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Found 122 results

  1. I recently got a Neurosurgery offer with base salary of $106K at a private practice in the Atlanta, GA area. No production/incentive bonus or sign on bonus. They offer health insurance, CME, professional dues and such. Since it's only a 20 employee company there is no 401K but they are working on getting it. The office has it's own surgery center/MRI/xray where the surgeon operates and runs clinic (with one PA) 3 days/week. The surgeon operates at the hospital 2 days/week. There is no ER call for this job, only clinic call. My duties will include everything from being first assist to rounding on inpatients to running clinic. I have 4.5 years of experience working as a Neurosurgery PA and feel that this is a really low offer. However, according to the employer this is the "going rate in the Atlanta area". FYI: The surgeon has been practicing for over 25 years but just started his own practice 3 years ago. So per management "they are still building themselves and don't have a huge budget". I had a dinner interview with the surgeon and the office manager which went really well and I could see myself working here. I don't know too many Nsgy PAs in the area since I just moved from out of state so can't compare. I was able to connect with one Nsgy PA and according to him someone with my experience should make around $120K especially if there is no bonus structure. I have 2 interventional pain management offers for $120K plus bennies plus upto $10K production bonus/year and a great schedule M-F 8:30-4:30 but my heart really lies with Neurosurgery. At the same time I don't want to take something this low and just want an offer which is fair and reasonable for my experience. What do you guys think? Any input will be appreciated! BTW their initial offer was $100K and they came up $106K. Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone! I have been a Neurosurgery PA for about 5 years and just recently moved to Atlanta, GA. Given my experience, what kind of salary should I expect in Neurosurgery, Ortho-Spine surgery and Pain management in the Atlanta area? Currently I am looking for positions in either specialties so want to get a basic idea of all 3. I just don't want to settle for something low since I am not familiar with the current market rate in this area. Any suggestions would be appreciated :smile:Thank you!
  3. Hey all, this is my first post, and I am hoping for some advice on a situation I am in. I am about to start my first job in orthopedic surgery and there is going to be a waiting period between the time I pass the PANCE and the time I am licensed. My future employer would like me to start as soon as possible however my contracted salary will not begin until I have my license. They are willing to pay me for my time prior to getting my license so I will be there to get into the groove of things and start learning. We do not have an agreed upon compensation yet and I was wondering what the norm is and how much I should ask to be compensated for my time prior to my contract salary starting. I will be working in a suburb of a large city. Cheers
  4. Hello all, Just wondering how many schools people have/plan to apply to. Initially I was thinking of applying to only 5-6 that I really want to attend AND that I match all the prereq's for. However, I just heard of someone that applied to ALL the programs in the country and only got accepted to 2-3 of them. That has made me a bit worried. What do you guys think? Thanks!
  5. Hi, I am a soon to be PA grad and am interviewing for jobs in the Bay Area. I am wondering what the average salary for new grads is for the Bay Area (especially derm or surgery) in order to properly negotiate a contract. Thanks.
  6. Hello! I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on internship opportunities in the Northern VA/DC area? If not PA specifically, then public health/health related internship opportunities? I've been searching around but haven't been so lucky at finding one. Please let me know if anyone has any suggestions! -Leila C.
  7. Hey guys, -New grad offer for Pulmonary & Critical care in the midwest Position is full time, salaried, working 72 hours every two weeks. Primarily based at one hospital but sometimes will cover at other affiliated hospitals Position works three, 12hr night (7p to 7:30a) shifts a week. While only 72 hours per pay will be worked, I will be paid for 80 hours in exchange for the weekend and night shift hours. base wage is around $40/hr or about 85k/yr $2500 for cme 401 k available health, dental, malpractice and life paid I appreciate your comments and discussion!
  8. Hi All, I just received an email asking me about what i would like to see in regards to compensation for an outpt psych position in the los angeles area. the position currently utilizes 2 MLPs and has 1 physician. I am a new graduate and would be willing to take this position for at least 100k (may even settle for 95), but im not sure the best answer to send him. Any advice?

