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Found 336 results

  1. Hello...i have a bachelors professional degree as a pa...but now i'm wondering which direction should i pursue a masters in...is there any future for a well paid reasonable job in informatics or should i get a masters in teaching as this allow me to be part of faculty but whose jobs are few and far between...any advise guys....where does the future in informatics lie for pa as a profession...what do u think?
  2. I am a junior at Ursinus College and I am looking for shadowing experience for the summer into fall with flexibility. I am a hard worker and am willing to travel and do anything. Kasey
  3. See below...I'm not wild about the phase in...so I have to take PANRE this year, and then again in 2018, AND THEN be phased in....WTF?? Also, I need more information on the PI-CME.....Not sure how they are defining this. 10-Year Certification Maintenance Cycle and New CME Requirements Coming Soon Beginning in 2014, certified physician assistants will transition to a 10-year certification maintenance cycle, a change from the current six-year certification maintenance and retesting requirement that has been in effect since recertification was first introduced in 1981. That change is accompanied by the institution of new, more specific continuing medical education (CME) requirements: 20 of the 50 Category I CME credits certified PAs are already required to obtain every two years must be earned through self-assessment CME or performance improvement CME (PI-CME). PAs who pass PANCE or PANRE in 2014 will be the first to move to the new certification maintenance process. Others will transition to the new 10-year cycle over the following five years as they recertify. These changes are the result of discussions that spanned eight years, as NCCPA leaders worked first to define the set of competencies critical for effective PA practice and then to determine how to effectively integrate appropriate competencies into the certification maintenance process. That effort included multiple discussions with leaders of the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) and the Physician Assistant Education Association (PAEA), a public comment period during which all certified PAs were invited to respond to potential changes, and a pilot study. "We know that the majority of medical boards have now implemented similar changes that licensing authorities feel will serve both the public and the medical profession. The NCCPA initiative is consistent with the medical community's movement toward this practice," said AAPA President Robert L. Wooten, PA-C. "I appreciate that NCCPA's leaders have taken their time with these discussions and have sought input from AAPA and others throughout their consideration of changes to the certification maintenance process." Later this spring, NCCPA will launch a new information-gathering system that will help measure the impact of these changes. Certified PAs will receive more information about the new "PA Professional Profile" in the coming weeks and will be prompted to complete it within the next couple of months to establish the baseline for later impact studies. Then they will be prompted to update it at least once during every two-year CME cycle. Watch a short video or read more about these changes online, read more in our Q&A, and read future NCCPA News messages for additional details as they become available. Certification Maintenance Fees With the new changes to the certification maintenance process, one thing that will not change is the $130 certification maintenance fee, which is one of the current requirements to maintain certification. We are pleased to be able to maintain the current fee for all PAs, even during a time when costs are increasing at a rapid pace. However, to maintain the current fee and streamline the process, NCCPA is phasing out the discount option. Less than half of certified PAs take advantage of the $50 discount by earning and logging their CME credits by June 30 of the certification expiration year. By eliminating the June 30 deadline, PAs will only have one deadline to remember for earning and logging their CME credits and paying the certification maintenance fee - December 31, their certification expiration date. Though there will no longer be a financial incentive to earn and log CME early, keep in mind that NCCPA begins updating PA certification records in September of the certification expiration year. So the sooner you complete all requirements, the sooner your certification record will be updated to the next cycle, and the sooner employers, state boards, and others can verify that you have completed all requirements. The discount structure is still in effect for the 2010-2012 and 2011-2013 CME cycles that are already in progress.
  4. Does being bilingual indicate fluency? Or just some proficiency in another language? I am able to speak and understand Arabic and Spanish well, however, I am not necessarily fluent. Some admins are saying that I can put trilingual on my applications and others are saying that I have to be fluent to put that down. It will really up my chances of getting into the PA programs I want if I can say that I am trilingual! I just want to make sure that I am not providing false information. Advice and experiences would be greatly appreciated
  5. I'm a junior at the University of Florida with a 2.3 science GPA and a 2.8 overall. I know, it's bad. I talked to an advisor today and she told me I would have to graduate on time regardless of me not finishing my PA pre-reqs. I don't know how people have stayed at UF for over 4 years because it seems like they just want me to finish up my psych degree and graduate! So I was wondering what my other options could be. Are there postbacc programs that are more geared towards PA and not ones that require that you have taken the MCAT and such? Or is there a way for me to delay graduation?
