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  1. First draft of my personal statement. Any comments and critiques are appreciated! One of the most substantial interactions I have had with a patient occurred when I was doing my clinical rotations in an emergency department for my emergency medical technician certification. EMS arrived emergent nearing midnight with a 57-year-old male complaining of difficulty breathing. In my head I imagined a man of normal appearance, in moderate discomfort, and breathing heavily. That is what I always imagined when I read about respiratory distress in textbooks anyways. It is funny how you can read abou
  2. Hi everybody! We want to introduce you to our services. Since 2010, we are helping medical faculty students and postgraduates to get a better place and successfully apply for pulmonary fellowship programs by preparing and writing or/and editing all of the required documents and papers, such as: personal statements, statements of purpose, and CVs. We work only with highly qualified personnel and writers who are experienced in writing medicine related documents and papers; we also make discounts on the regular basis for all of our clients; once you purchased our services you can directly com
  3. It took my friend starting med school today for me to really reflect on my experience in PA school so far. I am coming close to the end of my second semester of a 12 month didactic year. I've always heard people joke around saying "they feel like they know nothing".. But with the way my school is ran, I really do feel like I know nothing. I would say that I'm in the top half of my class. I cram for exams because there really is no alternative. With 3 tests a week there's just not enough time. I feel like I don't have an internal understanding of a lot of the topics were learning and I am just
  4. For anybody looking for real world examples of physician assistant school personal statements we have compiled a list of 31 essay samples submitted through our free personal statement review service. Just a reminder Don’t copy (plagiarize) from samples, examples, or anything not an original thought. 31 Physician Assistant Personal Statement Examples These sample essays should help you as you decide what to write, or what not to write, on your PA school personal statement. It is important to note that these are examples of what other PA school applicants have submitted and are not
  5. Everyone always seems to have that “ah ha” moment, that one specific life altering experience that solidified their want to be a physician assistant, but for me, it’s different I’ve had half a lifetime of those moments. It started freshman year of high school when my younger sister sliced her leg on a nail. It was a deep slice that had gone down to the muscle, blood was gushing everywhere and I was in awe; I just kept staring at it and poking around. At that point in my life I knew very little about the human body yet it was captivating. This was my first, relevant, interaction with the id
  6. Are you thinking about becoming a Physician Assistant but have questions and don't know where to find a PA to talk to? Are you currently applying to a Physician Assistant Program but have questions about the program you are applying to? Or you aren't sure about some of the courses you took in college. Volunteer hours. Shadowing. How you can make your application stand out from the rest. Are you having trouble writing your Personal Statement? Have you received a letter from a Physician Assistant Program about an interview and need to prepare? <EDITED- REMOVED SI
  7. If anyone would like to exchange personal statements and provide each other feedback, please PM me! Thanks!
  8. I've struggled with mental health issues my entire life and like many others, my problems peaked while in college. I would like to briefly address it in my personal statement because I think it could help explain some of the weaknesses in my application but I don't want it to come off as an excuse. Also, I'm concerned that adcoms will then see me as mentally unstable or unable to handle the stresses of PA school and consequently not give me a chance. I am currently taking the steps to improve both my mental health and my application and I would address that as well but I'm wondering if I shoul
  9. Howdy everyone. I am so glad I have found this forum, it has proven to be immensely helpful. However, I am a bit discouraged. I am not a terribly gifted writer and am struggling to piece together a decent story for my personal statement. I will attach what I have written as a rough draft and would really love any and all criticism, guidance, and advice. I will certainly pay it forward once I get it finished. Do not be afraid to be overly critical, I assure I can handle it and welcome all comments. Also, I am appx. 1000 characters over so if you see places I can trim out I am all for it.
