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Found 213 results

  1. Hi All - I took the PANCE this past Friday and I am now part of the hurry up and wait game. I know the NCCPA usually posts on Thursdays but I have looked every day since my exam nonetheless. The wait is killing me!!! Anyway just wondering, is there a score and a reference (i.e.: 450, passing = 350) or does it say PASSED? This is what I have now resorted to spending my time on :heheh: So Nervous! Fingers Crossed! Gotta get that "C"
  2. Just passed my PANRE :))) selling a lot of review material : Kaplan questions book (2011 version ..ISBN 978-1-4195-5052-5) 3 day conference CME resources binder with two tests and explanations : from January 2012 Stony brook PANRE/ PANCE review course binder : from 2011 Drexel university PANCE/PANRE review binder : from 2010 I have spent well over a thousand dollars on all this ... To me it was all worth it :) passed in the top ten percentile !! Make me an offer :))
  3. cbuscher


    Any chance anyone can send me some packrat tests? I'm seriously in desperate need...failed twice. cherylandchris71@hotmail.com. Thank you so much!
  4. For any students past or present from MDC, who were eligible to recieve financial aid...how much (total) could one expect to recieve if they qualified for full aid? It would definately help some of us aspiring PA's to get a ballpark on how much to save in addition to hopefully securing some government funds :) like I recieved aid for my medic in the amount of about 6500 since my program lasted 11 months which more than covered the cost. Call me worrisome but, I wanna make sure I have enough money to cover myself before I move from jax fl, to miami. thanks Johnson
  5. As I begin to think about taking the PANRE for the first time, I am curious to know what people think of the available review books. What are you using and what do you like the best? Thanks.
  6. Hi everyone! I took the PANCE in June and failed miserably even though I felt I had passed...after that I had a rough third trimester of pregnancy and now am home with a baby that wakes every two hours. I do not know how to study this time and pass. If anyone has ANY advice I would really appreciate it. Everyone keeps telling me I must take the Chicago course but I do not have a sitter and I cannot afford it. I have huge loans that I need to start paying soon...I'm desperate! I appreciate any help! Julia
  7. We have a 86 yo demented female with probable urosepsis, Na 165, lactate 1, ph 7.20, bicarb 11 down from 16 yesterday. Blood gasses WNL. Bicarb drip is my first thought but at what rate and do I take any special precautions for the Na? Thanks
  8. I failed my first shot at the PANRE last week. I have 3 months before I take it again and reading this forum, it seems like the DataChem CD has helped a lot of people. I am just looking for someone who doesn't need it anymore and looking to make some money from it. Please email me if you have it available and a fair price for it. thanks ... mnagle02@yahoo.com
  9. i have heard quite a lot of magic results on PANCE from those who have studies with Datachem or AAPA books. But i have no idea where to obtain these materials/ books. A USBN or a link to the purchase or download would be highly appreciated!
  10. Hey, I was wondering if anyone used Kaplan questions to study, and if you did, what percent right were you getting before passing the PANCE exam. Kaplan recommends getting at least 70%.
  11. I have used Kaplan Qbank for taking the PANCE and it was great. I recently heard about Exam Masters and wanted to see if anyone has any opinions. Exam Masters is cheaper. But that's all I know. Thanks!
  12. Has anyone used the Kaplan Live Online PANCE for studying? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  13. So I took the PANCE on Monday 8/30. My score should be available tomorrow. I'm anxious about it and I was hoping I could get a little feedback/support. When I finished the test, I didn't feel good about it, and I didn't feel bad about it. Looking back, I feel there's no way I failed it, but I'm still freaking out. Does everyone else feel like this? I know there's nothing to worry about; I did very well in school. I feel like my program prepared us. I used ExamMaster, the new AAPA/PAEA book and Lange yellow book. Our program also had a week of board reviews (taught by us) just before graduation (8/21). I've heard everyone feels this way! Is that true?
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