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Found 213 results

  1. Looking to sell study questions and guides I used to study for (and pass!) the PANCE. Email me if you're interested, I'll send you a list of what I have: nosoylentgreen@gmail.com
  2. jguth1977

    CME 4 Life

    Hello everyone!! I am considering the CME 4 Life PANRE review with ipad option. This review also includes 20 category 1 CME hours. Does anyone have experience with this review?? Any and all opinions would be great.
  3. I have 250 days left on my subscription to the Kaplan's PANCE review course and question database (over eleven hundred questions). Would love to share so you can save on the price. PM and we can work it out, thanks.
  4. Looking to give up my online access for the PANCE qbank and complete study course - one of the top study programs. I paid $499 and have over 250 days left, message me and we can discuss!
  5. I have 250 days left on my subscription to the top PANCE review course and question database (over eleven hundred questions). Would love to share so you can save on the price. Message me and we can work something out, thanks!
  6. I have an online Kaplan subscription that I no longer need. The online prep course I have is the PANCE High Yield Review, which includes access to the PANCE Qbank, the On-Demand high yield video lecture series, and course materials (course pack and PANCE survival guide). Access does not expire until June 1, 2015. I purchased the course for $400. Please send me a private message and make an offer if you are interested!! Or let me know if you have any questions.
  7. I have an online Kaplan subscription that I no longer need. The online prep course I have is the PANCE High Yield Review, which includes access to the PANCE Qbank, the On-Demand high yield video lecture series, and course materials (course pack and PANCE survival guide). Access does not expire until June 1, 2015. I purchased the course for $400. Please send me a private message and make an offer if you are interested!! Or let me know if you have any questions.
  8. Hi everyone, I recently took my boards and I am looking to get rid of Pance study material that I am currently hoarding. This includes... - Packrats - Study material from a board review class - A comprehensive review for the certification and recertifcation examination for PAs (4th edition) aka Zarbocks Message me if you are interested in picking these up or if you have any questions :)
  9. I have an online Kaplan subscription that I no longer need. The online prep course I have is the PANCE High Yield Review, which includes access to the PANCE Qbank, the On-Demand high yield video lecture series, and course materials (course pack and PANCE survival guide). Access does not expire until June 1, 2015. I purchased the course for $400. Please send me a private message and make an offer if you are interested!! Or let me know if you have any questions.
  10. Hey guys! I found a website on facebook called Memorang which is selling over 6,000 PANCE flashcards and from all the reviews and from what I've seen it looks really helpful. It has multiple choice, flashcards, matching games, fun motivational popups and is on web/android/iPhone. Im trying to get a group discount done at my school but we need a minimum of 15 people before everyone gets 50% off. We're almost there but need some help! Here's our 50% discount link And here is a link to their PANCE flashcards (you can try out over 1,000 of them for free). It's free to join our discount so please help us out! We only need a few more students!
  11. I'm looking for the PDF of "A Comprehensive Review for the Certification and Recertification Examinations for Physician Assistants" 4th edition. I've seen a couple people here in the forum mention that they have it, just would like to get in contact with those people. I purchased the book used, and don't have access to the online tool that comes with the new book. I'm coming up on taking the PANCE but will be traveling a lot also, so having the E-version of the book would be extremely helpful. Thanks in Advance! link to the book: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1605477265/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  12. If anyone wants to do a review of the high yield material especially internal medicine and sub-specialties , please message me. Its absolutely free. Well some people did not read the message properly. If i get a minimum number of students we can have aonce a week session via Skype / Google hangouts. There is nothing to email.
  13. Evidence Based Learning at www.PABoardReview.org I have spoken to a large number of student and practicing PAs who are preparing to take the PANCE or PANRE. I noticed those who have an aptitude for studying and scoring well on exams don't know necessarily how they do it. The most common response I hear is: "I just do". By the way I used to be in the, "Not so good at taking tests" category. I had a lot of anxiety in preparing for and taking exams because of my lack of skills. Taking examinations and scoring well is not an intelligence issue but a skill that can be mastered. I have invested an extensive amount of time in the evidence of studying for and scouring well on medical exams. I have written one of those critical skill below. Any feedback is welcome. Have you ever studied for a long period of time (Reading, video, audio). And while studying everything makes sense. You go to bed, wake up the next morning and you don't remember a fraction of what you studied. How does this happen? How do we correct for this wasted time? Dr. John W. Pelley a neurobiologist and professor at Texas Tech University medical school explains it this way. When we are reading new information. There is temporary phosphorylation at the neuron synapses. The signal (Phosphorylation) has a half-life for some time. If no active decision is made while studying (i.e active learning) the signal decays and no memory is made. The way to correct for this wasted time is by actively making decision while learning. Joe Gilboy gives details in his lectures, on how to best achieve this style of learning. One of the concepts Joe shares, is to take a disease and write down broad details of what you know about that condition. By doing this you are required to use both cognitive (memory, decision making) and motor function (Writing what you know in a liner fashion). Dr. Pelly explains it this way. The use of information to make a decision and action sustains the signal between the neuron synapses (phosphorylation) which leads to gene activation. Which leads to synthesis of new proteins and consolidation. The end result is memory. Don’t fall into the false sense of learning by merely covering vast amounts of information. Always use active learning techniques while studying. More on this in future posts.