    psych salary

    Hi all! I have been given a form to fill out for a potential psych position. The position is outpt care in the los angeles area. The practice already utilizes midlevel providers, but I am a new graduate and not too sure what my "worth" really is. Ideally id like to make 100k or more. Anyone have any advice on the best answer to give when you asked what your expectations for compensation entail? Thanks :)
  10. Any salary information for a new grad in ENT in South Carolina? I don't want to pay the AAPA $45 to look at their salary report and I don't know where else to look. Thanks!
  11. Hello all. I have a job offer as a new-grad in the ED in a critical access hospital and would really appreciate some input. The practice setting seemed ideal during my time checking out the site. It's a rural ED, primarily staffed by PAs (there is an MD onsite 1-2 days/week). The rest of the PAs working here are well seasoned however. They are willing to train a new grad toward becoming an autonomous provider (there will be a 6mo-1yr orientation period). The shifts are 12 hours with the choice to work either 3 or 4 days per week (84 or 96 hours per 2 week pay period). The administration staff and providers were all very nice. So at this point sounds great, right? Sign-on: $2500 Wage: $39/hr with bump up to $41/hr at end or orientation (6-9mo). Wage reassessment at end of 1st year. Time and a half for anything over 40 hrs/week. I have told them the rate is low, but they rebut with the fact that I will be making $105k/yr if I work four 12 hour shifts/week [*]$1500 CME, 7days. [*]PTO: 2-3 weeks determinate upon hours worked [*]Benefits: Health, Dental, Vision included [*]401k: 4% match after 2 years [*]All licensure expenses paid [*]$350/mo additional for loan repayment [*]Contract length is 2 years The job is in an area that I would enjoy living (lots of outdoor possibilities). Everything looks good to me except the hourly wage. When you look at the annual salary including overtime, it's not bad ($105k), but that's working four 12s/week. Is that a lot of hours in the ED? Working three 12s/week would drop it down to 87,204/yr. I have talked to a couple class-mates taking ED jobs starting at $55/hr, but with a less autonomous position. I know there are a lot of contracts posted right now with it being that time of year but I would really appreciate your input. What are your guys/gals thoughts?
  12. So i went to this ortho job interview IN maryland and got the job offer. The interview environment was kind of fast paced, pressuring (a doc, office manager and Hr personnel interviewing me at the same time) and i was rushed to make a decision on how much i want for the ortho position. The doc was interested in me. he asked me how much i make now, i told him and he asked me how much i would like to make and i gave him a range but he wanted exact number so i said 95k which is 10k less than what i make now. i have two years experience all of it non ortho. 95k could be a fair salary but i have no idea why i agreed to start for 10k less than what i make now. I am very interested in the new experience i could get, but i know i messed up big time. SO i have another appointment with him in few days to get started on some paper work and i would like to bring up the salary issue and see if i can work something out. I know it will sound, unprofessional, foolish, to ask for a new negotiation after coming on to an agreement. But i don't want to have any reservations when i start the job. Please let me know if you have any idea how i can approach and solve this unpleasant situation... thanks
  13. Good news everyone! :;-D: I received an email today stating that the majority of the states in the US INCREASED their salary in 2011. Report shows a list of the average full-time salaries reported by PAs and NPs. http://nurse-practitioners-and-physician-assistants.advanceweb.com/SharedResources/Downloads/2013/040113/NPPA030113_SS_Setting_BSI.pdf
  14. First thanks to everyone on this site for advice and expertise. When I graduated with my BA in communications I had a 2.31 GPA. A few years later I wanted to become a PA but thought I never stood a chance to get in. Last April I put all my cards on the table and put my heart and soul to giving it my all and at least make an attempt at my dream. I applied late during the 2011 cycle after completing my prerequisite to 8 schools and received 1 interview but was not selected. This year I applied early to 2 schools and I've been accepted! If I can do it from a 2.31 GPA you can too! Here are my stats: BA - 2.31 (122 units) MBA - 3.69 (45 units) Post Bach - 4.0 (44 units all science prerequisites) cGPA - 2.93 sGPA - 3.83 (D in Geology & C in Biology in 1999) Certificates Phlebotomy (2011) EMT-B (2012) 12 Lead EKG Tech (2012) CPR / SCUBA instructor (2009) ACLS / PALS / NRP (2012) Healthcare Experience ER Tech - 400 at time of application (1200 currently) Primary / Secondary Care instructor (BLS) 3 years part time Non Healthcare Experience 8 years Business Management 2 years customer service 2 years business consultant Volunteering 700 over 14 years
  15. New Grad in in Texas. $58+ hr with 40-45 hours average benefits included 4.5 weeks vacation and cme included in Peds OR $95k Salary for Family Medicine for 40 hour weeks plus benefits No call I like the family medicine more but the pay is substantially different, so I'm just wondering opinions
  16. Hey all- I have been given a tentative offer in a pediatric cardiology practice in NV and would like to know what salary I should generally be looking for as a new grad. I can get general salary info for cardiology (adult/general), but not as specialized as peds. I would be the first PA in the practice and so coming to the table I will need some valuable salary information. Thoughts? Thanks!
