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  1. I took Gen Chemistry three times. I took it twice at once college (got a D in lecture, A- in lab and the retake at the same college was C+) I then took Gen Chem 1 and 2 at a community college because I was not allowed to take Gen Chemistry 2 without taking the first and got an A in both Gen Chem 1 and 2 (not a separate lab). Schools say the minimum grade is a C in all pre-reqs. Can I still apply to these programs? Do they consider all 3 grades to make that minimum C in the pre-req? Thank you in advance for the help.
  2. AspiringPA21


    Hello all, Just wondering how much my overall non-science GPA would affect my chances of getting in? I just had my application verified and my stats are: Cum Undergrad: 3.10 Overall Science: 3.24 Cum undergrad non-science: 2.93 :(
  3. Hey guys I just wanted to get an overall opinion on what chances I have for admissions considering W's I have from 3 years ago. Stats: BA in Child Development cGPA:3.77 sGPA: 3.61 PCE as CNA: 2500 hrs Now, the W's I have 4. 2 of them are in prerequisites. One being anatomy and the other chem 101. I retook anatomy for an A and actually also became a tutor for a few semesters. Retook 101 got a B. Other sciences which are just the prerequisites for most programs were A's (chem 102, bio 1&2, micro, med term, pharm,) and a B in physio & ochem 1 I enrolled myself in advanced A&P this fall to freshen up and hopefully show adcom I can handle upper division science since I only took the basics with my major. Would the W's completely ruin my Chances? The other 2 W's are in GE's I don't need that I foolishly took first semester of college. Thank you in advance Edit: also took "other sciences" under CASPA, like another bio, ocean, kin, and a hsci. All either A's or A-
  4. Hi guys! I'm hoping someone can give me some insight or personal advice for my current situation. So basically, I took Ochem in the spring of 2017 but failed it with a D because I was going through a tough time and a lot of stress. My mother passed away a month after spring semester started and during midterm week. Chem is already a tough subject for me because I'm more of a biology person (hence why Im majoring in BIO), but because of my situation I was having a really tough time concentrating in school. And to make it worse, my ochem teacher was a total ass and wasn't lenient of my situation so I ended up taking my midterm 6 hours after I landed home from the airport. (mom funeral was in cali) However, I was in a bad situation mentally and started to go downhill in ochem. It affected my gpa badly, so i ended up retaking the class this summer and got stuck with the same asshole teacher since she was the only one teaching this course. I've worked really hard in this class, while balancing my other classes and Hospital work, however, I still might get out of this class with a C. Which isnt great, but it's still passing. So my question is, how bad will this look on my transcript? I'm doing well in my upper bio classes, but it's only ochem that's really the struggle for me. I know that when you retake a class, you have to aim and make like an A in it to show that you understand the material, which I clearly didnt do. How badly will this affect my chances when applying to PA school? I am aiming to have an upward trend from here till I graduate and hoping to Ace all of my upper level major classes. And I think i can graduate with a cumulative and science gpa of 3.4. I am also currently an ED scribe, trying build up patient care hours. I also have hospital volunteer hours since middle school, and I'm positive I can get some great recommendation letters from the physicians and PA im working with. The only thing that really worries me is my GPA, and that one D I have. It would be amazing if I can get some advice or feedback regarding this. Thank you in advance!
  5. I am currently going into my junior year of undergrad, going for my BS in Chemistry-ACS Certified with a concentration in Biochemistry. My current cGPA is 3.2 and my sGPA is a 3.1. I am obviously hoping to get my GPA up before undergrad is completed. This fall I will be going to get my EMT certification. I plan on working full time during the summer with 12-hr shifts on the weekends during the school year. I was thinking of taking a year off after undergrad to accumulate more hours to stand out more due to a low GPA. My question is how much does PA schools value volunteer hours? My twin brother is Safety Management Major who would be a way better PA school applicant than me 3.9 GPA and 750+ hrs as an EMT before junior year of undergrad. He is also a volunteer firefighter and has certifications in HAZMAT and Firefighter I. He found a live in program by our school that pays for his room and board for 24 hrs a week volunteer to the department, 2 shifts as a firefighter, 1 as an EMT. If I would become a volunteer firefighter, get my certifications, and do the live in program my senior year, how well would that stand out in the application?
