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  1. I have 3.26 GPA (Chemistry B.S.) and I work as a PCA and Teletech in the hospital. I have been working on my PS for a month and I am looking for any help. I am willing to trade also and would love to help out. Thank you and good luck to all who are applying this cycle!!
  2. I would be willing to exchange statements for editing/critiquing or would like to send mine to someone open to helping me!
  3. Hope someone can help me get my personal statement off of the ground! I have a gripping but very personal topic that I want to use for my personal statement when I apply this spring. Emotional/Verbal Abuse: I was emotionally/verbally abused by my boyfriend. We dated for 3 years, lived together, and even adopted a dog together. He drew me in until I was attached, I was then verbally/emotionally abused for the next two years. I was constantly told I was not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, or driven enough. One of the hardest things to hear from him was that I would never beco
  4. By the time I was 16, we had already fostered numerous children, many of whom were familiar with the chair of a doctor’s office; I often think of myself as a surrogate sister for the children that stay in our home, even long after they return to their parents. In the past few years, we have opened our home to many children in the system, including those who have specific physical and mental needs. While it is not easy for any student to acknowledge where their career aspirations came from, I can give credit the foster care system for my decision to become a Physician Assistant (PA). Althou
  5. Hi all, I wanted to get some opinions on a topic I was going to work into my personal statement. I was wondering if it would be good for my essay or if it would be better brought up during an interview. One of my concerns going into the PA profession would be how patients feel about being seen by a PA. Do they not feel as comfortable since they are not MDs? Do they not take a PA as serious or value their opinion? Also, how do supervising MDs view PAs? Do they think of them as colleagues or a health professional that is beneath them? I brought this up to a PA that I shadowed and he told
  6. Hi everyone, As I excitedly await to begin the PA program I will be attending this fall, I realized that I will have some spare time to help Pre-PA individuals with their personal statements. I hope to provide some insightful feedback. Forewarning: It may take me a while to get back to you all, but I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible. I will probably stop reading personal statements and giving feedback around July. I know how stressful it is to write a stellar PS. A PS is crucial in setting you apart from the many applicants out there competing for the select few spot
  7. Anyone I can PM with my personal statement for critique?
  8. I can remember waking up in the recovery room and seeing my parents waving at me with big smiles on their faces. After having heart surgery at the young age of seven, it was comforting to have this be the first sight out of the operating room. Throughout my post-surgical hospital admission I developed an interest in what was happening around me and since that time I have been eager to learn more about the human body. I can remember being excited to go to doctor appointments growing up, and on my last visit with my pediatrician as a senior in high school I told her that I was going to take her
  9. I would really appreciate some help with reviewing and improving my personal statement for PA schools. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. There are a few reasons to why I would like to pursue a career in the field of medicine. My motivations to develop a deeper understanding of medicine roots from my interest in microbiology and the persistence of life, and how in even the most destitute of times, life can find hope to persevere against odds to succeed. Despite having a degree in economics, my experiences with a wide spectrum of patients while working as a pharmacy technician has mad
  10. A few things I learned last application cycle that might help you with your applications… tl;dr: do these things/don’t do these things and maybe you will get the thing. ;-) I decided to create this post to help others that are out there applying to schools and waiting for potential interviews. These are my observations, but if others would like to offer their own insight then please feel free to add to the thread. Prost. Before Applying… Spend time perusing the programs’ websites. Make sure the schools you are applying to value individuals like yourself. Why waste more money throu
  11. This will be my second year applying, and I have completely changed my essay based on a significant life experience in this past year. The main theme I want to portray is the impact of a PA role model, the challenges and hardship of a personal injury and the positive impact that the PA career has on my life. The story was initially much longer, with more detail and explanation, but I feel this draft is stronger and more to the point of why I want to be a PA. I appreciate any comment or criticism that can be provided. I carefully propped myself up to the side of the hospital bed, using every
  12. I've been getting a fair amount of questions lately. Just to clarify: YES. I will help you with your personal statement. No need to ask! No I wasn't an english major, and nor have I been on an ad comm or anything (hopefully I will be one day in the future). I am simply a PA-S with UNTHSC class of 2018 (woot!), and I have no problem reaching out to PA hopefuls and future colleagues. Plus I'm a total nerd and don't mind doing this type of thing. Please note: I will give honest criticism. It may come across as harsh or brutal, but my intention is not to insult anyone. I will reply fairly
  13. This is a very rough draft. I would just like to know if I am on the right track. Any editing is greatly appreciated. Thanks! “One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth doing is what we do for others.”– Lewis Carol. I do not have a single, life changing moment that made me realize that I want to be a physician assistant. I do have many experiences that confirm the truth of Carol’s statement. Three of which are significant and led me to pursue a career as a physician assistant: Meeting Traci, the PA I met while observing an ACL reconstruction; Working with Ron, a pati
