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  1. I am a PA student who graduates in March of 2017. I am going to have, between undergrad and PA school, $200,000 in student loans. Based on the AAPA salary report, cardiothoracic surgery and orthopedic surgery have the highest median salary. This was a great surprise to me because surgery (especially cardiothoracic surgery) has been my passion all along. The reality of the student loan repayment is overwhelming and I am trying to plan my life upon graduation. I noticed in the AAPA report that the starting salary for ortho and CT surgery was around $100,000. If the median salary according to AAPA for these surgical specialties is $145,000, approximately how many years after my first year working can I expect to reach that? I am asking because this will determine a lot of factors after I graduate in regards to the financial decisions that I make. Thank you for any and all responses.
  2. Any input would be appreciated, I have 3 years of experience as a PA practicing full time in NYC. I am now looking to leave my full time position in FM for a part time position (I recently had a baby and want to spend more time at home). I have never worked a part time position before and what to get an idea of what other PAs are recieving so that I'm better prepared for my job search. 1) salary. I understand it varies but is $65/hour reasonable? 2) health insurance . Do part time employees usually receive coverage? 3) if health insurance is offered is it fair to ask for more compensation in lieu of it? (We are on my husband's plan anyway) 4) How Much PTO does a part time PA usually receive? Sick days? Holidays? 5) is it fair to ask for CME reimbursement and/or PTO for CME? 6) licensing and credentialing fee reimbursement ? Thank you so much!
  3. loaded question: Derm position--but I would just like to understand from a general standpoint My contract states "will be compensated at a rate equal to 15% of collections above 150k per annum" I've seen many posts that include some variation of this, although I don't exactly understand how it works. Specifically, how is it measured? What expenses are included (office visits, procedures, products, etc) When Is the bonus "typically" paid out to you? (I know my contract says per annum) But should it be EACH time I generate collections above 150K? How realistic is it to reach that mark as a new grad? Is the bonus amount tax free? And shouldn't I always be allowed access to my productivity data?
  4. I am a pre-PA and am interested to learn about compensation packages from those of you who are employed by university health systems, particularly the University of California and particularly those who practice in a surgical subspecialty. A basic search through several UC medical center websites gives me an idea as to what a first year graduate would earn hourly at each of these sites, but no additional information about CME, licensing, or whether quarterly reconciliation bonuses are part of the pay scheme. When I shadowed in the CVICU of one UC medical center, the PAs there were reportedly working 80-100 hours per week. Whether or not that number is inflated is beside the point; however, I would be interested to learn about those weekly hours beyond 40 (and those spent on call) are compensated. Just to be clear to those lifers on the Forum, I have no interest in working those kinds of hours. I am not focused on trying to make the most money I can right out of the gate and kill myself in the process. Just trying to learn from those of you who have experience working in university hospital systems. Interested to know what the advantages are in terms of compensation, life-work balance and what the most obvious pitfalls are. In sum, is it more trouble than what it is worth it to work for a university health system? Note about me: I currently work for a non-profit charity that provides plastic and reconstructive surgical services to victims of natural and man-made disasters. Working in an administrative capacity for this organization is what has energized me to seek clinical training as a PA. Its nice that PA compensation can be lucrative, but my chief focus in switching careers is to make a difference in the lives of my patients, whether domestic or international.