  6. Hello, I am finishing my undergrad and will be graduating with a Bachelor's in Health Science from Ohio in December. I want to apply for the cycle starting in April 2018. I have not taken the GRE yet My overall gpa is 3.4 and my science is 3.33 I'll have ~ 1500 hours PCE in April as a Medical Assistant/Phlebotomist I have 30 hours of PA shadowing and about 50 MD shadowing I'll have ~500 hours volunteering I plan to have good letters of rec and personal statement I have been researching schools that fit my profile but would love advice as this is all a bit overwhelming! Thank you!!
  7. Hi! I am a Junior this semester and am currently sitting at a 3.3 GPA overall and my science GPA is a 2.7. I realize this isn't great and when meeting with my academic adviser, she basically made me feel like with two C's on my science transcript that I was stupid and should give up. I have been having a hard time bringing myself up and believing I can do it. PA school-wise, I have recently received my CNA and have shadowed ~40 hours and have 325 hours volunteering. I want to believe I have a chance, but am wondering if it is worth re-taking these courses and starting a year behind. ~Also, I have been considering taking courses through a local community college to save money, but my adviser told me it looks bad on applications if I am taking an upper level course at a community college rather the university. What are you opinions on this? Thank you so much.
  8. I am currently about to finish my undergraduate degree (B.S. General Biology). I have 16 more units left and then Im done. I have a 2.969 cGPA and 3.02 sGPA. I recently decided that I want to become a PA and I am realizing that I will need to retake courses to increase my GPA sadly my 0.03 points if I am lucky. I have a lot of research experience, 1 publication pending (second author) and 1 I am currently in the process of writing (1st author). I am 23 years old and have over 5,000 hours of research experience (medical chemistry and regenerative medicine). Sadly, I know that this probably does not account for much when applying to PA school. I still need to work on my healthcare experience and in the mean time I know that I should probably work on the grades 1st. So normally when you retake courses in your undergrad, the letter grade is replaced therefore helping your GPA. However I have been told that once you graduate and decide to retake courses, the letter grade is not replaced and instead added onto your GPA. Is this true? Please help, I really want to get into a PA program and I want to know the truth about my situation.
  9. My cumulative undergraduate GPA is 3.2 and my sGPA is 3.1. This isn't due to any D's or C's, but a whole lot of B's. I want to apply this year for PA schools and I'm trying to decide where would be smart for me to apply to. I currently live in Florida, and would prefer to stay in the area. They key word being prefer. I'll go anywhere that will accept me!!! I've got roughly 1,500 direct patient care hours as a ophthalmic technician, and 1,500 hours as a medical scribe. I'm looking for schools that usually accept students around my GPA. Right now I'm applying to FSU, Barry, and South University. I know out of those Barry's student average GPA is a 3.4. Again, it doesn't have to be in Florida! I just need some advice on somewhere where I might be a tad more competitive.
  10. Hi! I am a soon-to-be grad and I just received an ED offer. I'd like to hear your thoughts. $65/hour base pay (128h/month min) with RVU additionally up to $20/hour. 1.5x base on holidays. 401k with 5% match. Partial health insurance coverage. 1500 CME Malpractice claims made with tail NO PTO (coming to terms that most don't offer this in EDs) The benefits leave a lot to be desired but the hourly seems decent for a new grad. What do you think? Thank you!
  11. I'm planning on applying to a few PA programs this coming cycle and would like some advice pertaining to my stats. I have a 3.88 overall GPA, not certain what my science GPA is but it should be close to 3.8 since my undergrad was mostly science courses. I will also have 2 years fulltime HCE by the time of matriculation, if I get in this cycle. My GRE was 161 verbal(88%), 160 quantitative (76%), and unfortunately only 3.5 (42%) analytical writing. I know Midwestern's website says GRE is expected to be at or above 50th percentile for all sections. Does anyone know if they use 50% as a hard screen or if this score would be close enough if the rest of my application is strong? I'd rather not have to retake the exam, since I'm working two jobs right now but will if it's precluding me from the programs I'm interested in. Thanks!
