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  1. The operating room was loud with machines beeping, music playing, and conversation between the surgeon and his surgical nurse. The smell of burning flesh and the sound of the saw cutting through the sternum were senses I've never experienced before in my life. My heart was racing as the chest was cracked open and revealed the beating heart inside the cavity. I stood there amazed and found myself at a loss for words as I stared into the chest cavity. All my life I've only been able to feel and hear a heart beating, so when I saw the primary organ that's kept me alive for 19 years I couldn't hel
  2. *I am about 730 characters over* There is nothing quite like walking across a dimly lit stage on the opening night of a show. The heat of the spotlight bouncing off my cheeks cues my first line and instinctively my body moves downstage, my steps precise as I approach my mark. When I look out into the auditorium, I recognize that this feeling of comfort is what makes every afternoon of rehearsal worthwhile. Acting has always been a creative outlet for me. By the time I reached high school, I was performing in nearly every theater production put on by the drama department. I was so
  3. Walking home from school with my mom, in what will be my first exposure to mental illness, I saw a woman walking erratically and speaking to herself. She had ragged clothing, unkempt hair, and she occasionally stopped to feed herself with scraps from the floor and gutters. I had asked my mom what was wrong with the woman and my mom replied, saying "she's a mad woman". I grew up in Nigeria, West Africa where mental illness is not regarded as illness but as a manifestation of a malevolent spirit. As time went on, I noticed more 'mad' men and women walk the street with no one to care for them. Wh
  4. This is my second draft so far, and though it has improved from my first, I still feel like I may have been too vague. Please let me know what you think, and I will gladly do the same for you! Life is a collection of experiences. While some are merely prosaic pieces of today, others carry such significance that they shape our aspirations for the future. These events often influence us to take action, make a decision, complete a goal, or pursue a career. Within the past few years I have collected a variety of experiences, many of which have had lasting impacts on my future goa
  5. Hi Everyone, I am a recent grad and I posted in a few other spots about offering help to others! I recently started a website that has a large section dedicated to help with getting into PA school. The personal statement page is newly updated and some may find it helpful! My website is: www.allthingsphysicianassistant.com Click Pre-PA-->Personal Statement tab Hope this is helpful! Danielle
  6. I appreciate any feedback, thanks! I have always been an artist. A serious dancer throughout childhood and a professional dancer in adulthood, I had the joy of pursuing a passion that had driven me as long as I can remember. I spent years performing with professional companies and touring throughout the U.S. As most artists must, I worked various “day jobs” that included gigs teaching dance, several administrative assistant jobs, and most importantly, a position I happened upon as the staffing coordinator at a hospital. Little did I know when I took the position, this job would change m
  7. Would anyone be willing to review my statement and provide feedback? I know that I will have to take out some of it due to the character count so any help will be greatly appreciated. The formatting hasn't copied here perfectly but for first revisions I am more worried about content. Up to that point in my life my favorite two jobs were working at Chuck E. Cheese in high school and serving tables in an Italian restaurant during college. Every shift I would meet new and exciting people. Every night was bound to be a different experience full of its own ups and downs. Some days I
  8. Any and all honest criticism is very much appreciated! At the age of five, when parents are encouraging their daughters to play dress up and brush their dolls’ hair, my mom was teaching me long division and how to perfect my cursive handwriting, while my dad was trying to provide a better quality of life for his family, twelve thousands miles away from us. This quality of life that I had always been searching for, took the form of me aspiring to become a physician assistant. Until the age of seven, I resided in Pakistan with my mom where sixty percent of the population lives in rural
  9. i just applied and i had 2 interviews, but only have one waitlist. i am thinking part of my problem was my GPA was only a 3.4 and 3.2 science respectively. but i had a great personal statement and good rec letters. for a reapplicant do i have to use new ones? do i use the same account? i will have more HCE and shadowing as well as research experience to boost my application, tho the GPA will be about the same. does anyone have any advice and do i need to get new letters of rec and personal statement?
