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Found 23 results

  1. In this day of selivering bad news, I thought that this article that I saved from last year would be a great refresher. Food is food regardless of the source. The Rules for Delivering Bad News to Patients August 27, 2019 The Watercooler: Career Advice The Bookbag: Education The Rounds: Clinical Considerations General 0 Comments I've talked to some colleagues recently who've been a little down about their roles as nurse practitioners. Working in family practice, they have found themselves in the position o
  2. Hi Everyone! New grad currently negotiating part-time PA position in Family Practice. I've done clinical rotations and scribed at a Family Practice office in NYC and will be working part-time until I start a Residency program in the fall. Trying to figure out what I should expect in a part-time contract if anything in terms of benefits, PTO, CME, etc. Also, trying to discern if it is in my best interest to be a part-time employee or 1099. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello Everyone, My name is Olivia and I am currently a senior at USF. I am looking for shadowing opportunities to be able to start accruing my 2000 hours that I would need to accomplish by the time I graduate in order to be accepted into a PA program in 2021. If anyone has or know any opportunities that I may be able to apply to..I would greatly appreciate the referral. I can be contacted though this forum. Thank you Olivia N.
  4. I have 7 years experience as a PA (1 year General Surgery, 3 years IM private practice, and now 3 years at my current position in a family medicine outpatient clinic) in rural Kentucky. It is time for contract negotiations after 3 years of work here. I am outpatient only with no call, 4 days per week; averaging 18-20 patients per clinic day. My base salary is $93k, Encounter based bonuses ($16.59 per encounter over minimum 663 per quarter which does not prove profitable for me so basically my salary is less than $97k total), $2500 CME plus 40 hours PTO, 24 days PTO plus 12 sick days, Malpracti
  5. A friend of mine has been tasked to make a schedule for her to see 24 patients in 8 hour day. When to schedule new and for how long and f/u's and for how long. I should say that this is a new family practice and presently is seeing 3-10 a day!! This is a long term plan. Any suggestions from family practice on how to schedule?? Thanks
  6. Want your opinion please. If you work PRN, hourly, no bennies would expect to be paid for time spent at orientation and some other HR/departmental activities? Thanks
  7. I've applied to a few family practice offices in Dallas and Fort Worth Texas, and was wondering what a fair salary range would be. I'm seeing anywhere from 90-115k/yr. Does that sounds about right?Assuming benefits are standard and full. I have 3 years of family med experience in Pennsylvania. Making the move to down south soon!
  8. Im 9 months into my first job as a PA and working in family practice. Just two providers in our office, myself and the MD. The MD has set certain rules and guidelines for the practice, and one is on return visits. Any patient that has a prescribed medication needs to be seen every 6 months at minimum for management of care. Only acceptation is with OCP. I have denied more refills lately for because they are over the 6 month timeline. Many patients are complaining and aggravated when I see them because they have been on these meds for many years and have been stable (example, levothyroxin
  9. Hello, I'm a "new grad" having graduates this last August. I had initially taken a uro job for 75k, working at least 50 hrs q wk. to make a long story short, it was a toxic environment and I resigned after the probationary period . Fast forward to today ... Offered a FP job for 80k, no benefits (health insurance , 401k, no CME reimbursement ). Benefits include 2 weeks vacation, No weekends/call, and only four 10 hour shifts. I'm not a good negotiator either; hate it and I'm terrible at confrontation. Also, this is the first time this particular clinic is working with a mid-level so I'm n
  10. I am a recent new graduate and will very soon begin a job in urgent care. Does anyone have any good reference books they would recommend? Two books that I have found online that look promising are: "Minor Emergencies: splinters to fractures" and "Textbook of urgent care medicine" . Any one that knows which one may be better or any other options for a new grad in urgent care, please let me know! Thanks.
  11. I know this is not a good offer, but I want to know if it's worth neogtiating or too far off the mark. I graduated a year ago, but have not worked yet as a PA due some family issues. I wish this had not been the case but it is what is. Due to this, I am aware that I am undervaluing myself because I have not been in the clinical setting for a while. I had my first interview at a family practice in a small community in NE Pennsylvania. I really like the office and the community it serves. I think the position would be great for experience, but I don't know that they value the PA as they
  12. certified diabetic educator (CDE) certification - lucrative or not? My manager approached me today to excitedly inform me that she suggested me when a diabetes rep came in and mentioned her company will provide free CDE training for a provider in our office. I do really like endocrinology but don't want to work in Endo due to the lower salaries (kind of burnt out right now on long hours and low compensation as it is in family med). I'm trying to read between the lines and see if this is something that would actually benefit me or only benefit the hospital and my workplace. I have a very busy
  13. I need all the help I can get... going from family practice to urgent care. Books/ CME's/ useful apps/ procedure training or is that all on-the-job? THANK YOU!