  12. Hello all I know this topic has been talked about a lot but I want to see first hand if anyone has been accepted to PA school with a low(er) GPA. Is it extremely rare for the admissions to consider GPA's under 3.0 regardless of what their minimum GPA requirement is? My GPA is at a 2.9 overall and 3.0 science which I calculated CASPA GPA would make it a 2.81 overall due to not recognizing grade forgiveness. However, in my last year and a half of undergrad, I had gotten a 3.3-3.8 GPA each quarter and have a strong upward trend in my GPA esp. in upper level science courses. Since graduating this past fall quarter, I plan on taking a gap year or two before applying to obtain more HCE through my CCE program and might pick up CNA and/or medical scribe, if time permits. I was also on the fence about retaking science courses which I got a C/C- and possibly additional classes at a community college to improve my GPA. But since I graduated with a total of ~220 units, it would likely take a year or more full time to reach above a 3.0 even if I managed all A's (and even then so, I've looked into schools and their statistical average GPAs are ~3.4 which is still far off from 3.0) Any advice on what would be the best outcome for me? Should I just scrap the PA and look into something else? Should I spend time retaking classes at a CC to improve my GPA or should I just keep my current GPA and work full time for more direct HCE hours? I do still want to enter the PA field but I don't want to waste time if my chances are extremely unlikely. Thanks!
  13. Hello all, Thank you for providing a medium for where prospective PA students can discuss concerns for their journey. I'm 33 years old I've been in finances for a while and due to some personal conflicts, I've decided to change careers to being a PA. When I was younger I was already working in real estates so graduating with a high GPA was not on the top of my priority. Now after 2 years of taking pre-reqs I have built my overall gpa back up to a 3.0 with a science GPA of 3.7. I have approximately 600 hours of HCE as EMT and about 200 from shadowing a PA and my GRE is 303. I know this is the age long question but what are my chances of being accepted into a PA program? I'm looking to apply to Touro manhattan and bayshore. Does anyone have any schools they can recommend that might give me a better chance at getting acceptance? I've put my entire life on hold to even come this far.... I'd appreciate any guidance that the community has to offer. Thank you in advance
  14. Hi- I am looking to apply to PA school this upcoming cycle (beginning in April). I just want to see if it is worth it at all to apply this cycle or to if it would be better to wait until I have a stronger application. I'm looking to apply at grand valley state, Eastern Michigan, university of detroit, University of Dayton, (maybe) Northwestern University, midwestern university, and University of colorado- Denver or Boulder, so if anyone has any experience applying to those schools that would be extra helpful! I am most concerned about health care hours and GPA. My credentials: - Neuroscience major at U of Michigan- Ann Arbor, will graduate 2018 (current junior) - About 600 hours ED Scribe (will continue to accumulate hours)- Scribe for MDs and PAs - Volunteer with spinal rehab program at U of M (feeding and lifting patients) - about 20 but will continue to accumulate - One summer pharmacy research in Detroit - One school year public health research at U of M - Pre PA club at U of M - Lifeguard/ swim coach/ special olympics coach (not healthcare but I would like to work in pediatrics) -Young Life ( high school / college ministry) leader - Shadowing hours: ICU PA, OB/GYN office, trauma surgeon, hospital pharmacy ( about 50 total, not all PA) Current Science GPA: 3.05 (I know its low) Overall GPA: 3.3 Most recent semester GPA: 3.5 Grades: Intro bio/ lab: B/B-/B (10 credits total) Gen Chem: AP credit Intro Psych: AP credit Orgo 1: A (lab)/B (class) Orgo 2: B (lab)/ C+ (class) (considering retaking) Biochem: B+ Intro to Microbio: A Microbio (w/lab): A- Statistics: B Physics 100 level: A (class)/ B+ (lab) Developmental Psych: A Anatomy: currently taking - will be complete by the time I apply Genetics: Currently taking - will be complete by the time I apply Mammal physiology : B- (class)/A- (lab) Other health- care related classes: Bioethics: currently taking Public health: A- Calculus: C (killed my GPA - can we pretend this didn't happen) cognitive psych: B+ biopsych: A psychopharmacology: (drugs of abuse): currently taking- Will take in the fall: - HUMAN physiology - Nutrition - Medical terminology - Physics 2 Will take before graduating: - upper level molecular biology - upper level neuroscience lab
