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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all I know this topic has been talked about a lot but I want to see first hand if anyone has been accepted to PA school with a low(er) GPA. Is it extremely rare for the admissions to consider GPA's under 3.0 regardless of what their minimum GPA requirement is? My GPA is at a 2.9 overall and 3.0 science which I calculated CASPA GPA would make it a 2.81 overall due to not recognizing grade forgiveness. However, in my last year and a half of undergrad, I had gotten a 3.3-3.8 GPA each quarter and have a strong upward trend in my GPA esp. in upper level science courses. Since graduating this past fall quarter, I plan on taking a gap year or two before applying to obtain more HCE through my CCE program and might pick up CNA and/or medical scribe, if time permits. I was also on the fence about retaking science courses which I got a C/C- and possibly additional classes at a community college to improve my GPA. But since I graduated with a total of ~220 units, it would likely take a year or more full time to reach above a 3.0 even if I managed all A's (and even then so, I've looked into schools and their statistical average GPAs are ~3.4 which is still far off from 3.0) Any advice on what would be the best outcome for me? Should I just scrap the PA and look into something else? Should I spend time retaking classes at a CC to improve my GPA or should I just keep my current GPA and work full time for more direct HCE hours? I do still want to enter the PA field but I don't want to waste time if my chances are extremely unlikely. Thanks!
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