  14. Hello PAs! I need some advice. I'm a new grad, my last clinical rotation in family practice was wonderful- 100% supervision, very functional office- everyone communicates and patients are seen on time. I recieved a job offer from this site- I worked with the doc already for a month in clinicals I know we communicate well and he liked me enough to hire me! Three interviews including contract negotiation, we had decided on the contract revisions, benefits, salary etc.. and then I get a call from his office manager stating "they looked at the books and decided not to hire anyone right now, they d
  15. UPDATE 6/13/14: this essay sucks balls. It is useless drivel; a mere regurgitation of my resume with footnotes sprinkled in to gloss over the suck-factor that is my life. Don't waste your time reading it!!! (I hope to update it with something more appropriate in the next week or two) “Will you go to nursing or medical school?” Growing up in a Filipino household with a physician as a father, I was raised in a culture that viewed picking a career as choosing medicine...or medicine. When I was young, my parents beamed with pride when I'd say I wanted to be a doctor. Little did they know that
  16. Hey guys! I currently practice in North Carolina (and some of you may remember me complaining a while back about my unhappiness with my current job). Anyway, I am interviewing for a job at CareNow Urgent Care in Dallas Fort Worth (yup, finally got the balls to move and the fiancé's approval, too). Wondering if any of you have any experience with working for Carenow/ urgent care in general/ or live/work around the DFW area. Any advice would be greatly appreciated ---- Especially what kind of questions to ask at the official interview? I have almost 1.5 years in family practice. Wha
  17. I posted this on the TX forum, but thought Id try here too. Getting ready to interview for an Urgent Care position tomorrow on phone (and hopefully they will call me in for a face-to-face). I currently have about 1.5 years experience in family practice. This position would require me to relocate which I am ok with because I have been looking in my current location for the past 6 months without any luck. So, my question is... what questions can I ask as a PA going from family practice to Urgent care? The practice I work for now is painstakingly slow business-wise. Also, is it appropriate (o
  18. Howdy, Looking for Navy PA's with experience (preferably recent) serving with 2nd Marine Division. Getting assigned there after school & I have a few questions. Hit me up via PM, please. Thanks.
  19. With a trend of Family Practice Physicians shortages, I am wondering what everyone thinks might be a good incentive to attract Physicians back to this area of medicine? I know PAs are supposed to help address this shortage, but without supervising physicians we are unable to fulfill this deficit. Are incentives such as promising shorter hours and increased salary viable options? And if so, will the added responsibilities and cons of this area fall upon PAs driving down their job satisfaction? I would love to hear some thoughts and input.
  20. New Grad in in Texas. $58+ hr with 40-45 hours average benefits included 4.5 weeks vacation and cme included in Peds OR $95k Salary for Family Medicine for 40 hour weeks plus benefits No call I like the family medicine more but the pay is substantially different, so I'm just wondering opinions
  21. I am a new grad, and accepted a really good fam practice/peds offer in NC. I wanted to move and start work ASAP, but the board is telling me FOUR MONTHS for my license credentials. The office is telling me I can't start until then, but I was under the impression that I could be trained while waiting? Anyway, that is the impression they gave me in the interview. The doc seems urgent for me to start, emailing me everyday asking how things are going, but the practice administrator is not budging. I am kind of in limbo with everything else in my life right now (finances, living situation, bo
  22. I have so far taken half a year off to focus more on school. It has been 6 months since I have worked and have been taking at least 17 units per semester. I wish to continue to do this and not work for about another year to retake some of my classes. Will it look bad to the admissions committee if they see that I have not worked for a year and a half or so when I plan to apply next year??
  23. Hey! Are there any PAs (particularly Family Practice or General Surgery) in the Sacramento to San Francisco Bay Area that will allow me to shadow them? I'm trying to keep myself constantly immersed in the work of a PA so I would be truly grateful for the opportunity. Please contact me at mjrdiaz@ucdavis.edu for any questions! Thanks, Mark D.
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