  5. I'd like to find out what I might expect for hourly rate for locums work in the San Francisco/Bay Area. I have 10 years of experience in surgery (cardiac 2 yrs, vascular 2yrs, general surgery 5 yrs +8 yrs per diem also covering urology consults/inpatients and some thoracic), anesthesia 1.5 yrs (ran pre-admission testing clinic until practice dissolved), and now emergency medicine x1 year and counting. Willing to do surgery or emergency medicine, possibly urgent care. I've been told by a recruiter $80/hr is a reasonable expectation, but $85 or higher is a rather tall order. Recruiter has also told me licensing can take 6-9 months and would cost $500-900, but then the app fee as per the state board is max $275...not sure whether the info I'm getting from her is trustworthy. Also, I would expect a recruiter to try to low ball you as far as hourly rate is concerned. Looking to relocate there, and trying to decide whether to apply for perm positions up front or do locums for a while to try different things while I acclimate and figure out where I should settle. I have heard that the market is rather flooded with new grads making jobs tough for them, but someone with my level of experience should be pretty in demand. I have applications in for 2 perm positions, one for which I got a very quick response asking for a phone interview, and a slew of recruiters that have contacted me since I updated my LinkedIn profile. Also just sent in my CA license application myself (rather than doing it through a locums agency with the "proactive licensing" option she explained where they say they cover that high cost of licensure and you agree to do an assignment with them, which sounded a bit fishy. In case it helps, I am currently in Boston. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. A New Grad derm offer I received in Northern VA: (previous HCE: SA in Derm x 5 years) Term: 3 years. Training x 6 months. Expectation 20-25 pts a day thereafter Hours: M-F 9am-5pm, "Occasional Saturdays" 8am-12pm Base: 80k Bonus: Shall be compensated at a rate equal to 15% of collections above 150K/year Mal-practice: Covered w/o tail Vacation: 1 week vacation for every 6 months employed with practice Non-compete: 15miles x 2 years ALL other benefits: ambiguous, contract says things like: Sick leave: "as per terms and provisions of the employee manual" (which I was told hasn't been updated in 25 years) Personal time: no explicit mention besides, "personal time may not be accumulated from one year to the next" Holidays: no explicit mention CME allowance/educational leave: no explicit mention Health coverage: "in accordance with the policies of the medical practice" Holidays: No explicit mention Professional memberships/licensing/etc: will pay "certain" basic memberships to include state and county medical society dues and hospital medical staff dues, state license, "certain" federal and state narcotic licenses and such other benefits as may be established, adopted, and modified from "time to time" by the medical practice for other PAs. -- During the actual interview, I spoke with the current PA about most of the above and she pretty much said...everything is covered and she's not had any issues since she's worked there (2.5 years as new grad, no derm experience straight out of PA school). Although I believed her, I am finding it difficult for the practice to secure these things in writing. Also, since the employee manual is so outdated I have nothing else to reference. Therefore, I am pretty much back on the hunt
  7. Hey all! I am getting ready to interview for a dermatology "residency" position at a very large and expanding dermatology clinic with offices that serve almost the entire state I live in. After requesting the interview with me, the company sent me a very simplistic form of the terms of the contract for residency prior to interviewing. Holy crap, it is a DOOZY. So, without further ado... 4 Year MINIMUM contract. 1st yr: "fellowship pay" = $30,000/yr 2nd-4th yrs: $90,000 + 25% production bonus above $400,000 in collections $2000 CME Licensing fees/textbooks/equipment paid Full benefits (paid? not paid? not sure.) Covered malpractice w/ tail. No mention of PTO or vacation days. 3 Year RESTRICTIVE COVENANT for 30 mile radius of all clinics this practice owns (not just the one you worked in). Thus, you are basically barred from employment unless you leave this area for good. Or, it's a $100,000 buyout. I'm PRETTY CERTAIN RCs are not enforceable, especially without a partnership agreement. There you have it, folks. I haven't canceled the interview yet, because my curiosity is piqued to hear their logic behind this befuddling term sheet. But I'm certainly not signing up for anything remotely close to that.
  8. Hi everyone, I need some help/perspective on my situation. I'm currently making 88k annually as a cardiology PA at a major hospital system in NYC. I get 4 weeks PTO (inclusive of sick and holiday time), 1 week CME (in addition to $800), full health benefits, 403b (employee funded) and pension-like program (employer funded). I've been there one year (received a 3% raise since I started) and was a new grad when I was hired. It's my understanding a 3% raise is standard every year for my department. Am I getting the shaft with this position?! So many of my colleagues complain about not making enough money and many have stated their friends (who are also PAs) got jobs right out of school with starting salaries in the low 90s (comparable specialties). I went to a decent school and had a 3.5 GPA with great hands-on experience during my rotations and didn't get one offer in the 90s - in fact, almost every interview I went on I was told outright "NON NEGOTIABLE" for new grads. So my question again is, am I getting the shaft? Am I being too kind and accepting? Am I somehow not aware of my worth/value as a PA? I thought 88/yr was acceptable for 1 year of experience, but so many of the PAs where I work (most have <2 years exp) are leaving for "better paying jobs." Should I be demanding more? Please help.
