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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys! I'm 24 and have recently been accepted into a PA program, but I keep having second thoughts. My whole life I have been interested in medicine and health care. However, I am also a more quiet/introverted/awkward person and deal with social anxiety at times. For patient care hours this past year I became a phlebotomist. Although I loved learning about blood drawing and enjoyed the hands on aspect of it, the actual job itself was very draining for me. I worked at a very busy lab that saw over a 100 patients a day. Having to interact with so many patients left me feeling exhausted once I clocked out. I guess sometimes I wonder if I am making the right choice for myself career wise. I have shadowed many PAs and enjoyed those experiences, but I know shadowing and actually doing it are two different things. I also shadowed a Pathology Assistant, thinking that may be a better fit for me, but found it slightly repetitive and actually a little too isolating. I was wondering if anyone else had similar worries once upon a time? If there are specialties more geared towards introvert/quiet people? Or ones that see a lower volume of patients? Or maybe this isn't the best path for me?
  2. Hello, everyone! I'm currently a PA student, class of 2018 and I feel as if my head is going off on tangents constantly so I wanted some perspective from you guys. Well first off, I'm an introvert and spent my gap year before entering PA school mainly staying at home and doing individual activities and loving it. I keep my friend circle small and sweet and they understand as well that I'm not a very big talker or texter. After entering school my schedule has been flipped and I am totally fine with it, I like learning and feel as if I'm getting into my mojo. However the social aspect of school has been especially tough on me mentally. I have 2 friends I made that are my "group" but I'm constantly stuck in my head comparing and criticizing myself about my social skills with them and others. I want to grow socially as I spent most of my college years depending on myself and not needing other company. But in PA school and in careers it seems vital to have to network and make friends and that just seems physically and emotionally impossible for me. What I want to know from PA's and other PA students is, is it really necessary to make friends with others students or should I stop worrying about it (although that's easier said than done). Thanks for reading!
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