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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone!. I was wondering if you could all evaluate the competitveness of my application. Double Major from Rutgers University in Biological Sciences and Exercise Science. My GPA from Biological Sciences is attrocious (~2.2) because I was originally a Pharm D. and transferred out after realizing I was not cut out for it and I wasn't mature enough at the time to handle that level of studies. When I went back to school again for exercise science, my GPA for the 3 semesters was not less than 3.4 but it still wasn't enough to boost my GPA significantly due to having too many credits from the pharmacy program and the biological science degree. I have also done a postbacc in order to boost my gpa and retake my pre-reqs which are 10+ years old. Postbacc GPA while retaking my pre-reqs: 3.64 After the postbacc: cGPA: 2.96 sGPA: 2.94 (I have too many undergrad credits to budge my gpa!) Gen Bio 1 & 2: A Gen Chem 1 & 2 : A A & P 1 & 2: A Biochem: A Microbio: A Statistics: B+ EKG: A Psych: A GRE SCORES Quantitative: 153 Verbal: 155 Analytical: 4.5 I also have clinical health care experience in multiple areas. critical care technician (emergency department) - 450+ hours (present) clinical care technician (neuroscience) - 2300 hours physical therapy aid - 300+ hours Rutgers human anatomy cadaver lab instructor - taught 3 labs per semester for 2 years PA shadowing, dept. of neurosurgery - 271 hours Based on my improved academics and clinical experience. What do you think my chances are of getting into a program? Thank you for your time. I applied to a broad range of schools in order to improve my chances. 31 programs applied to 12 rejections w/out interviews 19 schools waiting for interviews/responses
  2. As the title says, I'm in the process of credentialing for a locums gig, and one of the forms asks for my personal medical history including past surgeries, illnesses, medications and current medications. This is in addition to being asked to check a box attesting that I do not have any illness or disability that would prevent me from doing the job and in addition to getting my personal doctor to sign a form attesting to the same. This certainly seems pretty invasive, and I'm not sure if I'm going to answer it on principal. I don't have anything in my medical record or any medical problems that I am trying to conceal, but I have a problem with my medical history being in some HR lady's file cabinet. Have you guys ever encountered the same? What would you do? Thanks.
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