  17. Hi all, I am a newly graduated PA awaiting to take my PANCE and receive my license, etc. I recently (today) interviewed for a position with Carenow, an urgent care franchise in the DFW area in Texas, and was hoping to get some input/feedback on whether or not it is worth considering/accepting. They will be scheduling for my second interview soon but here is the gist of what's been offered/discussed so far... Base offer: 40.89/hr (~85000/yr on a 40 hr work wk) Full time is considered 35hr/wk with the assumption that we'll most likely be working over that amount most of the time. Incentive days: required to work at least 2 "high volume" days/yr for $15/hr extra. Winter holiday time requirement: weeknights differential - $5/hr extra and weekends differential: $15/hr extra. CME allowances: $1250 and 40hrs CME time off Expected average pt volume (after some months): 3.0 patient/hr Quarterly reviews are done along opportunity for quarterly bonuses Just from doing some research, this seems to be a fairly busy clinic so I'll expect to be busting some real behind once signed on. As a new grad I'm trying not to be too greedy with the pay, but it seems kind of low for the high volume work I'll be expected to produce, doesn't it? No real talk of benefits just yet, I suppose they are saving that for the second interview...? Any thoughts? I'd like to maybe negotiate for more but I wanted to see if I'll just be shooting for something that's unlikely here. And if I should ask for more, what would be reasonable? Thanks in advance for any help!!! =)
  18. We are currently being taken from a flat hourly rate to a new RVU based pay plan. I need ideas of what works well for all of you. We are a Level 3 trauma center as well as a primary stroke and MI center. As MLPs, we work in the main ED, not in fast track. My company is looking for a flat rate plus RVU figure. We are unique as we contract through an HCA mdical facility. So if you've seen those AWESOME billboards on the highway that stream real time waits, that's us (lovely!). So a big emphasis is placed on the MLPs to "greet at all costs", which amounts to us standing in front of the pt and giving a "welcome to Walmart" shpeel and ordering a few tests, we then can stop the clock and assure they have been "seen" in under 10 min and that billboard looks great. Most of us feel we should get a bonus for the month if we meet this goal of 10 or under. SO would $60/hr, $5/hr bonus for greet time and RVU of $2/rvu sound reasonable? Any suggestions or other ways that seem to work in your facility? Thanks Karen
  19. Hope this post finds everyone well. I am currently negotiating compensation for a part-time derm position. I have 5 years experience as a pediatric PA and had to take a short leave of absence, and am finally able to try to get into derm which has always been my goal. This potential employer would train me for 4-6 weeks unpaid and then start to book me patients. The SP does not want to pay an hourly wage and only want to pay me 25% of collections for what i bring into the practice. They will not cover malpractice the first year and it will be revisited in one year. We are in the early stages of negotiations and I need your help. Does anyone here only get paid a percentage of collections and if so what is the norm? I am unsettled with this because I am not sure how busy this practice is (only one physician) and its not clear how much work she has available. I am really unsure of the earning potential. I would start with follow up patients, general derm until I was more comfortable. The physician is very nice, willing to train (unpaid), and the physician wants to cut her own hours. It is a way for me to get in the derm door. What are your thoughts??? Thanks, Tee
  20. I am a PA working for a large hospital system...when hired about a year and a half ago, I was employed by the hospital and was not given a contract. Instead, I was given an "offer letter" which stated a basic job description, but did not give much detail, nor did it describe how salary increases would come about. I was told I would receive "pay for performance" increases, which basically amounts to a cost of living increase (when the system can afford it) when certain system-wide metrics are at or above goal. In reality, the salary adjustment has little to do with my own performance, but rather that of the system as a whole. My employment is now switching over to the physician group associated/owned by the hospital