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  1. I will be applying to PA school for the second time this upcoming April. I feel I need to prepare better for interviews and ready to answer the question why do you want to be a PA, not NP, or MD/DO? I have been researching the difference between NP and PA and there doesn't seem to be a HUGE difference so I want to make sure I'm understanding it correctly. From what I have gathered here are the differences: Nurse Practitioners can work independently of a Physician while a PA must work in conjunction with a Physician. PAs education is based more off of the medical model, and f
  2. Greetings, I am currently a Speech Therapist and have been practicing for a short bit and was curious about the pre reqs. I have the A&P component met with a decent grade. I would take Pharma sometime before applying. I have taken a few undergrad science courses, along with a few major related science courses during my graduate studies and my GPA is pretty good, but I was wondering what it really takes to get accepted? Any and all comments are appreciated. I feel I have demonstrated I am capable of handling upper level classes, even though my transcripts are not loaded wi
  3. I didn't get into my school of choice this cycle. I plan on broadening my search for a future PA school this cycle and would love a critique of my personal statement! One change I have considered is to address my weaknesses as an applicant, or at least what I percieve them to be. My GPA is 3.3 and I am considering discussing that as I "re-vamp" my personal statemet. Any feedback will greatly be appreciated! Thanks in advance! 2012 PS: While I have long maintained a desire to help people in need and learn about medicine, my path to the PA field has admittedly not been a direct
  4. Hello Everyone! I am starting this thread to keep in touch with those who have been placed on the waitlist. I LOVED this school when I interviewed there. It would be great to know where everyone stands on the list (if you know) and if there is any movement on it. This could help us in our future planning and more importantly, offer some hope that we may still have a chance for this cycle. If you see this and it applies to you, lets keep in touch please! Thanks!!
  5. Are there any LeMoyne students or graduates of the PA program that would like to share their experiences about the program?
  6. Does anyone have any input on NYIT's PA program (likes, dislikes, concers, pros or cons)? I am considering going there, and would love some feedback! Thanks guys and gals!:=D:
  7. Hi, I am applying to PA programs for the 2012 cycle, and I am having a difficult time finding shadowing opportunities due to HIPPA and insurance related issues at various doctor's offices and hospitals. Are there any PAs that would be willing to let me shadow them? I am a strong applicant (3.9 GPA, have a Masters Degree) but my application is lacking in this area. I would greatly appreciate some help! Thank you, Merry
  8. My name is Jami Treutlein and I am currently looking to shadow a Physician Assistant to prepare for admission to PA school. I currently work as a Medical Assistant for a pediatric group in Woodbury, NY. Any practicing PAs willing to let me shadow them a few hours a week please contact me at jamirtreutlein@gmail.com or by replying here. Also, if anyone knows a PA in the Long Island area that I can contact please let me know. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  9. Is anyone experienced in dermatology in the New York area? If so. Please get in touch with me.
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