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Found 12 results

  1. Hey all, Prior active duty currently in the reserves and will be applying for the IPAP not this up coming cycle but the next. And one thing my wife and I talked about was potentially going back to active duty to finish out my 20 years. I know that if you go to IPAP as a reservist you have to do 6 years as a reserve PA, but the question is is it possible to go active after that 6 (or even before the 6 are up) and is that process the same with the 369 form? Any guidance is welcome since we’re serious about it! thanks! Mac
  2. Hi, everyone. I’m going to attempt becoming a PA and need some advice. I have a good idea on what I’ll be doing to attempt getting into programs, so I’ll go ahead and give you my estimated credentials when applying to a program, sometime in the next 4 years. Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Health Sciences from Arizona State University. 3.6 GPA Standard GRE scores (haven’t taken any yet, but to play it safe, I’ll just say I’ve hypothetically scored average or slightly above average) Surgical Technician degree from a local technical college with ~ 2,000 h
  3. Is it possible to transfer from one PA school to another? I completed the didactic portion (1 year) but my grades are really suffering from their disorganization and putting my academic status in jeopardy. Will any credits transfer or would I have to start from scratch? Please provide suggestions for well-organized, well-structured PA programs, especially ones that will accept transfers Reasons for leaving: -In my program there are too many changes and restructuring going on within the program. The program director and 7 instructors resigned within weeks of each other. (I heard the
  4. Hello, I'm a new user on this board and am in a bit of a pickle. I was originally a Pre-Nursing major, but switched my major to biology(pre-pa) before taking the TEAS for Nursing. Marywood University has a 5-year PA program that undergrads can transfer into with the only requirement being a 3.0 GPA. The only catch is that admission into the professional phase (the actual PA program) is competitive, and still requires an interview and possibly even GREs. I'm in my sophomore year and am a bit behind since I had to switch from Pre-Nursing, but have managed to finish both semesters of general
  5. Hi, I was hoping someone could aid me in the process of transferring into a BS/MS program as a transfer student. I am 28 years old with immense healthcare experience and would like some security with my choice. If I were to finish my bachelors in the sciences, the thing I fear the most is ending up on a waiting list. However, if I transfer into a BS/MS program, I may stand a better chance. I'm at a very tough point. If anyone has any ideas or guidance whatsoever .. I would more than appreciate it. Thanks
  6. I have some CME money to spend and am looking for some self-study opportunities in EM. Can anyone offer some suggestions? I have completed the EM Bootcamp course and have completed the Urgent Care Core Curriculum course as well. Could use a good ECG interpretation course and plan on ordering the advanced Bootcamp course in February when available. Thanks!
  7. Anyone have any tips or resources on this exam? Thanks a head of time
  8. Hello! I currently have my bachelors in physical education and biology and am considering going to PA school in the future. My overall GPA is 2.72. My last 60 credits GPA is a 3.17 while my science GPA is something like 2.5. I also need to go and take a couple pre-reqs, hopefully at a local community college. Some of the PA schools I'm looking at specifically say that transfer classes count ONLY for credits NOT for GPA. This is confusing me because how am I supposed to up my science GPA/Overall GPA if they only take the credits? Would I have to get an entire associates for my GPA to calcul
  9. I am currently a 2nd year medical student and passed the step 1. However after talking with many PA's and shadowing them. I now realize that PA is what my true calling is, not an MD. I am anxious to return to my rural hometown and get to work practicing medicine, rather than finish up 2 more years of school and 3 years of residency when everything I want to do with medicine can be done and done more the way I want to do it through becoming a PA. I know that most PA school's do not allow for advance placement. However with the shortage of medical professionals in rural areas, I am hopin
  10. Hi everybody, the PA profession is fairly new in the UK and they have recently started a postgrad course at my uni. I'd love to do it, I think it would be the perfect job for me, but there's a good chance i'll be moving to Canada or America in a few years time with my family. As far as I can see you have to do a specific course in the USA to be registered as a PA there, which would mean doing the entire course all over again :/ Have I got this right? Thanks :D Tasha
  11. Hi!I am a 3rd yr. P.A. student from Mountain State University. I am currently on my second rotation of 9 clinical rotations, 4 weeks each. I have completed 2 years of didactic phase. I went into the program without a bachelor's degree, and the program itself is a Master's program. Our main campus lost its accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission, however, our P.A. program remains accredited by the ARC-PA until 2017. Our director has informed us of a possible "teach-out," yet other sources have stated that the HLC is unlikely to grant it. If a teach-out isn't granted, any ideas on what
  12. Just taking a minute to say hi to everyone. I am transferring into a PA program as junior this fall. I was a nursing student however, after spending some time in clinical I realized what my path needed to be. I am looking forward to school and being a member of this forum. I am a nontraditional student, (39yrs old), from the state of Pennsylvania. I am lucky to have a very supportive wife and two awesome boys. Have a great day everyone, Frank.
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