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Found 21 results

  1. Hey good people! I hope you’re all well and healthy during this COVID-19 outbreak. Just wanted to start this early and see your progress on the 2020-21 PA applications!
  2. Does anyone work for or know of someone that works for Rush University Medical Center in Chicago? I am wondering what their emergency medicine advanced practice provider compensation model is like considering they are one of the only hospital institutions that don't use the EM staffing companies (TeamHealth, Envision, VEP, Vituity, etc.). How have you found their rates/benefits to compare to the staffing companies if you've worked for them previously?
  3. Hello all, Recent new graduate here. I just received an offer from a small private, moderately paced urgent care/primary care office and I have a few questions about some items in my contract. Not sure if the items are reasonable for PAs in my area and looking to get some feedbacks from actual PAs in practice rather than just my parents. Here are a few details of my contract: - 18 month contract with required 90 days written notice of termination - 96K salary with bump after completing "training CME" courses paid for by the practice. 17 weeks to complete the courses and salary
  4. Hello everyone! I am currently looking for PA's practicing in the Chicago Land Area! I would love the opportunity to gain more knowledge about the profession! Please reach out if you know of anyone willing to take on a student :) Thank you for your time!
  5. I will be moving to Chicago after graduation in June - trying to get a feel for the place. I see some of the past posts are a bit outdated - so wanted to get the new skinny on things. Please feel free to answer some or all the questions below. For starters: 1. Average Salary for new PA grad 2. Are there any particular hospitals with any PA-ran services or known to be "PA friendly" for that matter? Interested in job opportunities in Internal Medicine or Outpatient Medicine at this time but still open to any good initial job opp post PA school. 3. Any licensing advice to make the proces
  6. Hi All, I'm seeking some help or advice on arranging my rotations in Chicago, IL. Since my school is in Arizona, they will allow me to do out of state rotations but I am ultimately responsible for providing the preceptor. Have you or anyone you know had a preceptor you recommend in the Chicagoland area? ANY and all advice would be greatly appreciated!!
  7. Hi everyone, I'm currently 3 months into my clinical year at a PA program in Ohio, but I'm looking for rotations in downtown Chicago area where I'm originally from. So far I've only been able to find one rotation at a hospital I used to work at. Anybody have any advice or have any leads on finding more clinical sites? I've already completed EM and FM, I'm primarily looking for Peds but I know that is tough in the city. Thanks!
  8. Hi all- I am relocating across the country in June and looking for a replacement! The opportunity is for Interventional Radiology in Chicago working with awesome attending radiologists in the city. I hate to leave and want to find a someone who will love the opportunity as much as I do. The position is open now. Good mix of procedures and clinical work. M-F, no call. Message me for more details. Thanks!
  9. Hello everyone! This forum is great, I am so glad I found it. I am looking for an opportunity to shadow a PA-C in the Chicagoland area. Any leads would be much appreciated. Thanks! Andrew
  10. HI all, Second year in the midst of clinicals. Looking for a peds rotation in either Chicago or DC area... if ANYONE can help with a contact that would be amazing! Looking for Feb-March 2016 Thanks, Cara
  11. Hello Illinois! I am a second year PA student at Barry University in Miami, FL. I am very interested in finding a rotation in Chicago in Ob/Gyn, preferably in perinatology/maternal-fetal medicine for next year. Obstetrics and gynecology have always greatly interested me, but I eagerly welcome the opportunity to learn about high risk pregnancies. I am aware that some locations require a rotation in Ob/Gyn before working in a specialized field like perinatology, and I would be happy to first complete an OB rotation if needed. ​In regards to affiliation with Barry University, the clinic
  12. Hello, I ordered official GRE scores to sent to specific school's CASPA accounts on 5/7 and they haven't posted to CASPA yet. I'm ready to e-submit. If I e-submit now, will those official scores be visible to schools after the fact? Or should I wait to submit until they're showing up in my CASPA. Thanks!
  13. Is there any hope for someone who has attended and dropped out of multiple colleges over the past 8 years due to lack of direction and motivation? How much worse would it be if his/her overall gpa is 2.5 and science gpa is 2.0? Long story short, I had no idea what to do with my life and my grades fluctuated dramatically due to lack of motivation at times. I took a year off to figure out what I want in life, improve my study skills, and explore the medical field. Now I know, without doubt, that I want to be a PA, but I'm afraid I've already done too much damage with the constant droppin
  14. Just wondering if people had advice/opinions on these two programs. Rush is a newer program and Midwestern is a little more established. -Does anyone have any insight on which may overall have better clinical rotations/job placement? -Is the extra 6 months at Rush going to be a great advantage in terms of getting hired? -Is Rush still working out the kinks of being a newer program (started in 2010)? -Does Midwestern still have good downtown Chicago rotations? Advice would be greatly appreciated on any of the questions!
  15. When filling out RCC's application do you mark N/A for EVERY single line that did not apply to you? For example under Education if you have only attended one school would you mark N/A for every line under that? Seems a little redundant but I want to be sure the instructions are followed precisely. The instructions say "Do not leave any responses blank--if a section does not apply to you, indicate N/A" Any help is appreciated...
  16. Halo~ everyone. It is my first time to use PA forum so I am not quite sure how this works.. but i will really appreciate if any one can tell me about my chances of getting Stanford PA program. I have B.S degree and have really low GPA. However, I took post bac program in calstate eastbay and got 3.95 (all upper division courses including biochem series and A&P) I have about 3yrs of medical assistant experience... and 2 of medical mission to other countries.
  17. For any able to help out- I'm looking to shadow a PA to see if this is truly what I want to do. I'm a chicago public school teacher looking to switch careers. I enjoy working with kids, speak Spanish And am very interested in learning more about the PA field first hand. I'm in the process of completing my prerequisites. Please PM anyone who's able to give me a chance to check it out. Thanks much. Jen
  18. I'm a third year student at UIC majoring in Neuroscience and looking to shadow a PA in the Chicago area. I'm interested in surgery, neurology, family medicine and OB/GYN, but I would be grateful to shadow a PA in any field. Please contact me if you or anyone you know would be interested in letting me shadow them. Thanks! Allie
  19. I live in naperville but am going to school here in georgia. My school doesn't have many connections with preceptors in chicago so I have to set up everything. I need 6 week rotations in each of the following: family med ER peds ob/gyn psych IM gen surgery Many of the big hospitals have contracts with the med schools/pa schools there which makes it even harder. Help?
  20. Im really heavy on the search for a PA to shadow in Chicago. If there are any PA's that will allow me to shadow or If anyone knows of a PA who's willing to be my mentor, please let me know. Thanks soooo much! :=D:
  21. Hi Everyone, I am a Pre-PA student in Chicago. I am desperate to find a PA to shadow this summer before I apply to schools. Can anyone help me out? It would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance.
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