  9. New grad looking to join an Ortho practice in Dallas, TX. Although I am a new grad, I have about 10 yrs of corporate before switching careers. I'm currently in salary talks and wanted to see what was reasonable. There is no call with this position. They are looking to offer something in the 80k which seems low to me. There is a bonus but I'm waiting to hear about that structure, CME is 2K, and PTO is 15 days. Since I will not need benefits (I'm under my husband's) that would save the employer about 7K. What would be reasonable for salary expectations? I'm really looking to get on somewhere and stay. I don't want to be pigeonholed and forced to look for other opportunities due to salary down the road. Any advice would be appreciated.
  10. New grad looking to join an Ortho practice in Dallas, TX. Although I am a new grad, I have about 10 yrs of corporate before switching careers. I'm currently in salary talks and wanted to see what was reasonable. There is no call with this position. They are looking to offer something in the 80k which seems low to me. There is a bonus but I'm waiting to hear about that structure, CME is 2K, and PTO is 15 days. Since I will not need benefits (I'm under my husband's) that would save the employer about 7K. What would be reasonable for salary expectations? I'm really looking to get on somewhere and stay. I don't want to be pigeonholed and forced to look for other opportunities due to salary down the road. Any advice would be appreciated.
  11. Hi all, although I have had this account for some time now I am very new with forums in general, so please take it easy with me... I have a situation with my current employer and I need to vent, I am sure I can get some good advise here as well. Here is some background about me, I graduated and started working mid 2009. I have experience as a new grad PA with ortho (private practice with surgeries done in hospital and sx center) and some internal medicine before I started my current job. I am currently working as ortho PA for a trauma hospital. I am the only PA of the orthopedic team, there are five residents and 4-5 attendings in the team. I have been working for the hospital now for a year. When I interviewed for the job I was promised to have fair amount of OR first assist hours, but as soon as I was employed and had left my other job the chairman told me that this is MD/DO residency program he has to keep the residents happy as "the residents are the bread and butter of orthopedics" "They have to learn" etc, so I don't get to scrub in unless the residents are not around. I have to carry the orthopedic pager which is not a quite pager every single day and respond to pages that come in from ED, FT, Trauma Bay, Floors, and 2 nursing homes. In addition to do all regular floor work, seeing and following patients in clinic, ambulatory pre-op, post-op etc. I officially work for 37.5hrs/wk for $37/hr, although I am not salary based, and supposed to get paid hourly and OT, I have not even had an hour of OT this past year despite my many many Over Time stays to cover residents on most of days, and when I say OT stays, I'm not talking about 10-15 or 20 minutes, there had been days that I stayed 4-5 hours after my working hours had finished and still no OT pay. Despite this and the fact that I work during my one hour break time that is subtracted from my total hours, I have to admit I love my job and the orthopedic field, reducing of fractures, locating the dislocated joints, splinting, castings, pre-op/post-op evaluations, treatment plans, etc, etc, however my issues is that I get to be "forced" a lot by the residents that come and go every 2-3 months, and one attending that is always there to do things that are not necessarily my responsibility or dumped on me, eg. pt transfers (literally pushing the wheelchair or the stretcher), social work issues, all phlebotomy and EKG work that for some weird reason no nurse or tech or phlebotomist would do (since the resident on call at night did not order,...), paper work that no one else wants to do etc. In short I get to do a lot of scot work, and cleaning behind every one else in addition to my regular duties. I need your advise, is this what a regular ortho PAs does? is this normal? should I quit/leave? ps this is a 1199 union position and I am just afraid if I approach the union, worried about thing becoming very messy. I would appreciate your kind advise.