  14. Ok guys, I need some guidance and advice. I applied to about 15 schools this year, a bit late in the cycle (verified in August, but submitted from August-September). I definitely wasn’t prepared for how competitive the application process was, I had the bare minimum in terms of patient care experience and shadowing, and I had a really difficult time getting professors and managers to submit letters of recommendation on time. Needless to say, the best news I got was a “waitlist to interview” from two schools, and rejections from the rest. Here are my stats so you get a better idea: Undergr
  15. To help you write your own personal statements, I have decided to post my own essay as an example. It is not my best writing, but it got the job done. I was offered interviews at four competitive schools and was accepted at three (I turned down the other interview). My CASPA personal statement is reproduced in its entirety on my blog, linked below. Enjoy! http://pajourney.com/2015/03/13/my-caspa-personal-statement-as-an-example/
  16. I've transitioned to UC now after 5 years in the ED in search of more time to spend with family, so there's already a good deal of overlap and I've been to my share of EM CME conferences thus far. Curious as to what is out there that's UC-centric, however, and interested in opinions of others who have worked in UC longer than I have? I've looked some things up online, but primarily interested in opinions from fellow PAs. Open to any suggestions, but a couple I had seen and was interested in feedback on: Urgent Care Assoc. of America (is this organization worthwhile to join, are thei
  17. Sorry for the messed up title Although this announcement is primarily military based, it effectively penetrates the PA profession - via admissions, current and prior service corpsman pride and the history of the PA profession. It's announced today that The title Corpsman is no longer going to be used. The Navy in an attempt to modernize the rankings system, and presumably " maintain tradition", is doing away with rates. There is no more YN3 or HM2, just petty officer. Also, corpsman are now.......medical technicians. http://www.militaryspot.com/news/navy-announces-enlisted-r
  18. So upon review on my personal statement after submission I found a random question mark in the middle of a sentence that doesn't belong! This is despite proofreading several times before submission. Also the word document I wrote it on that I copied onto CASPA does not have the question mark. It almost looks like a formatting issue.. But it's so obvious! And it's in the beginning of the 2nd paragraph. I'm assuming I have lost all my chances in getting in this year because of this, which is extremely upsetting. I am going to mail revised versions to all the schools I applied to.. But
  19. My greatest struggle when I was growing up was being healthy. I resented being reminded to “make the right choices” regarding food and getting enough exercise. As I got older, this problem took a toll on my physical health as I grappled to return to healthy living after years of poor habits. In high school I participated in a few sports, however, I was prone to injuries due to my previous lack of physical activity and increasing weight. After a few months of physical therapy, I decided that it was a path worth pursuing for my future. I was fascinated by the body’s resilience after injury and
  20. Hello everyone, I'd really appreciate some feed back on my personal statement :) Main questions I have are: Is it flowing well? Am I too repetitive especially in the last two paragraphs? Is it applicant material? And just other general critique is much appreciated! Good luck to those applying! Amy huddled in the corner of the room, screaming and hitting her head repeatedly. Saliva spewed out the corners of her mouth as her eyes frantically danced about. Having briefly glanced at her history, I knew that she had been diagnosed with autism and severe mental disability as a toddler. I a
  21. Hi, My name is Carolina Daly and I'm new here. I am currently at a Community College and I plan on transferring to a 4-year University to get my Bachelor's degree. Then I want to apply for PA school. My question is, what are the best majors? As of now my major is Food Science, but I'm not sure if going through this tonight program will be worth it if I plan on going to PA school. Would nutrition and Dietetics be a better choice? That was my original plan. I am so confused and need to make a decision soon. Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  22. Thanks for any help you can give! Here is my statement. On a family ski trip, I came upon a severe accident. A skier had lost control and fallen from a cliff into a boulder field, landing off the main path. He was unconscious with irregular breathing, significant blood loss, visible open fractures and only me for help. Me, the guy who spent the last few years of school believing I wanted to be a journalist and who barely knew how to put a Band-Aid on. After several minutes of feeling helpless a friend of mine, who happened to be an EMT, arrived. With no equipment on hand I watched my frie
  23. I have two versions of my PS and are not sure if either is good or if one is better. Please give any advice that you think could help. Thank you. Version 1: I want to give back to my community. This was the thought I had in my mind when I decided to volunteer for my first health fair located in my community in Garden Grove, California. After hours of translating and escorting patients through each station, I was stopped by a woman, Patient X, that I assisted a couple of hours ago. After emphasizing her previous struggle of how hard it was to find healthcare professionals who were abl
  24. Life rarely ever goes as planned; one day the wind is blowing east, and the next blows west. I have spent the majority of my life trying to avoid the changes in the wind meant to guide us to what we are to be. With my planned out, step-by- step map I was ready to start my journey. Or so I thought. My college years were defined by my goal of becoming a doctor. I had a detailed timeline of what my life would look like and I was very resistant to any change. Toward the end of my college career, my life, already unrecognizable to me, was turned upside down. My dad attem
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