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Found 21 results

  1. Hi guys! I recently graduated and I am working on my CASPA application. I am super nervous about my personal statement. I was wondering if anyone would be able to give me some tips/ pointers on how to format it, what to include, and what to omit. I frequently second guess myself, so any opinions would be helpful. I really appreciate any help. Send me a pm if possible! Thank you, Ahuva
  2. Hi PAs as Pre-PAs: I am fortunate enough to say that I have a choice of PA programs to choose from- Emory and Duke. I have visited both schools during the interview, and both are impressive. I’ll be moving with my husband, who will need to find a job wherever we end up, and it seems like Atlanta may have more opportunities for jobs in his field (landscape architecture). I’m thrilled but a bit stumped as to which to choose. I’d sincerely appreciate some insight from those that are familiar with the programs. What would be on your pro and con list? Thank you!
  3. Hi all, I wanted to thank you in advance for any advice that will be given on this topic. I will be applying for the second time in April 2019 and I am kind of caught up as to where I should apply. My first time applying, I went more of a geographic approach (I applied to places I would like to live) while also considering how I compared to the previous classes. Out of 13 schools, I had 1 interview and I was waitlisted at that school. I have been doing extensive research on school statistics and although I meet all minimum criteria and seem to be average for most schools, I fear that where I apply will be the wrong choices (I was pretty surprised at my lack of interviews). Did any of you have a system to narrow down where you wanted to apply? How do you pick schools that are the most likely to offer you an interview? Stats: GPA: 3.5 Science GPA: 3.44 Direct Patient Care Hours: 2,150 (Phlebotomist, Medical Assistant) Indirect Patient Care Hours: 6,750 (Emergency Room Medical Scribe, x3 years) Volunteer Hours: 350 (Free Medical Clinic) Shadowing Hours: 80; Orthopedics, Trauma, ER, Internal Medicine GRE: 308; W 4.5 Undergraduate Science Courses: Immunology, Genetics, BioChem, A&P, Cell and Molecular Biology, Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Microbiology. Other application boosters: From a rural area, 1st generation college graduate, both parents deceased when I was 16. Thanks!
  4. I havent seen anyone post about wake this year so I started a thread! Has anyone heard back about an interview yet?
  5. Hey everyone, I'm in the process of starting my essays for this year's NHSC scholarship and was wondering if anyone had advice on how they approached the essays. My specific questions are highlighted below. 1) How specific were you in outlining your future career plans for the essay on the NHSC mission? Did you list HPSA sites and/or non-profit organizations you were interested in affiliating with? 2) How did you approach the essay regarding your commitment to working in primary care? Did you take a narrative approach regarding life events or circumstances that led you to pursue a career in primary care, a philosophical approach rationalizing the importance of primary care, a combination of the two, or something altogether different? Thanks in advance for any help!
  6. Hey everyone, The first half of the interview cycle for 2017-2018 is winding down, and I'm wondering how I can make myself a more competitive applicant during the next CASPA cycle on the off chance that I don't get accepted anywhere this year. I've already met the pre-reqs for my schools of interest, but I'm not sure whether or not I should continue to take additional upper division science courses or simply focus on acquiring more HCE and volunteer experience. Currently, I have 3.98 GPA, a 4.0 science GPA, an MA in Cultural Anthropology, 600+ volunteer hours (many of which were overseas), and approximately 2300 HCE hours as an EMT. I've been waitlisted at 1 school and have yet to receive any additional interviews (most likely due to the fact that I didn't submit my apps until the end of August/mid-September). During the next semester, I could enroll in O Chem II and Developmental Psych while working 36-48 hours per week and volunteering occasionally, however, this course of action would require that I take out additional student loans. On the other hand, I could simply acquire more HCE hours and volunteer at free clinics in my area. Any thoughts on which course of action would look better to PA school adcoms? Thanks in advance for any and all advice!
