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Found 6 results

  1. private family practice PA-C here. looking to change specalities and need new ACLS and BLS certification. I was thinking of using promed; it looks pretty simple. I notice on the sample card that it mentions american heart association but obviously is not actually distributed by AHA. Will this be a problem when applying to jobs? Should I just take the time and got to AHA class in person?
  2. Hi! Anybody have experience with https://emedcert.com/ for ACLS, PALS initial certification? This is a 100% online course but they do not provide an AHA card. I'd appreciate if anybody with experience can chime in. Has any employer rejected a non-AHA certification?
  3. My work is offering it for free, but it's a day of my life, and it's not soon enough to avoid having to take the regular ACLS recert. Anyone take it and have thoughts, opinions or commentary on its value? Here's the AHA blurb for anyone who's interested: http://cpr.heart.org/AHAECC/CPRAndECC/Training/HealthcareProfessional/AdvancedCardiovascularLifeSupportACLS/UCM_473187_ACLS-for-EP.jsp
  4. My part-time employer recently offered an abbreviated BLS/ACLS/PALS renewal course, and while it was brief and much more focused than what I'm used to with the AHA, it was certified through ASHI, who I've heard of but don't know much about. Does anyone have experience using ASHI instead of AHA certs for credentialing and any problems thereof? Can I use ASHI certs for NCCPA CME hours? Thanks.
  5. hello all so this group just mailed me this "extend an offer". on it, pretty much they just lay out the numbers and benefits. but what i'm confuse is that they want me to sign this paper. once i sign it, a contract will be drafted for me to review. My question is that, after i signed this paper, am i forced to follow by the terms in the contract that they will create later? thank you so much here is what on this paper: it's for a community health clinic (family medicine for mostly adults) annual: 90k vacation/CME: 3 weeks per yr (would like to counter: vacation 3 weeks and 1 week CME) sick days: 40 hours per yr malpractice: free ( but i don't know the exact terms yet) medical/vision: 100 % free for me and 75% for dependents (so would this consider wife as well? or just children?) dental: no cost life insurance: no cost at $250k 401k: match up to 3% for the first 100% , 2% of the second 50% begining 2nd years CME stipend: $1200 (seems okay right?) (would like to ask for sign on bonus), never know until you ask right? this seems pretty good so far, i think....i did not see patient per hour on this paper. but during the interview, they mentioned 20-24 ppd (9-5pm). this is the same place that told me 30ppd from my older post. i know they lower it to 24 ppd now with about 30% failure rate of pts not showing up. but i'm not sure how reliable that statement is. this is in california. they expect to have me sign this in 5 days thank you so much for your help and replies
  6. Hi everyone, I did a draft of my personal statement months ago when I started asking for letters of recommendation and now that it's time for me to finish up my applications I am back at it. I am probably a little different then the average PA applicant in a number of ways. One of which is that I have already attended graduate school and received my masters and specialists degree in Mental Health Counseling from UF. Despite working several jobs in my area of training I still feel a need for great clinical skills (would very much like to be able to treat the physical in addition to the mental). Not to mention I seek better work opportunities and a better salary (won't mention this in my PS though)... In reading others personal statements I see a lot of the "one moment in time confirmed that I want to be a PA" sort of thing which I do not in any way identify with. Is this typical in a personal statement? Seems a little weird to me as I have a number of things that have influenced my desire to be a PA. Should I focus on one or two things or try to cram it all in? I start my PS off by talking about my Mental Health Counseling background and how I still feel drawn to a more clinical setting. I then talk about my current job as a Research Coordinator on labor and delivery for 4 different studies, but mentioned that I still feel limited and still want to provide a higher level of care for people. I also included some things about how my study abroad program impacted my desire to become a PA, though I am wondering if I should include this? It seems to really clutter up my essay, switches tracks too quickly and I'm wondering if I should just remove it. Any thoughts? Also, is it really necessary to talk about shadowing experiences? I have shadowed but it was some years ago, though I included it on application in the appropriate area? I also have over 7,000 patient care hours. There are so many things I would like to mention, but with only 500 words I'm wondering if it's better to just focus on a few of the bigger things and let the admissions committee see the rest of my application for other relevant things. Any thoughts would be much appreciated :) Thanks in advance, Allison
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