  10. “Find a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life” - Confucius. Growing up, medicine has always been a topic of conversation in my household. I descend from a family of doctors, and from an early age it was clear to me that I wanted to go into healthcare. Despite working long hours at the hospital, my mother always came home with a smile on her face, a clear sign of a woman satisfied with her job. Later in college, I became aware that some of the leading health issues in America are a result of poor dietary choices, which fascinated me, so I went on to complete my Bachelor’s d
  11. As a child I strived to become something different than my parents. I was raised by a mother who suffered with drug addiction and a father that seemed to be interested in anything besides his two daughters. I searched for guidance and longed for something more than an empty fridge and a twin bed that I shared with my sister. In fifth grade I found that guidance, Mrs. Harley changed my life in more ways than one. She gave me hope that I still had the chance to attend college despite my background and the home I came from. I had always had a strong interest in school and gaining as much knowledg
  12. Hi everyone, I would greatly appreciate if someone could read over my 1st draft of my personal statement and provide me any suggestions for improvement. This will be my first time applying to PA school. Please be critical! I will return the favor of providing suggestions for improvement and critiques. PM me if you want to exchange personal statements.
  13. It is often said that it takes a village to raise a child, but the same is true in the case of providing quality patient care and rehabilitation. Although any one person is capable of providing exceptional care to a patient, I have seen patient outcomes to be drastically improved when the healthcare providers work cohesively as a team. From patient care technicians to nurses to physician assistants, each and every person that participates in a person’s medical care serves a vital role that is complemented by the others they are working alongside. This model of collaborative medicine is somethi
  14. Please feel free to remove any unnecessary parts since I am well over the 5000 character limit I arrived at the clinic on a hot, summer day and watched as dozens of people file in line to see the doctor. At the time, I was a volunteer for a medical mission, which aimed to set up free clinics in rural areas of Nicaragua. Seeing the mass of people, I immediately went to my assigned patient and took their medical history. As I interviewed each patient, I realized that many of these patients have waiting for months and even years to see a healthcare provider. In one particular case, a femal
  15. I have heard differing opinions and sides as to whether or not to talk about some bad grades throughout undergrad in your personal statement... Is this something you should definitely include? Or would focusing more on patient experiences/more impactful work that led you to the PA profession be more beneficial? Or should you figure out how to include a couple bad grades and good patient experiences all in one? Any and all advice much appreciated. Thank you.
  16. Hello everyone, I am in the process of submitting my CASPA application and would love if you guys can take a look and give me feedback as to ways of spicing it up a bit. I know that the personal statement is what differentiates us all. Thanks in advance. We all have dreams as children, some of which are we wish were achievable. Our loved ones help us achieve those dreams. I have always been passionate of my schooling and would immediately regret the unfortunate times I would have to miss a single day. At a young age I had fallen ill, due to a severe flu. My passion for school itself was
  17. During my Cytology school interviews, I was asked to describe my life, and how that chronicle would make me a good Cytotechnologist. I immediately began describing my family. I have two sisters, one older and one younger, the younger of whom has Down syndrome. Throughout my life, not only has my perception of my younger “handicapable” sister changed, but my ability to work with her has adapted progressively. In order to live with a person with Down syndrome, you have to have a process. Step one: understand who she is. Step two: understand why she is the way she is. Step three: understand how t
  18. Hi guys, I am working on my personal statement, and while many PA school admissions pages say they want competitive applicants I am writing something that may hinder my statement. I can't seem to deem this as inappropriate or appropriate. "The physician assistant profession relies on collaboration and teamwork. I by nature have never been competitive, I spent a lot of my college years helping and building up my classmates. I view my peers as a collectivist, wanting everyone to succeed. " Any feedback would be excellent! Thank you!
  19. Deciding to pursue a career as a physician assistant was the hardest decision of my life. This was a childhood dream I had given up long ago. Why would I, a mother of five with a full time job, think of starting such a long, arduous endeavor? After all, I had already been accepted to nursing school. That was a career I could achieve in much less time and my family would certainly benefit from the added income. While preparing for my entry to the nursing program I was already thinking about the next step; how long would I have to wait before I could become a nurse practitioner? I have always d
  20. Hey everyone, thanks for taking the time to review my essay.
  21. Hey you guys!! I have been working on my personal statement for some time now and I believe that this is a pretty good first draft. Unfortunately, I have had some trouble meeting the 5000 character limit that CASPA is requiring. I need to find some areas to cut it down, but if anyone can give me some feedback on what they think or some advice, I would greatly appreciate it! I felt like I was dying. As my stomach started to consume itself and my heart began to beat harder after each breath I took, I couldn’t get the words “help” out of my mouth as I began to feel faint. Getting diagnose
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