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Found 2 results

  1. I am a GVSU student and will be done with my BS in Health Science with a focus on preventativie care and a minor in psychology in about a year! I'm hopping to graduate with a 3.5 ish (I had a 3.6 for 90+ credits and my GPA dropped to 0 when transferred) I'm SUPER worried about getting into GVSU's PA Program and am looking into joining the Navy with the hopes of getting into IPAP I will have all my pre reqs done for IPAP most likely even before I join the Navy? I'm 24 year old, female, with a husband and child and am ok with getting deployed and/or moving around! I'm also an NREMT-B - Questions... -possible officer programs for a BS degree holder - possibility of navy corpsman getting accepted to ipap - how long will it take for a corpsman to get into ipap -is ipap program accredited
  2. Hi everyone, I have officially applied to one school with my first attempt GRE score (got a flat tire on the way AND got rear ended - talk about stressed and then sitting for the exam) v: 145 , q:140 w: 4 I am able to retake the GRE but the school that i have just applied to (Grand Valley State in MI) will be past their deadline so unfortunately they will be getting my first attempt score. I have read that GVSU's focuses only very minimally on the GRE scores ( which in my case i really hope so) My overall GPA is 3.0 - Few semesters really hurt my overall - some due to family deaths :( Last 60 credit GPA - 3.1 Prerequisite science GPA (for all schools) - Over 3.6 Science GPA 2.94 - Thanks CASPA as there is no grade forgiveness >:( Hands on healthcare exp : 1250+ as medical assistant Shadowing hours - 400+ Biology Degree - Graduated with a 3.4 - Which i don't know if that matters as CASPA has no grade forgiveness. Obviously, i am going to retake the GRE and will apply to several schools with my new score. However, wanted people advice and opinions to see if anyone has gotten in/interviews/accepted with lower GRE scores/lower overall/science GPA/etc. Is hope gone forever :( ?
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