  10. Dormant viruses remain within a human host until the proper conditions for activity are present. Under the right conditions, the virus can cause an outbreak but will eventually return to its dormant state. In some cases, the virus can completely take over the host. My path to becoming a physician assistant has been similar to that of a dormant virus. My first outbreak was in high school. I was sitting in the back of the quiet classroom, focused on my assignment when I heard a loud commotion. I looked up to see a student on the ground. Instantly, I ran over to him while everyone else, includin
  11. PAFT Creates Task Force on Autonomy PAs for Tomorrow (PAFT), a national advocacy organization focused on the future of the PA profession, announces that their Board of Directors has unanimously voted to develop a national task force focused on PA practice autonomy. Nichole Bateman, PAFT President, says “The task force is intended to create a representative body of PAs and other professionals to coordinate information and strategize efforts among those who see autonomous practice as an evolving reality for the PA profession. The time to explore how autonomy can and should apply to PA practice
  12. Hello guys! I wrote my first draft of my personal statement today and I am in need of some feedback! Please feel free to rip it to shreds if it needs it! I know I need some grammar checking to match my tenses. Anything and everything is appreciated. As many eyes that can see it! I will return the favor gladly too! Well here goes nothing!! (side note I am 23 years old with BS in human bio and by the time of application 2 years (approx 4,000 hrs) of ER tech experience among other things!) ill give you any stats about me if you ask! I hold my shaking gloved hands together and anxi
  13. Any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated! I am a military wife, and the next place we are moving only has two PA programs within a reasonable distance so I really need to get into them! I realize many of the sentences require serious rewording. What is it lacking though? What could make it better? Thank you all in advance for taking the time to read it! I was sure I would get in. I had spent years preparing to compile what seemed a perfect application to the Physician Assistant Program at *** University. I maintained an excellent GPA, competed in five different sports,
  14. Good evening all, This is my first take at a personal statement for PA school. Any and all critiques are appreciated and will be taken into consideration. Thank you all in advance for your time taken to review and comment. ____________________________________________________________________ “Next to creating a life, the finest thing a man can do is to save one.” This quote by Abraham Lincoln has become one that has permeated my life. Originally, my career goals never included medicine or life-saving. At age 17 I joined my local volunteer fire department. Responding to medical calls
  15. We see are loved ones rapidly deteriorating from horrible diseases throughout are lives but we are standing in the background with no authority over what happens. I have seen my grandfather die from alcoholism, my aunt die from leukemia, and my grandmother fighting against stage 4 cancer. I had to witness all these events and watch as they fought for their lives, as the physician assistants fought for their lives. While in the background watching and observing the physician assistants I saw the passion and commitment they had to their patients. Fighting for them as if they were their own famil
  16. Hey guys, I would really appreciate any thoughts and/or critiques about the flow and overall theme of my statement. Is there anything missing or not well expalined? The door flew open and slammed against the adjacent wall. I entered a darkened room where I could only make out the outlines of other patients and hear the noise of chatter and children crying. As my eyes adjusted to the sharp contrast from the glaring sun outside, I slowly made my way to the counter. “Sign in,” said a voice and I looked down to see a chewed-up pin and a pile of torn paper. I wrote my name and date of birth and
  17. Hey guys new member to the forum but have always popped in as a guest to look up advice. Would like some advice on my PS. Any critique/advice is welcome, looking to submit sometime next week, oct/dec deadlines. I am worried i don't talk enough about my experiences and am coming off a little too cheesy.
  18. What inspires people to do the things they do? At what point in a person’s life do they decide what they want to dedicate their life to as a career or mission? How many people have missed their calling or opportunity to do something truly great with their life? Was it something they ignored or was it a lack of motivation or inspiration? Most would argue that very few people are working in or pursuing a career they love and are called to do. Of those that are working in the career they dreamed of most would recall with great clarity the moment, situation or person that inspired them to be
  19. Hey all, I would really appreciate honest feedback about my statement, especially on the content and overall flow of the statement. PLEASE be as brutally honest as possible. I'm not trying to get a pat on the back; I'm trying to get some acceptances lol. Send me your feedback and I would be happy to edit your statement in return! Thanks! I cried the day I moved into my dorm room at the University of California, Santa Cruz. They were not tears of fear, or remorse over leaving my childhood behind, but tears of relief and hope for the new beginning I was undertaking. I
  20. I was never one of those kids that knew what they wanted to be when they grew up. I never dreamed of being an astronaut or a movie star. I went into college willing and open to any ideas on my career path. The only thing I did know, I wanted to be in the health field and as cliché as it is, to help others. Growing up I was a gymnast, worked out 40 hours a week and always had to be very health conscious. During my freshman year, I remembered when a dietitian came to speak with us at gymnastics discussing how food played such an important part in our workout. I decided then that my background i
  21. First time applying, submitting my application soon... Wish me luck! Don't be gentle, tear it to shreds. Life can be summed into a succession of moments that shape us into the type of person we are today. Some people would have you believe that only the momentous, earth-shattering experiences shape who we are and how we view the world, but I disagree. I believe we are molded more by the strength it takes to face seemingly trivial daily troubles, and the unwavering empathy and support we provide for those in need. The latter is something I have seen from numerous physician assistants, and i
  22. 431 words. I intended to keep my personal statement short, but detailed enough that the reader would not be bored. Any critique would be appreciated. Thank you! ----- “Be whatever you want to be as long as you are the best at it”. This quote from a relatively recent lesson from my father had changed my outlook on the prospects of my future. Growing up as a first born second generation Iranian-American, there had seemed to be a struggle, more so a cultural limbo. Having the freedom of an American with the strict social constitutions as an Iranian, the ability to identify a concrete goa
  23. Hello! Thank you so much for taking time to read this. I am super nervous about trying to get my application submitted this week. Any advice you might have will be greatly appreciated. This is generally my final draft. I just still have to sit down with the writing center and go over it for typos and such. Thank You! I am an attachment parenting, juicing, bike riding, kayaking, peaceful protesting, caregiving, hippy intellectual! I’m having a real hard time writing this without being cheesy, because that is just how I am. I love to sing to my children in the mornings on the way to schoo
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