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  1. So i went to this ortho job interview IN maryland and got the job offer. The interview environment was kind of fast paced, pressuring (a doc, office manager and Hr personnel interviewing me at the same time) and i was rushed to make a decision on how much i want for the ortho position. The doc was interested in me. he asked me how much i make now, i told him and he asked me how much i would like to make and i gave him a range but he wanted exact number so i said 95k which is 10k less than what i make now. i have two years experience all of it non ortho. 95k could be a fair salary but i h
  2. I've got an offer that includes relocation assistance in the form of movers and shipment of a car. For a few reasons, neither of these is helpful to me, but the move will be really difficult financially speaking. This is an organization with 900 or so providers, and the benefits (otherwise) are *amazing*. When I asked for a lump sum, I got "No, we never do that. I guess we could pay for a U-haul..." Am I missing something or am I right to want to fight for what I need here? If the latter, what do I say to make it happen?
  3. Hi all, I am a newly graduated PA awaiting to take my PANCE and receive my license, etc. I recently (today) interviewed for a position with Carenow, an urgent care franchise in the DFW area in Texas, and was hoping to get some input/feedback on whether or not it is worth considering/accepting. They will be scheduling for my second interview soon but here is the gist of what's been offered/discussed so far... Base offer: 40.89/hr (~85000/yr on a 40 hr work wk) Full time is considered 35hr/wk with the assumption that we'll most likely be working over that amount most of the time. Incent
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