  6. Hello friends, I guess a little bit of background before I launch into my questions. In 2010 I graduated from a larger Calif. university with my BS in Human Biology. Since then I have been a part-time student at one of the local community colleges taking 1-3 classes per semester to finish off my last pre-req but also classes to try to make myself a more competitive applicant (patho, pharmacology, etc.) In early 2011, I started an internship program at two regional hospitals, rotating through various departments every three months with a 48-hour minimum commitment for each rotation. At this point, I have done rotated through Med/Surg, Ortho/Neuro, ICU (x2) and am now in the ER. In mid 2011, I started working full-time as an ER Tech at a different hospital and continue to do so. We have 2 PAs that work in our ER that I am lucky enough to be able to work with 3 days a week. My question is this: since CASPA requires 3 and only 3 letters of recommendation, I am unsure as to who to approach about potentially writing a letter for me. Surely admission committees would like to see LOR from a variety of sources (educational, clinical, volunteer?) but who do you think carry the most weight? One of my professors that I took Med Term, Patho and Pharmacology with said that she would write one for me. My internship program says that they will write one for you when you graduate from the program. One of the ER MDs that I work with mentioned that he would be willing to write one for me as well. Obviously a letter from a PA would be very beneficial (if not required) but whose letter would I replace that one with? I don't want to go overboard and bombard everyone familiar with me in a clinical sense (ER MDs, PAs, RNs, ER director) since I would then not be able to include other, equally important sources. Sorry for being so long-winded and rambling but any input is truly appreciated. Gosh darn this application process is stressful haha. Thank you all, DSP
  7. Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I am recording my whole process of getting accepted to PA school, and my experiences throughout school. From getting patient care experience, pre-reqs, to recently getting accepted into PA school I will put it all down. I am trying to include any tips and tricks that I feel worked for me so that others can benefit from them. I will answer any questions and give my advice to those who are still working on getting into PA school. (Any little advice helps along the way). http://djthepa.blogspot.com/ I am planning on recording through PA school, so those who will get accepted can have info on what its like to start the program, and what to expect. Please feel free to leave feedback and comments! THANK YOU, and good luck!! -DJ
  8. Hi Everyone, I am a Pre-PA student in Chicago. I am desperate to find a PA to shadow this summer before I apply to schools. Can anyone help me out? It would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  9. Any Pre-PA Student's from PSU on here? Are you happy with the support/resources provided by the Pre-Health society? Would you like to be a part of a Society that caters to the needs of Pre-PA's only? i.e. shadowing partnerships, community service, and teaching the public about the PA profession. I am forming a Pre-PA Society at PSU, and would like your input and support. Let me know what you think! Thank you!
  10. Audio podcast from the 1st Annual SDPA Summer Dermatology Conference in Chicago, IL. This was "OMG, It’s a Child: Tips and Pearls to Help Guide You with the Pediatric Patient" with Lester J Fahrner, MD. read more More...
  11. Hello! First, I would like to thank anyone who has taken the opportunity to read this post and respond to my inquiry. I deeply appreciate the kindness. Secondly, I am looking to find a PA to shadow in the northern counties of Illinois, preferably Northern Cook, Lake and/or McHenry. I am fairly confident that this is the right career path for me but I want to be absolutely sure before I continue in school, trying to collect the necessary credits in classes that I may not need if I don't feel like this profession is the right fit. Therefore, I know that the next step is shadowing a PA either at a hospital and/or a clinic. Please feel free to email me @ MBrouillette4784@hotmail.com. Any responses are welcome! Thank you and have a wonderful day! :=D:
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