  15. So while the jury is still out for this application cycle, I was denied an interview at my preferred school and I will need to register for spring classes very soon if I'm going to work on improving my GPA to attempt the next cycle. I have been working as an RN for over 4 years, a majority of my pre-reqs are from prior to nursing school (so next cycle, some may need to be retaken just because they're too old) and I've got a couple C's in my older sciences. Most recent sciences have been almost all A's (including O-chem) so I think I've demonstrated much improved study habits. All in all I feel pretty certain on what I need to do to make myself a better candidate and improve my chances, mainly improve GPA, cast a wider net and stay well ahead of my deadlines. I also plan to take the GRE which will greatly expand my options. My question is, would it be more beneficial for me to, for example, retake my Chem 1 with a grade of C a long time ago or take a more advanced science like O-chem II? I'll only have spring and summer next year to take classes before I reapply so I want to make the most of that time. Also, first time using this forum which would have likely helped me during this cycle but hoping to get it right this time. ;)
  16. Looking for any insight into my situation: I applied to 10+ PA programs this cycle, interviewed at 3, have been accepted to 1, and have not heard from about 4 other schools at all yet. The program I was accepted to just got put on probation overall GPA: 3.45 Science GPA 3.3 pre-req GPA : close to 4.0 Have about 1600 and counting hours as ED scribe Have about 75 hours shadowing PAs 2,000+ hours working/volunteering at a summer camp for kids with life threatening illnesses Plus another couple hundred of volunteer hours in other places - mission trips, etc. GRE very average around 302 ***Feeling like waiting to see how these other schools pan out is a better options than jumping on the 1 acceptance b/c of the probation issue. I feel like If I re-applied I would be accepted once I get more HCE etc. since I have been getting interviews, just worried that my GPA may be dragging me down and I don't want to not get in the second go around when I was accepted the first go around and passed up the opportunity? Also not looking to retaking the GRE/more classes, just want to strengthen my app in other ways Any advice/ insight greatly appreciated?
  17. Looking for any insight into my situation: I applied to 10+ PA programs this cycle, interviewed at 3, have been accepted to 1, and have not heard from about 4 other schools at all yet. The program I was accepted to just got put on probation overall GPA: 3.45 Science GPA 3.3 pre-req GPA : close to 4.0 Have about 1600 and counting hours as ED scribe Have about 75 hours shadowing PAs 2,000+ hours working/volunteering at a summer camp for kids with life threatening illnesses Plus another couple hundred of volunteer hours in other places - mission trips, etc. GRE very average around 302 ***Feeling like waiting to see how these other schools pan out is a better options than jumping on the 1 acceptance b/c of the probation issue. I feel like If I re-applied I would be accepted once I get more HCE etc. since I have been getting interviews, just worried that my GPA may be dragging me down and I don't want to not get in the second go around when I was accepted the first go around and passed up the opportunity? Also not looking to retaking the GRE/more classes, just want to strengthen my app in other ways Any advice/ insight greatly appreciated?