  7. Hey everyone, First off, let me say that I'm a first-time applicant to PA schools, and in this particular post, I'm not really sure what I'm looking for. Perhaps, I need to commiserate with others in similar positions, find a bit of consolation, and maybe even get a bit of advice about reapplying during next year's cycle. When I submitted my first applications in late August I knew that I was applying late in the cycle, but at the time I was naive enough to believe that I could land a few interviews. To give you some background, I have a 3.98 overall GPA, a 4.0 science GPA, an M.A. in Cultural Anthropology, lots of volunteer experience working with refugees, homeless populations, and intravenous drug users, about 2100 hours of HCE as an EMT in a 911 system, and GRE scores as follows: 151 Quant, 164 Verbal, 4.5 Analytical. I applied so late in the cycle namely because I wasn't sure I would be able to take my GRE this summer, however, I was ultimately able to schedule it for mid-August and as soon as my prospective programs received my scores I submitted all of my apps. Since then, I have anxiously watched my email for interview invites and combed through the forums pertaining to my programs. Perhaps the wait is just getting to me, but I know that some of these programs are finishing up their interview cycles in the next month and a half and I'm starting to worry a bit. Thus far, I have only received one interview at a top-tier school and was placed pretty far down on the waitlist, but I have yet to hear from any of the other 6 programs I applied to. I think that I'm a decent candidate, but perhaps that's overly presumptuous. All I can think is that I applied entirely too late in the application cycle. Given that, I'm also not sure what I can do to strengthen my application other than applying earlier next year. I mean, I do plan to continue taking more upper division courses over the next 9 months, logging more HCE hours, and even shadowing a few new PAs, but as I stated earlier, I thought I was a fairly decent candidate already (there's that ego again). Additionally, I'm not quite sure how to reapproach my essays for the next cycle since I've more or less already mined the narrative gold out of my previous experiences for my CASPA and supplemental application essays this year. Like I said, I'm not really sure what I'm looking for in this post, but I think that there are probably others like myself out there who are going through the same anxiety-provoking experience and perhaps simply connecting with one another can alleviate some of the worry and self-doubt. With that being said, if you have any advice or words of wisdom I would love to hear them. Thanks!
  8. Hey everyone, I guess you could say I'm in a sticky situation with my current hospital job. I work quite a bit, and am also in my last semester of undergrad. I'm doing a year of post-bacc work before PA school, so I want to continue to work for a while. The problem is that I've only been at my job a couple of months and I'm not happy with it. While the staff is great, the manager is just rude. Because of this being my last semester, I really want to make it count and get great grades. However I feel as if working this many hours is negatively impacting this. When I asked to reduce my hours, he basically laughed in my face and told me to figure it out (like my options were to leave or drop a class). I have enough hours to apply to grad school, however I wanted more experience, hours, and of course money. As a Very last option I'm considering leaving and finding a different hospital job. How bad would it look to only have a few months of this hospital job on a grad school app? They know school comes first as I said that when I was hired in, but are being very rude and unaccomodating about it all. I've dealt with bad management before but this is a whole new ballpark for me. Any advice?
  9. I need some advise on what to do with my time for the next 5 months. I applied to PA schools during the 2016-2017 cycle and received multiple rejections and one interview. I am still waiting on hearing from about 9 schools but I don't want to sit idly in case I do not get an acceptance. I want to start preparing for the next application cycle. I applied with the following stats: overall: 3.54 science: 3.28 BCP: 2.98 GRE: Verbal: 159, Quantitative: 152, Verbal: 4.5 HCE: 1400 hours through scribing I have since gained another 300-400 hours of experience by scribing and have recently started a medical assistant job (with which I will have 6 months experience prior to reapplying in 2017). I had not finished a course in Genetics prior to applying to these schools and received an A- in the lecture (3 credits) and a B in the lab (1 credit). I'm not sure if my GPA will improve with these two classes but I wanted to take another class to increase my GPA and increase my overall application. Unfortunately, my local school does not offer Biochemistry in the Spring semester. I had received two C's in my undergraduate classes (Biology and Microbiology). I was thinking of retaking one or two of the classes in the spring 2017 semester as they offer it locally. Do you think this is unnecessary as the new grades will be averaged with the old ones and even if I receive an A, I will be averaged out to a B? Or should I try an online Biochemistry class even though some schools do not recommend online core science classes? Should I try and take another science class that PA schools recommend like Orgo 2 or Abnormal Psychology? What do you recommend I should do so I can improve myself for next cycle? I would really appreciate any advise!!
