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Found 6 results

  1. Hey everyone, thought I would share my services in case it could be of use to anyone. I created a guide that initially was intended for applicants to medical school and medical residency that helps with answering common interview questions asked and my personal answers to those questions and strategies on what I felt worked best to attack them. I had a pre PA students also find this guide quite helpful, so I wanted to share in case anyone was interested. I also offer essay editing and application editing services for your PA school essays! Thanks again and best of luck in your journ
  2. Who would be interested in practicing interviewing? After interviewing at my top-choice program this cycle and failing to get accepted or even on the waitlist, I know I need a lot more practice interviewing. Let's help each other. Let's do 15- to 45-minute virtual interviews. The more we can do, the better. I spoke with several PAs, did a practice interview through my university's career center, and paid $$$ for professional PA interview help. The practicing PAs knew me and were a relaxed about the process. They told me I had good responses. I think that the interview through
  3. Any tips for upcoming 2019/2020 interviewers and anything we should be looking out for or common/uncommon questions they asked? Interview structure and any resources that helped you be prepared and confident? Just any advice overall on how to have a successful interview for acceptance into MCPHS Boston!!! Thank you!!!
  4. Is anyone aware of the interview methods being utilized at LSUHSC-NO this year? I am looking for general guidance on what to expect. Let's support each other in this stressful process--best of luck to all interviewing!
  5. Hi guys, I was invited for an interview at Rutgers PA program in July. I'm hoping for some advice/information on what to expect. For example, what sort of questions were asked, what was the writing section about, how many people interviewed you etc? Thank you very much -S
  6. I applied to a newly developed local program that will have it's first cohort begin classes Fall 2016. I completed my undergrad in 2012 with a BS in Biological Sciences and a sGPA of 3.2. Since graduation, I have amassed close to 4000 hours of HCE working as an ED medical scribe and later as a behavioral health tech at a local psychiatric hospital. During my time as a scribe, I also acted as in a supervisory role for 20+ other scribes who comprised the staff for the company's contract. In the semester before applying, I enrolled to retake organic chemistry since I fared poorly when I took the
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