  18. I need some advise on what to do with my time for the next 5 months. I applied to PA schools during the 2016-2017 cycle and received multiple rejections and one interview. I am still waiting on hearing from about 9 schools but I don't want to sit idly in case I do not get an acceptance. I want to start preparing for the next application cycle. I applied with the following stats: overall: 3.54 science: 3.28 BCP: 2.98 GRE: Verbal: 159, Quantitative: 152, Verbal: 4.5 HCE: 1400 hours through scribing I have since gained another 300-400 hours of experience by scribing and have recently started a medical assistant job (with which I will have 6 months experience prior to reapplying in 2017). I had not finished a course in Genetics prior to applying to these schools and received an A- in the lecture (3 credits) and a B in the lab (1 credit). I'm not sure if my GPA will improve with these two classes but I wanted to take another class to increase my GPA and increase my overall application. Unfortunately, my local school does not offer Biochemistry in the Spring semester. I had received two C's in my undergraduate classes (Biology and Microbiology). I was thinking of retaking one or two of the classes in the spring 2017 semester as they offer it locally. Do you think this is unnecessary as the new grades will be averaged with the old ones and even if I receive an A, I will be averaged out to a B? Or should I try an online Biochemistry class even though some schools do not recommend online core science classes? Should I try and take another science class that PA schools recommend like Orgo 2 or Abnormal Psychology? What do you recommend I should do so I can improve myself for next cycle? I would really appreciate any advise!!
  19. Hello need advice currently a junior in college recently transferred to a different school and changing majors. My main focus is my GPA in order to get into PA school my first try. My GPA isn't too great right now thats the reason why I'm mainly focused not that. Currently my GPA is a 3.0. My major was biology and i stuck in between changing my major to B.S in public health or either BSN. Currently I would have to wait to get accepted into the entry level BSN program at UTA which is only 15 months online which is why I'm considering this option and that I can have a job once i graduate if i don't get accepted my try for PA school. Another reason I pick B.S in public health is because I can easily get a higher GPA with that degree. Just need advice on which route I should take...??? And I currently have 500 HCE doing Patient Care Tech/ Medical Assistant work & 20 hours shadowing a PA.
  20. I'm considering applying for Master's programs before reapplying to PA school next year. I have applied to PA schools twice, the first year with only 1 interview and then waitlisted, the second year 3 interviews all of which I was waitlisted. It is starting to become clear to me that my gpa is what is lacking while my healthcare experience is my strong point. Ideally I would love to continue working while enrolled in a Master's program, but the only realistic way of doing that is completing one online. Does anyone have any suggestions for online programs? One's that have ultimately lead to more acceptances? I am also considering in person programs as well. I fear the possibility of having to relocate with on campus programs and having to refrain from working during that time though. But I am open to any suggestions! On a side note, I am also considering taking additional pre req courses that I have not taken (genetics, organic 2, biochem, abnormal). Ideally I would like to take these in person as well but it was impossible to register during the regular fall or spring for courses at my only 4 year university close to home as a non degree student...I was only able to get into 1 summer course so far. Are taking courses at community colleges looked at the same in this case? I've taken courses through UNE online and I didn't do as well with the online format as I had wished I would.
  21. I just heard about this from faculty here at Case. Does anyone have any information?
  22. Hey guys, I'm new to this forum so hopefully I'm posting in the right place...I had a few questions that I would really like some insight on. I'm currently working on my undergrad and will be 22 years old this year. I spent 4 years at a community college and didn't do that well for multiple reasons: joined the Army Reserves and left multiple times for trainings, wasn't entirely focused.. etc. Consequently, my first few semesters consisted of a lot of D's and F's. About halfway through my time there I took an EMT class. I became an EMT shortly after that and absolutely loved it (and still do). From that point on I revived mainly A's, a few B's and one C for the next 4 semesters which was about 65ish credits. These consisted of several science courses. Total at this school I would say was somewhere around 110 credits. I finished this school with a 3.29 GPA according to my transcript, however when I calculated it it was 3.10 . Anyways, in the beginning it was around 1.2, so I worked extremely hard to pull it up. Around my last few semesters here I really tossed around the idea of going into medicine. I had always wanted to be a doctor since I was young, so I took about a year to narrow in on one specific career. Alas, the idea of becoming a PA was born lol. Medicine is my passion and making it a career was a no brainer. Anyways, I started at a university in Fall of 2015 to