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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I have the following textbooks for sale, all in either near-new or lightly used condition with little or no markings on / in them, cost is as listed, + whatever shipping is to you, unless you are local and we can arrange a drop off..thanks for looking Basic Clinical Neuroanatomy by Young and Young $5.00 Handbook of Neurosurgery by Greenberg 6th ed (the " bible" of neurosurg) $10.00 Essentials of General Surgery by Lawrence 3rd ed $15.00 Documentation for Physican Assistants by Sullivan and Mattingly $5.00 Clinician's Pocket Reference
  2. I've recently ordered this book: The Applicant's Manual of Physician Assistant Programs 2017 by Mark Volpe, PA-C. Has anyone had any success using the first edition of this book for program searching and the application cycle? And how accurate and up-to-date was the information in the book? Thanks!
  3. Osteopathic medicine provides all of the benefits of modern medicine including prescription drugs, surgery, and the use of technology to diagnose disease and evaluate injury. It also offers the added benefit of hands-on diagnosis and treatment through a system of therapy known as osteopathic manipulative medicine. So did you hear about one of the latest books written by F.Ricard called "OSTEOPATHIC TREATMENT OF THE LOW BACK PAIN AND SCIATICA CAUSED BY DISC PROLAPSE" which represents the results of 20 years of treating disc prolapse. What do you think about Osteopathic medicine? Is it benefici
  4. Hey, fellow citizens of the forum! I know it was discussed before, but I thought may be we could refresh on the topic of books. :) As I start my clinicals soon enough, which books saved your behind on clinicals? If they fit into the coat's pocket, even better! Series are welcome. I am especially interested in surgery and ER, as I start those first. Thanks to everyone in advance!
  5. Hey, fellow students and everyone else who has a great input! Can anybody recommend books that might help with forming DDx based on a presenting symptom, or case books, or something down that line? I would appreciate any input that you might have! Thank you
  6. Hi everyone! I am preparing myself early for pharm and was wondering if anyone of you could make some recommendations in how to study pharm? Tips, tricks, books etc
  7. Hello, i have several interviews in the coming weeks and the one question I'm not sure how to answer is "Why do you want to be a PA?" I know the moment I wanted to become a PA but that doesn't answer the question. I know the reasons I want to be a PA but I'm not sure how to articulate it. I want to make an impact in patients lives. I want the flexibility that the profession allows in changing of specialties. I love that it follows the medical model. Does that answer suffice? Why do YOU want to be a PA? Thank you for your thoughts.
  8. Looking for some "second-hand" PANCE review books for sale... Anybody??? Thanks.
  9. Just passed my PANRE :))) selling a lot of review material : Kaplan questions book (2011 version ..ISBN 978-1-4195-5052-5) 3 day conference CME resources binder with two tests and explanations : from January 2012 Stony brook PANRE/ PANCE review course binder : from 2011 Drexel university PANCE/PANRE review binder : from 2010 I have spent well over a thousand dollars on all this ... To me it was all worth it :) passed in the top ten percentile !! Make me an offer :))
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