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Found 174 results

  1. Hi all, I find it very confusing that many schools list minimum GPA requirements as low as 2.75 or 3.0 however now schools will not even consider you if you do not have at least a 3.4! Yes, I understand that it is more competitive now, however if the schools will not even look at an application that meets the requirements, they should really update their websites so that students understand what the school wants. Can you guys list the schools with these "real" GPA requirements? (e.g. I know Western now will only consider students with 3.4 or higher).
  2. Hello all! I was hoping to get an opinion or two as to my efforts preparing for PA school application process. First off, I am a medical rep that was blessed to have hands on patient time as a rep in the realm of sleep disorders and another opportunity to work as a rep with chronic lung disorders and neurological disorders that lead to respiratory problems/ failure. I am currently a rep for a home health company where I have taken that knowledge I gained and designed specialty programs for COPD/ restrictive lung disease patients, trying to reduce hospital readmission rates, and neuromuscular patients. So far I have amassed over 350 hours of clinical shadowing in the fields of Orthopaedics and Neurology. This fall I will be an intern / volunteer that is allowed direct patient contact at a local hospital. It is a yearlong program where I am rotated every quarter into a different department. The departments they would like me to consider thus far are Acute care, ICU, PACU and Surgery. I will also have completed 60-100 hours in the community working with special needs children and wounded warriors. I have a BA in Business and am just shy of an AA in Biological Sciences. My shadowing is still ongoing until they become tired of me. ;) My concern is my undergrad GPA from 15 years ago.....Its right at a 3.0 but there are some nasty marks scattered here and there. Thankfully all my sciences had expired so I could retake them and currently have a 3.5 science GPA with 3 classes left. I'm hoping that an admissions panel will be able to discern that I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life at the age of 18 while pursuing my undergrad. Thus, I had no passion for my studies and frankly worried more about the social aspects of college life than academic life but at 39 I finally realized what I wanted to do when I grew up and that ignited a passion within me. I know that is not a stellar GPA but was wondering if a panel may take other aspects into account like the fact that I am working a 45-50 hour a week job, taking 10 hours per semester while helping to raise two young daughters, one with special needs. On top of that, my wife is an NP in MedOnc and HemOnc, and due to the stress and demands of that field, has more than her fair share of MS exacerbations these days. :( At risk of sounding like a country song, I'm wondering if a panel will take into consideration that if I can pull a 3.5+ science GPA with all this going on imagine what I can achieve if I'm able to remove work from the equation and devote that time to a PA program. My fear is that my mediocre undergrad GPA will get my application immediately tossed into the garbage without a chance to explain! My family and I are prepared to move states in order for me to attend a program; whatever it takes. Will any of this help or be taken under consideration? I have not taken the GRE yet. Opinions, good or bad, are greatly appreciated. Suggestions as to how to continue to become a more competitive candidate are most valued as well. Thanks for reading my Novella!
  3. Hello everyone! I am thinking about applying in 2016 or 2017 and just wanting to know what I can do to improve my application. I graduated from BYU in 2013 and attended a CC to get my certificate in medical assisting. Some pertinent info for application: 3.06 Overall GPA 3.11 Science GPA Over 2000 hours of medical assisting experience (IM, FM, and urgent care) at time of application 1 excellent LOR from medical assisting instructor 1 excellent LOR from a PA Will have close to 100 shadowing hours Various volunteer experience but nothing substantial I live in the Pacific NW and would love to stay in this area but am open to attending school in almost any state. I would love some suggestions/guidance!
  4. Any advice to burn roughly a grand of CME money very quickly? Already using the free trial for AD, do need some new scrubs, I have a littmann cardiology III but it is getting some major wear and tear by now. Not interested in conferences. Any advice?! Thanks all.