  10. I have been volunteering at a hospital for over a year now and whenever I am assigned to the Orthopedic area, I am allowed to work closely with the PAs for 4 hours. I get to watch them perform the procedures (casting, x-rays, sutures, reductions), ask them questions as they work on the patients, and look at the x-rays with them. Would this be considered as shadowing or volunteering on the CASPA application? Thank you!
  11. I will be graduating in June and am in my 4th 4 week rotation of the clinical year. At what point during the clinical year should I begin contacting places that have open positions? With a family, being out of work for ~6 months post graduation would be quite a strain financially, so I really want to try my best to be making contacts as soon as it is reasonable. Thanks in advance for any and all help/suggestions provided!
  12. So the more I read this, the more I start to doubt myself. Did I answer the prompt? Describe an occasion from one of your hands-on patient care experiences which you felt was particularly eye-opening. What did you learn from your experience? How has it helped shape your interest in or knowledge of the profession of Physician Assistants? (Limit: 500 words or less) One Thanksgiving night, when our hospital census was low, I was floated down to the ED where they did not have a technician. I was anxious because I had never worked in the ED as a technician. After a few hours of getting to know my surroundings, a call came through about a woman that was found unresponsive in her bathroom. The team and I set up the trauma bay in preparation. Unfortunately, there was a loss of communication and we were unaware that the woman was nine months pregnant until EMS arrived. Heart pounding, I assisted the staff in hooking the patient up to the monitors while working around the paramedics performing CPR. Once the trauma team took over, I stepped aside and waited in case they needed anything. Although the team worked seamlessly for what seemed like hours, they determined the mother was unable to be revived. The pediatric trauma team had not yet arrived and we knew there was little time to deliver the infant. A man started preparing for a C-Section, calling on me for supplies and instructing others on what to do. Not long after he began to cut, the pediatric team arrived and was able to take over and successfully deliver the baby. I later found out that this man was a physician assistant that had worked in labor and delivery for seven years prior to working in the ED. This was an exhilarating learning experience for me. I learned that although I was nervous, I was able to work under pressure. Not only this, but I was able to quickly adapt to a new environment and efficiently work with an unfamiliar group. Most importantly, I learned that I enjoyed every second of it. This experience also shaped my interest and understanding of the PA profession. I saw the support this profession provides in a team. This PA both followed and led the group in the trauma bay, adjusting to the role that was most needed. I also saw the versatility PAs have in medicine. He, having a previous background in the delivery room, saved that baby’s life. Later, I saw this PA go back to caring for a patient that had come in for a sprained ankle. For me, this was most important. He gave each patient his undivided attention, no matter how relatively trivial their complaint. I was reluctant to go to the ED that night. Looking back, I am happy I went. This was definitely eye-opening; I learned a lot about myself. I also formed a deeper understanding and respect for the PA profession.
  13. I'm working on my PA school applications and was checking out Stanford. Turns out, I'm a pretty good fit, especially given my HCE. I'm just a little confused as to how exactly their program works and what degree(s) I'm going to come out with. Ultimately I want my Masters, but it's a little confusing seeing their Masters option comes from another school AND is online. Does anyone have hands-on experience with this? Thanks. -Kayla
  14. I'm preparing to apply for the 2015-2016 application cycle. I am a senior finishing up my undergrad in Biology. I currently have a 3.3 GPA & a 3.0 sGPA. I have over 14,000 HCE hours. I have shadowed and done internships with NPs and PAs. I've tried figuring out my cGPA and from what I can figure out with their grading scale and some classes I've retaken, its around a 2.7 and sGPA is about the same. I'm wondering whether or not most PA programs look at only your cGPA? and if so, Should I wait to apply and take some more classes to boost my GPA? Thank you for your help
  15. Hello everyone, I'm new to the PA forum. Haven't seen a thread yet for the upcoming application cycle, so I thought I'd go ahead and start one. I'm sure I can't be the only one in the process of narrowing down my list of schools for next year! Just curious to see where everyone else is applying and what your backgrounds are. I'm going to do my best to stay active in these forums, because I think I can learn a lot from everybody here. This is my first time applying, and I'm sure there are people here who are re-applicants and can offer advice to those of us who are new to the process. A little bit about me -- I'm a recent University of Arizona graduate (Bear Down Cats!). I studied healthcare management and I'm currently working as an ER scribe in a rural hospital, about an hour outside of Charleston, SC. I'm taking the GRE in January and I'm currently finishing the last of my science pre-requisites. Once I receive an acceptance to PA school (fingers crossed), I'm comissioning in the Navy as a medical officer and I'll serve for at least two years after graduation. Planning to specialize in surgery, likely trauma and/or orthopedics. Here's a list of schools I'm considering, in order of preference. I know it's quite a few -- most likely, I will not apply to all of them. Let me know if you are also applying to any of these schools and/or what you've heard about these programs! Duke University Chapman University - Orange County, CA University of Alabama - Birmingham Treveccca Nazarene University - Nashville A.T. Still University - Phoenix South College - Knoxville, TN MUSC - Charleston, SC University of South Alabama University of Utah University of Florida University of Charleston - West Virginia Sullivan University - Louisville, KY Idaho State University Monmouth University - West Long Branch, NJ Seton Hall University - South Orange, NJ University of New England - Portland, ME Look forward to hearing more about everyone....and good luck to everyone applying in 2015!