  12. I am currently a Trauma PA at a level I trauma center. My salary is below the national average, but according to the hospital system it's based on "years of experience". So as a recent graduate, I'm placed at the bottom of the salary bracket. Unfortunately, PAs are not well compensated at this hospital. I love my job though and therefore have been doing some research to present data to my employer of what mid-levels are making in trauma. If there are any trauma PAs that work for a level I or II trauma center and would be willing to share their salary and any other compensation (bonus, CME, license repayment, etc.) it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  13. Just curious what a 'normal' split is. I was told by my employer that 56% is pretty standard. I worked for them for 1 year on salary with: They paid-Malpractice (Occurrence Policy with maximum coverage), DEA and state license fee paid, 15 PTO days, 5 Paid Sick Days, 5 CME days and $2,000 budget. They offered me a straight % and: 160 hours time off w/o pay, 3 CME days w/o pay, Group life insurance policy (50K), disability (Short and long term). 6 months into the production year they cancelled the disability policy and increased the split to 58% Still, I am a W-2 Employee (They pay 7% of FICA). Does this sound pretty standard? What is an average monthly production? thanks in advance..
  14. I started practicing 2 years ago as a PA in an Ortho-Spine practice, my responsibilities including First assist 2.5 days/week, rounding, clinic 2.5 days/week, rare call, rare weekends, also administrative tasks such as compiling surgical outcomes, assisting the training of staff, implementing new policies and procedures with staff etc. I was't excited about my initial salary and benefits but I have really enjoyed the work. I have gotten significant raises over the past couple of years but during my last raise/review there were interesting comments about decreasing my rate of salary growth which i thought strange as I am still below what I assumed most other PA's in my field are making.. My major issue is this: I feel like i am always being told what other PA's in Florida make in my field and a lot of what i research seems different than what I am told. There have been a few threads from Spine PA's on the forum and I wanted to create a general discussion among other PA's in my field so we can communicate with each other about what the "going rate" is. I started at 80k, I am currently at 100k with guaranteed 5k annual bonus. I only get 10 days PTO, Holidays, and 5 CME days with professional fees paid. (no sick time) I am told Laser spine institute PA's make 95k, (What I have read online is 105k with 4 weeks PTO including CME) I am told other local practices which do similar work make between 115-120's with a few PA's in the area at 150k, and 1 up to 180k (which they feel is extreme) They did not comment on what the other benefits these PA's have as far as PTO and Bonus' I also work part time in the ED on my free weekends when I have available time where I am paid $60/hr. I calculate my current full time position makes $42 or less base on the hours I work per week. So Fellow PA's please help enlighten me on what our "going rate" is?
  15. Hey all, I'm in dire need of help. I have been practicing as a Neurology PA in the Denver metro area for over three years now. Same practice - private practice that is currently growing. I see about 10 - 12 clinic patients a day along with hospital call. I take one weekend of call a month. (stroke call, etc..) When I moved to CO, I had very few peers to counsel me on the region and what to expect compensation-wise. I was initially hired at 65k a year with the hope of a drastic increase as we figured out my role (I was the first mid-level in this small private practice). I now make 80k a year. My patients and other health care providers love me, and my providers constantly tell me how invaluable I am to them. My providers rely on me to do the majority of the hospital work. I feel very undercompensated and taken-advantage of. I have spoken at length with my providers (guys that treat me VERY well, otherwise, and are like my older brothers) who ensure me this is competitive for the area. I, however, still feel this is very untrue. I need some reassurance that going to them with the idea of looking for other work unless I am better compensated is the next step. Please help, as I am not wanting to let go of an otherwise great job. But when I am the only PA in the practice, it is not too unusual to get taken advantage of. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks J
  16. Hello all, Is anyone familiar with the St.louis job market? Missouri or Illinois side. I'm a new grad with a military medic background applying anywhere within an hour of the city and was wondering how the opportunities are. I grew up in St.Charles but haven't been back in a decade. There seems to be a handful of large hospital networks in the area but not many job postings. Any advice/tips would be appreciated. Thanks!
  17. I'm considering taking the CAQ for Emergency Medicine. I've heard some places will give you a pay increase for obtaining the certificate. I'd like to pitch this idea to my powers that be, but I'd love to hear how other facilities approach it. Do you get a set amount more? A percentage? Just a pat on the back? Thanks in advance!