  5. I realize its getting pretty late (had to take a pre-req this summer and the schools I'm applying to deadlines are 9/1), but as I read on this forum more and more I'm starting to wonder if I should even bother applying or take another gap year. I just finished my undergrad and will be taking one gap year working as a CNA, but I just got the job and haven't worked more than 100 hours yet, and I only have another 250 hours from volunteering (hospital and hospice). So very little HCE and only about 20 hours shadowing an MD. If accepted I will have well over 1,000 hours by the time I matriculate, but I know CASPA wants my current hours. My Overall GPA is 3.65 and science is 3.55 and GRE is 159 V, 153 Q, and 4.0 W. My application is just about complete (including LOR). I'm wondering if my grades can make up for my lack of experience? Also, if I don't get in will a poor application hurt my chances of applying next cycle? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  6. Hi everyone, I have officially applied to one school with my first attempt GRE score (got a flat tire on the way AND got rear ended - talk about stressed and then sitting for the exam) v: 145 , q:140 w: 4 I am able to retake the GRE but the school that i have just applied to (Grand Valley State in MI) will be past their deadline so unfortunately they will be getting my first attempt score. I have read that GVSU's focuses only very minimally on the GRE scores ( which in my case i really hope so) My overall GPA is 3.0 - Few semesters really hurt my overall - some due to family deaths :( Last 60 credit GPA - 3.1 Prerequisite science GPA (for all schools) - Over 3.6 Science GPA 2.94 - Thanks CASPA as there is no grade forgiveness >:( Hands on healthcare exp : 1250+ as medical assistant Shadowing hours - 400+ Biology Degree - Graduated with a 3.4 - Which i don't know if that matters as CASPA has no grade forgiveness. Obviously, i am going to retake the GRE and will apply to several schools with my new score. However, wanted people advice and opinions to see if anyone has gotten in/interviews/accepted with lower GRE scores/lower overall/science GPA/etc. Is hope gone forever :( ?
  7. Okay I'm having doubts about my competitiveness when trying to apply to PA programs. I don't know if I am over reacting or if I should be seriously worried. I recently graduated from ucla with a degree in history because I enjoyed the subject and took a lot of my prereqs on the side and this is what I have. Chem 14A-C (General) Chem 14B- C+ (General) Chem 14C- B (Organic) Chem 14Bl - B(Lab) Chem 14Cl- A(Lab) Life Science 1- B Life Science 2- B- Life Science 3- C Life Science 23L- A (2 unit lab) Psych 1- C+ (Had 26 units this quarter and my grades suffered) Outside of Undergrad at a local CC Anatomy+lab- A Physiology+lab- A Microbiology+lab- A Sociology- A Biochemistry- B+ As for outside of Academics I have volunteered at underprivileged elementary schools or 3 years teaching fitness and nutrition, one year patient escort at a hospital, one year in a research lab, volunteer for one year at a homeless clinic. For paid HCE hours I have worked for a year as a medical scribe in a family practice office while doing some MA duties such as BP's, EKG's, urine samples, patient histories, and ear and lung exams. For the classes I have gotten C's in should I retake them? And Should I take extra science courses to raise my science gpa and to cover more pre reqs of different schools who require upper division credits for admissions. Thanks!
  8. Hi everyone, I've found a very interesting report from the Physician Assistant Education Association (PAEA). Every PA school applicant should know this information. You can sign up for the FREE report on andrewrodican.com. Thanks.
  9. Hey everyone, what do you think my chances of getting in to PA school are!? I am a registered and licensed Dietitian. Overall GPA: 3.6 (Bachelor in Nutrition , Masters in Nutrition) Science GPA: 2.86 ~ I know low :( GRE: Verbal 144, Quant 148, writing 4.5 >4000 hours of clinical/healthcare experience as a Registered Dietitian ~300 volunteer hours Letters of recommendation from Nutrition Clinical Manager @ hospital, dietetic internship director, and masters professor What do you all think? I really want to apply this year but do not know if I should wait one more year and retake some of my prereq to get my science GPA up? Do you all know what is more important.. GPA or experience? All thoughts welcomed. THANKS