  16. Gardner-Webb University is currently accepting applications for the Physician Assistant Studies Program through CASPA (http://www.caspaonline.org). The application process will continue through October 1st, or until all seats have been filled. We will be selecting 30 new students. For more information on program details or prerequisites and requirements, please visit our website at gardner-webb.edu/paprogram. We are also considering having a second open house as the first one we held recently on 4-22-14 was very successful. Please submit your information if you would be interested in attending a future opportunity to tour the campus, learn more about the program, and meet with the faculty. Melissa Hamrick Secretary Gardner-Webb Physician Assistant Studies mhamrick8@gardner-webb.edu
  17. This is for current/former PA students...did anyone use YouTube cadaver videos to help supplement their out of lab studies? I know there are some out there so I was just wondering if it was worth the time to watch them.
  18. Hey All! I started this forum for those looking to enter Midwestern University - Downers Grove, IL starting next summer 2014. I wanted to begin this forum so that all of us interested in this PA Program can come together to talk about EVERYTHING & ANYTHING! Applications, application process, interviews, interview tips, stats, support, application decisions, to celebrate getting an interview or an admission, you name it! :)
  19. Hi guys, Quick question...just need advice on who to choose for my 3rd LOR (both have agreed to writing one). Currently I have a PA that I shadow, and my supervisor (a Physical Therapist) both writing one. Here are my options: 1. My community college anatomy professor from about 1.5 years ago. She remembers me and offered to write one, but we have had little contact since. However, she could speak to my work ethic and ability to work as a team. I took a role in the class of really helping out the other students who sat at my table in lab. Her letter might be a good idea considering my transcript from years ago is not very strong due to just being an unmotivated teenager just out of high school. I just don't know how personal she can really get. 2. Another PT who is a close coworker. I work with her patients on a daily basis, and we are close. She would have no problem writing a really detailed, great letter. However, I already have a PT (my boss) writing one, and they might focus on similar qualities. I'm leaning toward my professor, but wanted to get opinions. Thanks a bunch!
  20. I'm working on a supplemental app right now, and one of the questions asks for a description of all activities between the end of college and anticipated matriculation at a PA program. I've been out of undergrad for 9 years, so that's a lot, haha. They ask you to "describe" rather than list so I'm assuming that translates to a narrative, but I'm wondering how much navel-gazing to do about my career path as part of that. There are a bunch of other supplemental narratives + the main CASPA one so I feel like they'll be getting a pretty good picture of who I am as a person from those. I'm mainly concerned because I have some gaps on my resume (got out of grad school in a tiny field right when the economy tanked and lot of places went into hiring freezes). I worked (mainly tutoring and freelance writing) during those gaps, but I'm still kind of sensitive about them and worried that I look like a dilettante and how to address that, or if this part of the app even wants me to address it. Any insight?
  21. My situation is that I graduate in May 2013 and I would like to include my transcript at that time that reflects a solid semester of A's (that I need to show). Since CASPA opens on April 17th this year, and most schools begin accepting applications at that time, should I wait until I can include my final transcript? Lets say I have everything ready to send May 17th. Would this put me behind a large number of applicants? It was my understanding that last year CASPA opened around April 17th, but the early you could actually submit your application to most schools was June 1st. Is this cycle completely different from last years? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
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