system. I was excited for this change as I saw for myself an opportunity to secure a contract and perhaps increase my salary. However, HR told me, "we don't give contracts to midlevel providers", "there will be no negotiating," "you can resign, or maybe ask if you can discuss the salary." All of these statements were made during a conversation in which my new benefits were discussed, but the HR representative would not give me the number for my "salary adjustment". Yesterday, after being ignored by said HR rep for weeks, I ran into her at a store, where she then wanted to discuss my salary (inappropriate!). While I am pleased to get a raise, the salary is still not even at the median for my state, specialty, and level of experience. Without a contract, I see no opportunities in the future to make significant salary increases. I like my job and don't really want to leave, but I can't help but feel mistreated (and infuriated) at the situation. I know I should have a contract, but in a system that employs 10,000 people, one PA's contract grudge is not anyone's concern but mine. I am still working on fighting for this for myself. In the meantime, are there any other PAs out there working without a contract? If so, how do your salary increases come about? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
  21. Hi Everyone. I'm 19 years old and I'm attending a community college this spring. I plan to stay there for a year and then transfer to Mercy College. Can someone please tell me what steps I should take for PA school or what classes I should be taking? I live in NYC and I want to find a realistic career for me. What's the point of joining to college and busting your butt in PA school and earning a half assed salary? Does specializing in dermatology the right choice? Is the salary good? What steps should I take to make me closer to my dream career? How do you go to pay school with the minimum of debt. How much debt should I expect being in PA school?
  22. Nurse practitioner educational programs are starting to migrate from the master’s level to the doctoral level, leading to the “Doctor of Nurse Practitioner” degree. Right now, the DNP is officially geared toward nurse practitioners in “leadership roles,” but—reading between the lines—I believe the AACN credentialing body is likely seeking the DNP for the majority of future practitioners. See this info from the American Association of the Colleges of Nursing: http://www.aacn.nche.edu/DNP/dnpfaq.htm Meanwhile, physician assistant programs remain at the M.S. or even B.S. levels. In the future, many NPs might be addressed as “Dr. So-and-So,” while PAs will be addressed as “hey you,” and be perceived as lower down the professional totem pole. I understand the DNP development is because, like everyone, NPs want to be perceived as professional as possible and have as much training as possible. But a major reason to grow the PA and NP professions—rather than to educate more MDs—is to add a LESS-expensive form of care to an elephant-sized health care system that is already straining the economy. If increasing numbers of NPs get doctorates, they will be saddled with enormous educational loans; this means their salaries will have to rise to pay for this debt. DNP salaries will soon rival that of MDs, but without medical school training. This translates into much higher health care costs, especially if trends continue and nurse practitioners grow hugely in number. If a large number of NPs embrace the DNP approach, this will drain health care dollars—and it will also put PAs in a precarious situation. My question is: will PAs be forced to likewise embrace doctoral programs? If PAs don’t embrace these programs, how will their roles change vis-à-vis the more highly-credentialed future DNPs? Or, if PAs do embrace PhD-level programs, then what will be the practical difference between a DPA (Doctorate of Physician Assistant) and an MD? One prediction I’ve personally come up with: once the DNP degree gains ground in five to 15 years, bridging programs may spring up like mad to convert PAs into MDs. This could cause the PA profession to actually shrink while the NP profession grows. Conversely, many RNs can’t afford a four to six year long DNP program costing 200k+, and so you might see a surprising number of experienced RNs flooding PA educational programs. I think the new DNP focus will have a HUGE impact on PAs. What do you think?
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