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Found 31 results

  1. First off I wish to express my gratitude and sheer excitement to become part of the PA family! Although school hasn't started I have found myself running around to complete pre-orientation requirements (physical, immunizations, transcripts, etc.). I have also spent copious hours reading almost all posts made within this forum, and discovered some pertinent information to help guide me through this new journey. Babbling aside, I want some input from PA students and practicing PA's in regards to my personal situation. There has been much dialogue about Healthcare experience and how quality experience is essential for not only program success, but also job acquisition upon graduation. I am curious as to how well my personal healthcare experience has equipped me for my future endeavor. I am 24 years old and graduated with a double bachelors in Microbial Cell Science and Food science Human Nutrition, GPA- 3.89 SGPA 3.91 GRE Verbal 158 Quantitative 167 . Throughout my 4 years of High School (yes high school) and subsequent winter and summer breaks throughout undergrad I worked within a Primary Physicians office. At first filing was the extent of my duties, but after that first year of work my responsibilities graduated to basic MA tasks: PT history, Vital signs, and EKG testing. Whilst working in the Dr's office I also gained knowledge of Lab testing, imaging results, and health insurance billing. Furthermore, throughout undergrad I volunteered in the ER for 2 years biweekly, I shadowed a pediatric orthopedic surgeon along with interoffice PAs, and taught a medical careers class which had a section devoted to the PA profession. Aside from the MA work I did within the DR's office, I have no other DIRECT PT contact experience. I would like to know how detrimental this will be to my studies and future job search. After reading a few blogs describing how it's a shame programs accept applicants with low-quality experience and how it'll reek havoc on my future, I found my excitement has been replaced with fear. I never questioned my PT care experience nor doubted my future clinical abilities until now. I guess the few forum naysayers really have me slumming :(... Maybe i just need some words of encouragement. P.S. This forum has been a blessing, providing a surplus of quality information, I am gracious to all members making posts to help guide the current and future generations of physician assistants :).
  2. No monospot test either at one of the FP/UC places I work at (per MD's preference). I am just wondering I should be pushing to get the rapid strep test (and monospot) at the clinic, cause I find myself Rx'ing more antibiotics for pharyngitis. I know that rheumatic fever is pretty rare in the US, but I don't know know if it's because we are over-Rxing antibiotics or another reason. What does this mean in terms of liability? Does this mean I can rely on the CENTOR criteria without any need for any sort of assay?
  3. Hello, I'm a second year college student and I'm very interested in learning more about the Physician Assistant field. I would like to speak with students who have already been accepted to get an idea of how the PA student lifestyle is, as well as advice for a Pre-PA student. As for shadowing, I would like to shadow someone, in any speciality, for however many hours/days as possible. If you're in the Raleigh/Durham/Cary, NC area, contact me and I'll greatly appreciate it! Thank you, Yasmin A.
  4. I have been offered a full time job with 100% paid PA program tuition by my former employer, a large healthcare system where I worked for 17 years. Our family relocated 4 years ago to a different state. If I were to take this wonderful opportunity, I would need to drive 3 hours one way on Sunday evenings, stay for the week, and drive 3 hours home on Friday evenings. We have children ages 8 and 10, and it would be a difficult thing as a family to decide if they should come with me, stay here with their dad, and of course, the ultimate question, is it really worth the sacrifice to break the family apart - at what cost does career come before, or after, family. In the western part of the state I live in, North Dakota, there is a huge population boom due to the wonderful oil jobs. Five small towns, two of them with hospitals and three of them with clinics, cannot keep up with the demand of services for healthcare. They are desparate for nurses, techs and at present, they are desparately recruiting for family practice physicians. I have proposed to them, hiring PAs, like myself, with a similar deal-they pay my PA program tuition. The incentive for me going to Western ND, as opposed to my former employer's offer, is that there are daily flights to these tiny towns from the city I live in. In the proposal, I included the need to fly me in and out on a daily basis so I can be home with my family in the evening. I suggested they consider doing this for several of their open positions (nurses, techs, etc.) Do any of you reading this have other ideas or things you would suggest I consider if I am given the opportunity to further negotiate? Thank you.
  5. Hi everyone, I have some questions that i would like to ask because I want to make an informed decision of what school to transfer to as undergrad. The thing is that Have been admitted to both Mercy college health science to Physician assistant program, and to Seton hall biology to MSPA. Due to my academic excellence, I was also admitted to mercy honor school. But, I live in NJ: 7 miles to Seton Hall, approx 16 miles to Mercy but if i choose Mercy it is not gonna matter cause I'm gonna take the train which is about 40 min travel time. If I go to Seton hall it means to having to take more loans compare to Mercy. To make it clear, I don't not care about school rank. If I choose Seton Hall, I will know after a semester in the school if they gonna take me in the PA program based upon my academic excellence during that semester, which is not a problem for me. If I choose Mercy, it seems that I have to keep a 3.2 GPA and having 500 hours of health care experience. Probably, I won't know If I'm going to get admitted into the PA until I graduate, and being reviewed by a comity...correct me if I'm wrong here. My question: has anyone of you went from undergrad from Mercy to the PA in Mercy or know someone who been there that can shed some light on how it is done for students who did their undergrad from Mercy in Health science to PA? Thank you for reading all of this and for your answers.:;-):
  6. I am looking to shadow a PA in the Philadelphia/Bucks County area and am willing to travel. I will take this opportunity very seriously and am willing to shadow in any shift. Please reply to the thread or privately. Thank you in advance for you willingness to help:=D:
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