  14. Hi! Just took my PANCE and I am selling three very useful resources. I have a CME Resources Binder. I am selling at a starting price of $300. The entire conference cost me $850 and about +$400 for traveling and expenses. There's highlighting, notes, etc. included in the binder, but all of it useful information. I made sure to highly emphasize what the speakers did during their presentations and added valuable tidbits and hints on the side of the slides that I found worth knowing. I also have a Certified Medical Educators book for $90. Book has some highlighting of useful topics for emphasis. Please private message me if interested! All payments will be received through PayPal. Thank you!
  15. Just found out i passed my pance this morning, so I wanted to sell all that helped me do so as I wont need this stuff for 10 more years! :) 1.) CME Resources Binder (5-day course) This course was $750 and very helpful. The binder has some highlightings and notes, but its new and has a bunch of useful information. Im selling it for $120 SOLD 2.) Kaplan Qbank (20 days remaining), i will give you my login upon purchase. Selling for $25 SOLD 3.) Kaplan Medical - Pance book (Edition 4) - $35 4.) Lange Q & A (Edition 6) - $40 SOLD 5.) PANCE PREP PEARLS (Edition 1) - $35 SOLD 6.) Physician Assistant Board Review - James Van Rhee (Edition 2) - $35 SOLD *These prices do not include shipping *All purchases are to be completed through pay pal. Thanks!
  16. I am planning to pick top schools (Duke, Weil, UC Davis, USC ... ). I also plan to apply to local schools in my area, which is in Florida (UF, Nova, Keiser). But I am not sure if I should consider this because of my spotty academic record (low gpa from 1st bachelors, withdrawing form a nursing school with good standing, and failing out of an ASN program). Is there any way to show adcom from these schools that I can be an equally competitive candidate than those with not so spotty academic records? I am planning to take between 3 to 4 years to build up a strong application. To address a spotty record I have been doing the following: After nursing I will: Start GRE early to get a near perfect score (this is possible. I have seen students with scores below 292 raised it to 336. Apparently this is possible with committment and dedication more than 3 months.) I will be preparing for PANCE early through CME, and baord exam questions Participate in CE's and CME's to become more aware of how to procedures, diagnostics, are done I will be reviewing ways to do patient interview, and patient intake After my first bachelors I plan to: Work with a private tutor to learn better study skills Get a second bachelors in the sciences, which also fulfull preprequisites for PA school There has been an upward trend in grades since nursing school. To gain better clinical experience I am Searching for a paid work as a PCT Right now I am working as a resident assistant, and planning to volunteer in a hospital.
  17. Joe was recently at Touro University in NV teaching a PANCE preparation course. One evening we conducted and recorded our first live question and answer webinar. The webinar was recorded and can be found at: http://www.paboardreview.org/categories/blog LIVE ONLINE with PA Board Review Many of the questions that are posed on this site were asked and answered. Joe gave some excellent insight. A few of the questions that were asked and answered are: 1. What should I do if I failed the PANCE? I went in with confidence, having studied a bunch. 2. Please walk me through a sample vignette question and how you would attack and answer the question. This is a sample criteria that was presented the NCCPA https://www.nccpa.net/PDFs/Nephrology%20Critiques.pdf 3. What questions would you study in order to prepare for the PANCE? 4. Do you think buying the NCCPA practice questions would be beneficial? If you are interested in attending our next live question and answer webinar in two weeks send me a message and I will get you an invite via gotomeeting. Wes
  18. http://www.paboardreview.org PANCE/PANRE My Names is Wesley Norwood, a certified Physician Assistant practicing Allergy and immunology in Utah. I had to re-certify this past year and was faced with the challenge of having to do so with a very busy schedule. I purchased an on-line course. I purchased practice questions. I bought a review book. I was putting in persistent time in studying for the PANRE but felt like I was retaining much of the information I had reviewed. I ended up calling Joe Gilboy an instructor who I met in 2008 when he was hired by Touro University Nevada to provide a three day PANCE course to our graduating class. He has been practicing Emergency Medicine for more then twenty years and teaching for over fifteen. Joe is old school and has been traveling to more than fifteen different schools throughout the country providing a PANCE/PANRE course. I partnered with Joe and made his lectures available online. PABoardReview.org Course will include: • A One Year Subscription to our services • Over 400 test questions • One hard copy of the latest PA Board Review Book* (US residents only). • Access to updated digital PDF copies of the PA Board Review Book • LIVE webinar's by Joe and guests reviewing concepts and material. • Updates to content as the changing landscape of the PANCE / PANRE evolves. Joe is backed by a team of IT and PA-C’s professionals who have two goals in mind; • First, to help you prepare for, and pass the PANRE/PANCE examination(s). • Second, to aid you in reaching your goals as a successful PA. http://www.paboardreview.org Watch the NEW Hepatitis - B Video ________________________________________ Joe Gilboy reviews Hepatitis B in this highly sought after segment of the PA Board Review Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our services: Marc Zabo 801-648-9848 Marc@PABoardReview.org Wes Norwood 435-669-4289 Wes@PABoardReview.org Joe Gilboy Joe@PABoardReview.org
  19. siddhartha

