking for rotations in women's health, internal/family medicine, inpatient medicine, general surgery, and emergency medicine for 2016 (Jan-Nov). Preceptors can be PAs, MDs, NPs, or DOs. If you know of anyone that could help me kindly let me know. Personal message me with any information or questions. Thank you in advance!!!
  6. Top-notch Physician Assistant wanted full time in Marina Del Rey, CA. Enjoy beautiful coastal Southern California lifestyle. Join a thriving and innovative practice that provides the full-scope of conventional Pain Medicine combined with advanced interventional regenerative techniques. We are looking for a professional that has interests in orthopedics, sports medicine, neurology, pain, and regenerative medicine such as stem cell and platelet rich plasma. Candidate must be open-minded, willing to learn ultrasound, able to participate in injections as well as clinical responsibilities and intellectual property development. Pay commensurate with background/experience. Send CV to remedypainjobs@gmail.com .
  7. We are an orthopaedic clinic in Los Angeles looking for: - PA to assist in evaluation, treatment of patients and to eventually assist with surgeries. - Provide clinical assistance to the medical staff for overall clinical management. - We prepare detailed reports so effective communication skills are important and must be able to use EHR efficiently. - Must be able to work nights, holidays or weekends. ​(some, not all) - Experience in orthopaedics is not necessary, but must be willing to learn and pursue learning during training period. - Will be trained directly by the doctor.​ - The position is part time. The pay is based on experience.​ - Bilingual (preferred, but not a requirement): Korean, English - License, Registration or Certification required: California Licensure and certification by the NCCPA. Please pm!
  8. Hi all, I am the owner and medical director of an Independent Review Organization (IRO) in California looking for PA's that are looking for an exciting opportunity without the hassles of clinical practice. Today, we are a group of physicians who founded our own Medical Peer Review Company, contracting with about 200 physicians nationwide. We are based in Beverly Hills, CA and count many amongst the largest Worker's Compensation carriers amongst ourClients. Throughout 2011, we have encountered explosive growth and continue to hire full-time Physicians and PA's working with us in our Beverly Hills location. We provide paid training; it is not rocket science, but it is time sensitive and demanding medical work requiring medical knowledge and judgment. It is an amazing opportunity to stay in touch with clinical medicine. What I am looking for are people to review records, prepare clinical summaries, and use state specific guidelines to come to some conclusion about a specific request. Reimbursement will be on a per case basis. As you grow in experience, the number of cases you can do per day will grow accordingly. Our reimbursement schedule is set at the equivalent of $50 an hour; but once you are able to finish cases in less time, it might even work out to the equivalent of $100 an hour or more. Our Utilization Review Physician's average between 60.000 and 120.000 USD per year. What is important is that you would be available full-time. Most of the cases we work up have tight deadlines set by regulatory requirements and are due on the same day. We need to be able to rely upon you to turn a case in as soon as possible. This opportunity might pay your bills and provide a fascinating opportunity to work within the medical field. Again, licensure is not required. We are a young, dynamic, dedicated, friendly, and courteous team looking for team players. We provide best in class quality to our clients and the patients we provide services to, and we are looking for doctors who can identify with that. We are looking to hire immediately. For consideration, please send your questions and a brief CV to me at dr.karmali@starmds.com
  9. Hi All, I am the husband of a PA student. She is busy with her rotations right now so I am trying to gather this information for her. We are looking to move to Los Angeles at the end of this summer, specifically to the UCLA/Westwood area for my graduate degree. My wife will graduate from her PA program in mid August and will be ready to start working. We are trying to get a better understanding of what the job market looks like for PA’s out there. We know that the UCLA medical system doesn’t hire PA’s. What kinds of opportunities are out there? What is the role of most PA’s in and around Los Angeles? In what roles/places are they most valued? I appreciate any help, thank you!
  10. Hi All! I have recently relocated to the LA area from the east coast to be near my family. I have only been out here for about 2 weeks and have had a few interviews but am having trouble finding continuously new open jobs in the area. I know that SO many PA positions are available by word of mouth, which for me is difficult as I am new to the area and don't have many medical connections not having gone to school/rotations out here. Does anyone have any idea about PA job fairs at hospitals in the area? I know on the east coast, large hospitals such as NY-Presbyterian, will hold an open interview day for PA's and new grads. Or any tips on networking out here? I joined CAPA which has provided the most legitimate potential interviews but am still feeling the lag. I don't ideally want to go back to the east coast for work, but if things don't change around here soon I may have to!
  11. this is a good posting - we need more of these good pay and bennies and productivity with a nice base salary [TABLE] [TR] [TD=class: label]Specialty:[/TD] [TD]PAC:PhysicianAssistant[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=class: label]Job Description:[/TD] [TD]OVER $100,000 BEFORE SEEING A PATIENT – GUARANTEED Multi-Million Dollar Expansion to Hospital: • Work smarter, not harder – enjoy a 4-day work week • Amazing benefits package – paid malpractice, over 7 weeks of vacation, full healthcare and retirement options, CME, $12,000 sign-on bonus and more • Collaborative providers allow for a streamlined and successful practice • Annual salary plus unrivaled production model allows for financial freedom • Work in a hospital doubling its services and size in the next 18 months – radiology, ultrasound, ER expansion, surgical offices, new patient rooms, digital x-ray and EMR Outdoor Paradise: • Easy access to several metropolitan areas that offer major airports, fine dining, cultural amenities, professional and collegiate sporting events and more • Moderate climate allows for year-round access to outdoor activities – golf and hike in unique and varying topography • Great, family-oriented community with a golf course, sports complex and wildlife parks • Within 20 minutes of three, beautiful recreational lakes that offer cabins, campsites and several boat docks • Sensational, state-recognized school district with ACT scores well above the national average [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  12. I was told by USC that they would invite me for an interview -- IF and only if I am able to cram in some PA shadowing ASAP. Early January, I was thinking. This would be incredibly helpful and it'd mean a lot to me, as USC was the only school in my home state that I applied to. I've volunteered before (Santa Monica-UCLA hospital, as a CareExtender), but that was a while back in 2005-2007. Any help or leads would be so very appreciated. Thank you!!
  13. Hi, I am a pre-pa student looking for an opportunity to shadow a PA in the los angeles area, preferably in the Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank area. If there is a dermatological PA available for shadowing, that's even better. please let me know.. thanks!:smile:
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