obtain my bachelor degree. As a result of the past, I thoroughly understand the need for a strong GPA. In my first semester I did ok, 3 A's but unfortunately a C and a D, both in science classes. Reasoning for this: I had just moved across the US right as the semester begin, and then moved two more times within the state during this semester. I also have a chronic illness that is well managed now, however, I found out that I was severely deficient (levels around 100) in vitamin B12 (unknown until about Dec 2015...) which robbed me of much of my energy. Not placing any blame, but just trying to explain why I received the grades I did since it is uncharacteristic. GPA for this semester was 2.67. Half way through my second semester here and I am receiving all A's in my 6 science classes. I am doing a Biomed degree, so the coursework is rough. But on the bright side I have a lot of science classes left to help pull my GPA up. So I calculated my cumulative GPA from the community college plus my GPA for my first two semesters at the university, and it is about 3.1. My projected GPA for graduation is 3.25.. that is close to the highest I could even get it by receiving mostly A's with accounting for the occasional B, possibly 3.3 or 3.4 if everything is an A, but with about 70 more science heavy courses, that's it's a stretch. A little about myself... I have been an EMT for two years and in the Army Reserves for 4.5. I am in good standing with both of those jobs. I took an international medical volunteer trip (would prefer not to name countries for confidentiality) in January 2016, will be taking another in May of 2016 and another in January 2017. I enjoy these trips so much, and I plan to make them a part of the rest of my life. As in, I am not doing these just to help my application, I LOVE helping these people, and with or without PA school, I would be doing them. I have also shadowed a few times but am planning on doing more. So... hopefully that's enough info. Any input would be great. I would love honest opinions on how you feel this will effect my application to PA school, if you were reviewing my application. I have spoken to a few advisors, as well as a PA who sits on the application board, and they all feel I'm a very good fit for the profession. However, I'm just not sure how I look on paper. I plan on applying to PA school in May of 2017, and will take my GRE this year. Any suggestions, comments, questions are welcome. :)
  23. Hi everybody, I have a few issues regarding my GPA and lack of HCE. First, I am 31 years old now and deciding that I want to finally pursue a medicine degree in the form of a physician assistant. My first run at college out of high school back in 2003 was less than stellar. I was young and very undecided in exactly what I wanted to do, although I have always loved medicine. So that being said I ended up dropping out in my spring semester and instead of withdrawing I just left, thus a massive hole in my GPA started. I now have a 1.26 GPA from my first college and a 2.63 from my second college which I did obtain an associates degree in electronics. Since going back last year I have taken A&P I and II, Microbiology, Statistics, Gen Psych, Developmental Psych, Med Term and English. I finished this year with a 3.97, my only A- was in med term. I have been shadowing a pediatrician for around 6 months and have around 250 hours with hospice for DPC time. I am also volunteering at the local women and children's hospital in the E.R. and PICU departments, which will give me an additional 80 hours of DPC for when I apply. All of this is happening while I work 45 to 50 hours a week and try to spend as much time as I can with my kids and wife. Will programs look beyond my academic past? What might my chances of getting into a school be? Thanks a lot everyone!!!!!
  24. Hello everyone, I have recently decided to portray a degree in ESS that is designed to get (help) me into PA school. However, before I made this choice, I was pursuing a BS in Computer Science. To make a long story short, I failed my second CS course and my Calc 2 course because of personal and educational issues. These two courses are not required for PA school, but I'm worried if my grade in them will reflect on my acceptance into a PA school. I'm wondering if anyone has experience this? What do I need to do? How can proceed to becoming a PA?
  25. Before I begin, let me start by saying the PA profession is something I have wanted to do since my senior year of high school. I am about to be a senior in college and am still a PA-hopeful but my science prerequisite grades are what's stopping me from continuing on this long journey. I have failed two, not one, but TWO prerequisites: statistics and chemistry. I have received two D's and a few C's and a few W's. Something in me says to keep trying by retaking those courses. I am willing to put in as much time and money as it takes to get to where I need to be in order to apply to PA school. I am doing awesome in my other courses which suggest perhaps I should pursue other professions before straining myself with the science courses. I'm just wondering if any of you think I still have a shot at this point. Given that I will take several years after college to retake those courses, get my science GPA up, log in those HCE hours, volunteer, etc, etc. But will admission officers even look at my application given my horrendous track record? Not so sure... Thank you all in advance.
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