    Hippo PA

    I wanted to write a brief note describing my experience with the HippoPA review course. I just recertified (2nd recert) and was quite worried about it. I am a father of a 3-yr old daughter, with another one due imminently, and a lot depends on this exam. It's hard to get the time to study, as well as the desire, when you and your spouse both work full-time/on-call, and have so much on the plate. I decided to try HippoPA after trying their free sample on the site. It seemed like a decent review, and one that would also provide me with 50 CMEs at the end. There's simply no way I could get out to a review course, and I recently started another job, so I decided this might be a good route for me. I really, really enjoyed the course. It's fun, interesting, and most of the speakers (especially the two guys who run the site) are excellent. Some are on the drier side, but the information's there. Also-I liked how they had mini-tests of just 10 questions. I could fit those in after rounds, while waiting for a case, or when Peppa Pig is playing on the TV distracting my daughter for 5 minutes. It was really helpful, and by the end of a busy day I often found I'd done 50 or so questions. I think their test bank is around 1500 questions? Not sure, but there are a lot. I honestly found myself looking forward to the video segments, as it made it easy to learn the stuff I needed. Also, I got a better understanding of topics that I was not so familiar with. Stuff I don't deal with every day. So, it was much appreciated that they made it accessible. I also used the PanceMaster site, which I found useful. I took a bunch of their 60 question tests, and found them to be pretty good overall. Good practice for the actual test. Downsides to HippoPA? It's around 4-500$, which is expensive if your work doesn't reimburse you. Also, you need internet/computer access for the site (I think you can download a bunch of stuff to your device, but I found it easier to access it on an iPad, and take it with me to the library, etc.) I didn't feel that it went over pharmacology as well as I'd like-I did mention this to them for the future. That said, I really enjoyed it, and highly recommend it. I'd keep a subscription to it if the CME renewed every year, but it does not-the 2 main guys there have other sites that you can get CME with, and I plan to do that, too. However for PA-specific stuff, I really liked the HippoPA site. My score on the PANRE was good, especially considering I had a medical issue on exam day that made it much more of a struggle, but I think I was so well-prepared that I was able to absorb some errors in judgement on the test that day. Best of luck to those certifying/recerting!
  20. If you are in PA School, on rotations, or studying for the PANCE/PANRE and would like help studying or if you need helpful study material please contact me!
  21. Access to full Kaplan Qbank till February 2015. Please let me know if your are interested in purchasing from me. Great resource for studying, I used qbank and CME resources review and passed boards! Thank you
  22. I apologize if this has been posted recently. I'm trying to decide between doing the 3- and 5-day PANCE review courses in Chicago. I've heard from some that the 3-day is more for PANRE, not PANCE. For cost reasons I'd prefer the 3-day course, but I'm willing to consider the 5-day if it makes a big difference. Also, I've heard conflicting information about how long one should wait between taking the review course and the PANCE. Some say take it ASAP after the course and others (mostly faculty) say wait around 3-6 wks. Thank you for your help!
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