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Found 3 results

  1. I know this is a long shot but I was just writing to see if anyone has had a similar experience or can offer some insight on my situation. I was just accepted to the school of my choice! Yay! I had a auto SCT in March of 2014. I just started getting my re-vaccinations in January of this year. The school I'm accepted at requires titers within 30 days of acceptance. I had my titers drawn today but my hematologist warned that my level of immunity probably decreased or disappeared. If they do come back negative, I know it's going to take some convincing and consulting with my hematologist and infe
  2. I need help making my decision. I have been working as a hospitalist for 14 months at a Manhattan hospital. Primary responsibilities: Medical Admitting PA (sit at a computer looking through recently admitted patient's charts deciding whether or not they need a teaching team vs non teaching team, then giving sign out to the proper team. 12 hour shift- 8 shifts per month). Along with this role, we do ED admissions (12 hour shifts, 5 shifts per month) with an opportunity to do moonlighting ED admissions at a rate of $75/hr (12 hour shift). In February, we have been told that we will be moved
  3. Hello everyone, I have been working as a hospitalist for 1 year at a Manhattan hospital. I was approached by an attending in BMT that asked how they could go about finding a PA to work in such a specialized area. Well, I threw my name into the hat. I recently interviewed with the head of the department and will go for round 2 of interviews next week. I have a really good feeling about this opportunity and feel that it may lead to an offer soon. Here's the stats on my current position: salary $78K, 28 days PTO, NO CME, NO ANNUAL RAISES, opportunity to moonlight. I have 1 year experie
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