  18. Any thoughts on this offer from private gastroenterology practice? $45/hr for 24 hours a week (weekdays) 1 in 5 weekends Two comp days after weekend. Option of working one "comp" day for $100/hr. No call No benefits other than malpractice and licensing fees 1-2 holidays per year. Paid $100/hr. Position will be a mix of clinic, inpatient and consults. Approx 2 patients an hour for clinic, 12 patient panel on the floor and amount of consults will vary. I will also be responsible for managing another PA's inbasket (lab results, imaging results etc). I have 6 years experience as a PA (in surgery, ED and family practice). I am currently working in a practice with a malignant practice manager and I am hoping to find a good alterantive. The hourly rate seemed a bit low, based on what I've been offered in the past and by the AAPA salary report. They are not negotiable with the rate because they state it would not be fair to the other PAs that work there. The practice manager there and physicians seem wonderful. Very eager to teach. Trying to weigh out the pros and cons.
  19. Hi all. Wanted to run contract negotiation by you all and get some advice. I have been a graduate for 5 years. I have worked in a PMR practice the entire time since graduation in NC. My duties consist of 1.on call weekends covering inpatients in our rehab center, and telephone call for our skilled nursing facilities on that weekend. 2. Weekday clinic hours where I see an average of 20 patients, and do imaging guided procedures and of course order spinal procedures for our 3 docs (2 of which are owners of the practice, other doc is employee like me). 3. Inpatient rehab consults which I do M-F and of course the weekends I'm on call. My contract recently expired and we are in the process of renegotiating. I was earning 91K as base with Qrtly bonus. I get heath, malpractice insurance through practice. I did have 401k match but owners did away with it given cost issues earlier this year. Apparently my MA's salary is considered to be part of the cost factor to keep me and she is paid off my revenue. Bonuses have not been what I consider great giving how many people I see, what I do and am able to do in the office, and the amount of work I put in. We had a part time PA who is leaving for maternity leave and will not be returning. I offered to extend office hours to compensate for her loss, as a good faith offer during negotiation. I also requested an RVU based salary/bonus structure. The RVU system was shot down. Any ideas? They would be appreciated.
  20. I'm slightly more than half way though my Residency/Fellowship program. I'm beginning to look for jobs and am hoping to work in Pediatric Neurosurgery. I am aware of the AAPA Salary Report and do plan to use this when job hunting. Currently, I'm looking for positions in the pacific NW (incl CA), CO, UT, midwest and eastcoast down to NC. I was wondering if anyone had any experience or opinion on salary negotiation and what your residency is 'worth' when job hunting. I know it's very dependent on location, but I'm hoping to be in the 90s for my next position. Any advice or personal experience would be great!
  21. Hi Everyone, I was just offered a position as a FT pediatric GI PA at an academic center/ University Hospital in Eastern North Carolina. I have 10 years of experience working as a PA with most of my experience in urgent care (5yrs traditional urgent care, 4.5 years in Pediatric Urgent care and 10months in Pediatric primary care). My problem is that I feel I am being low balled after comparing to the salary profiles from the AAPA. I am not certain because I am use to working for private companies in an outpt setting. The position offers benefits such as health, dental, vision, PTO, sick days, CME and DEA allotment, 401k/403b option. The position entails me working split output and inpatient, taking call which may include once every other month just to cover the pager from home when SP is out of town. I should never have to go into the hospital at all. There are no weekends and I would be off for major holidays following the schedule of the local university. When I was called with the position HR gave me all this info over the phone and stated the starting salary is $77,500 plus other benefits and I have 48 hours to make a decision.(which is on this Tuesday due to the holiday) I asked about incentive pay or bonuses and she states they do not offer any. I counter offered at the mid to high 80's but they countered with $78,250. This feels like an insult. The salaries of all employees are publicly listed and for Physician Extenders I and it ranges from $55k-96K within different non-surgical specialties. Further insight would be great or if there are other PA's out there that work in Peds GI could you please give me a range of what the average pay should be in this specialty? I would love to stay within the pediatric specialty but I want to be paid my worth. In this area the jobs are few and far between and peds jobs are pretty much nonexistent. Should I try to renegotiate or just continue to wait for other opportunities. Thanks,
  22. I am a new grad (soon, at least) gearing up to apply for my first job. I'm open to working in a variety of settings, but I've received some worrisome advice from a friend: "Make sure you don't accept a job with a lower pay, not because you desperately need the extra income, but because you set the bar for income level at all future jobs." How true is this advice with regards to the PA profession? I was told that prospective employers frequently call previous employers to find out their salary. And because of this, employers tend to "low ball" these applicants and view them as less deserving of a higher salary than others with previously higher incomes. While I can see how this could be true for other professions with more flexible requirements and employment history, I'm wondering if this applies to PAs. I'm wondering especially with providers who switch from clinic to surgery or vice versa. This seems more apples to oranges than clinic to clinic or surgery to surgery, where the comparison might be clearer. I'm curious what everyone thinks.
