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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone, I have a question if I were to be commissioned as a PA for the public health service. On their website they say some join as entry level public health practitioners while others are experienced experts trained in public health, clinical specialties, or research. " When you join the U.S Public Health Service Commissioned Corps you become part of a diverse group of individuals who have a unique sense of purpose. Many career choices tend to lock you in to one career path. USPHS Health Services Officers have many opportunities to work in a variety of agencies and to completely change career paths, if they choose. An early career psychologist or social work officer might choose to work in the Federal Bureau of Prisons or the Indian Health Service. Many officers work in those agencies for the full course of their USPHS career, advancing to higher levels o responsibility, becoming supervisors and managers with regional or national responsibilities. Other Health Services Officers choose to move to other agencies..." These are the description on their website: Allied clinical care provider officers in the Commissioned Corps have the flexibility and freedom to pursue a diverse and fulfilling career. Day-to-day responsibilities may include: Providing patient care in a variety of settings and venues Participating in emergency operations Conducting clinical research Overseeing administration, acquisitiion , and budgeting responsibilities Expanding knowledge through health education Shaping health care regulatory and policy initiatives So from my understanding, does this mean as a PA I can work in different agencies with a sort of different type of job that is similar to a PA?? It looks like less of a clinical aspect, but it seems awesome that you have the opportunity to change to different jobs. Like I am confused when it says the ability to change career paths. Does it mean I can be researching at like the NIH even though my degree is in PA? Only downside is you are pay based on rank, but heck I would I don't care if I am enjoying my job as an o2 officer being able to work in a variety of careers if I get bored. Thanks in advance!!
  2. Hello all! I am a practicing physician assistant just 6 months out of school from a bachelor's in PA studies. I want to get my masters but unsure of whether to go with health administration route or public health route. Not sure which one would mean what for me and what are my options to grow professionally. I just need some opinions and guidance. Thanks everyone.
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