  23. I need some advice to make sure I don't sell myself and our abilities too cheaply. I'm about to graduate in a couple months and have interviewed at 2 family practices, both of which offered me a position. One is just not in an area I want to live, but offered 85k. I thought it was reasonable, along with the benefits, but felt I would overall be happier closer to the city (Portland, Or). The other is in the metro in an area with a cost of living at 125% the national average. 4 days/week including 2 Saturdays/month. Today they offered 65k base salary with 10% productivity bonus from all my billing after what sounds like just my salary deduction. (full details via email to follow next week) To me, this seems extremely low. The 50th for new grads in my state according to the salary report is about 84k (only 28 responses though) and I'm not seeing any states lower than the 70s even in the 25th. I told myself I wouldn't take a job for less than 80k, and I honestly think I should be able to get more in general after seeing classmates with straight salaries in or closer to the 90s. The clinic manager claims I will make about 40k in productivity, but I'm really not excited about this level of uncertainty and honestly have a hard time believing that I will make that much starting out in productivity. My planned counter: 80k guaranteed, then the rest can be productivity. Is this the right counter or is that too low? Am I missing something about how productivity bonuses work that means this offer isn't as bad as it sounds? I have time to keep looking if this doesn't work out, but I did really like the practice, and the PAs I met have been there for several years so they must have some reason to stay.
  24. Hello, I am still rather new to the derm world and I am coming up on my first annual review. I could really use some help with negotiation, in terms of salar and bounus strucutre. I have been working as a PA for almost 2 years and working in dermatology for about 14 months. I had a three month training period where I was paid 5,200 per month (working well over 50 hours/wk.) Then I began seeing my own patients making 83,000/year with a 5% monthly productivity bonus after 10,000 collections for the practice. I usually work 4 1/2 days per week and 6 days once a month when we are open on a Saturday. I work on average 40 hous work weeks, get 2 weeks paid vacation, one week CME, holiday time, and $1500 for CME yearly. I am coming up for my annual review and expect my supervising physician to start by making me an offer. I see about 20-25 patient per day plus new patients with my supervising physican. The new patient visits are all billed under his name. I usually stay for the whole visit, write prescriptions, perform the surgery, etc. Just to calrify things, new patients are never put on my schedule. I am not sure why he has structured things in this matter, but obviously this effects my productivity. Initally he had told me that I am not allowed to see new patients, however I knew this not to be true. When I confronted him he said our billing company had advised him to do things this way. Billing has explained to me that there is a lot more verification needed before a new paitent can be scheduled with me as some insurances are not reimbursing for new patient visits with a PA. We see a lot of medicaid patients so this may be why I am running into this problem. Any how, I would appreciate some advice on how to structure my salary and bonus structure given my years of experience and the limitation with aquiring new patients. I am wondering if I should be compensated more in my base salary for this reason? Also, the current bonus structre may have been fine for my first year, but now I feel it is a little too low. Please let me know any advise you may have. I would really appreciate your help.
  25. Recently I separated from an employer and they have asked me to complete my EMR charts (complete some random omitted/overlooked CPT codes, some billing codes, etc.) ...since the first of the year. (about 100) They gave me a stack of paper charts and asked me to complete them and sign. I was paid for the services rendered,( I thought) however, now I am told that I will be paid for these because now they can submit them...I am concerned why i am getting "paid twice" ...Didn't they submit them to to Medicare already? I believe maybe they paid me all along in good faith they would be reimburse...And, if they did not submit, are they now submitting them under my NPI number? And because i am no longer their employee...how can they submit under my NPI? Who can I call to ask about this thorny issue or confirm this is on the up and up? Honestly i do not trust my old employer in asking them. And it seems weird they are "paying me twice" anyway.
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