  10. Good evening all, I was just wondering but how would CASPA calculate science GPA with a MPH degree. I know that the course title Public Health is calculated as other science, but how would it go about applying to all the courses. Im just wondering if anybody had an experience in apply to CASPA following an MPH. PUBH 500 GR EPIDEMIOLOGY I A 4.000 16.00 PUBH 502 GR SOCL & BHVRL HLTH SCI B 4.000 12.00 PUBH 504 GR PBLC HLTH & HLTH DSPRTS A 3.000 12.00 PUBH 512 GR BIOL BASIS OF PUBLIC HEALTH A 1.000 4.00 PUBH 501 GR STAT MTHDS PUB HLTH I B 4.000 12.00 PUBH 503 GR PLCY & HLTH SERV PLN MGMT I A 4.000 16.00 PUBH 506 GR ENVIRON HEALTH SCIENCES B 4.000 12.00 PUBH 005 GR PUBLIC HEALTH GRADUATE COMP P 0.000 0.00 PUBH 518 GR INTERNSHIP II (MPH) S 3.000 0.00 PUBH 610 GR PBLC HLTH SYSTMS THINKING B 3.000 9.00 PUBH 618 GR CMNTY BASED PARTCPNT RSCH A 3.000 12.00 PUBH 623 GR COMMUNITY NEEDS SOLUTION A 3.000 12.00 PUBH 607 GR INTEGRATING EXPERIENCE B 3.000 9.00 PUBH 714 GR SPECIAL STUDIES B 3.000 9.00 PUBH 720 GR QUALITATIVE RSCH IN PUB HEALTH A 3.000 12.00 PUBH 743 GR COMMUNITY SOLUTIONS II A 2.000 8.00
  11. I was wondering what my chances of getting into PA school would be. My undergrad gpa is 2.67 with a B.S. in biology. I then went on to get my masters in healthcare administration and graduated with a 3.79. My prereqs GPA that most all PA schools ask for is 2.9. Would it be worth applying to PA school? What are my chances? Overview patient contact hrs 3000+ professional exp 2 years leadership 2 years shadowing PAs 200hrs+ undrad GPA 2.67...(last 30hrs 2.9) Graduate GPA 3.79
  12. Any chance I can get some advice? Any suggestions, comments? What are my chances? I am a re-applicant for my 3rd year now. BS: Human Biology Overall cumulative GPA: 3.02 Overall Science: 3.0 Pre-Reqs: 3.35 Last 60: 3.35 As of June 2015: ~1200 HCE. Direct Hands on EMT certified: Patient Care Tech in the ER. (insert foleys, suture removal, staple removal, venupunctures, vitals, EKG technician, fiber-glass splint applications, basic patient hygiene, wound cleaning, suction, CPR, Cardiac monitoring, etc...) I have not given up on this dream. I know my GPA is low but it is extremely hard to pull that up with 158 total credit hours. Any masters programs ANYWHERE in the country that will help? I am willing to relocate if you have any advice on your personal journey. my GPA was lower the past two cycles: 2.97 My HCE was around 300 hours Please comment with respect, thank you.
  13. I have a question and concern that I want to post to the forum that is unique to my personal situation. I wish to get feedback. I am very close to applying to PA school. My undergrad GPA is horrible. I have a 2.7. I played soccer while in college and worked part time, thus my focus was not entirely on my school work. I have BS in horticulture. I didn’t find out about PA programs until later. I then started knocking out my pre reqs with all A’s. I only need micro and phys left. I have got my hours volunteering in the ER (1000). I am discouraged because of my very LOW GPA. I do not know if I should continue to take MICRO and PHYS for the fear that I will not get in anywhere. I have a full time job now that is good (not in medicine) (county position) with a pension and I am 27 years old. I want to be a PA as I believe it to be my calling. There is no doubt in my mind that if I got into a school I would be an excellent PA. I am an amazing interviewer and have exemplary interpersonal skills, so I am confident if I got an interview I would crush it. I have reached out and done my due diligence to a degree, However, no schools have been informative or taken the time of day to give me an answer about my situation. Thus, I was hoping I could find the answers via this forum. I also have Italian Citizenship and was curious about opportunities abroad if I cannot get in anywhere in America. I would truly appreciate your time and help with my dilemma. Thank you very much.
  14. I am a 22yr old who recently graduated from UIUC this past May. I have a Bachelor's in Sciences and an Associates in Arts from a community college. In addition to that, I am CNA certified. My undergraduate GPA was 3.22. For the last two years I have been working hard to raise my GPA, so one can see an upward trend on my transcript. However, my science GPA is still unsatisfactory and I am retaking classes this summer to raise it. Here are my stats: Current undergrad GPA: 3.22 Science GPA: approximately 2.67 CNA certified Patient contact hours: ~2500 hours working as a research assistant in Endocrinology department (helping Diabetic patients with medication) and experience working as a CNA. 300+ hours volunteering in hospitals.150 hours working in a Renal Dialysis clinic for 2 years now. GRE scores: VR: 150 QR: 145 I am debating if I should still apply for the 2016 cycle considering that my sGPA is still lower than the required minimum, OR I wait a year, accumulate more hours and raise my GPA while either working as a CNA or Scribe. My two other possible options are either pursuing a Master's or doing Nursing instead. I have a passion for both since my mother is a Nurse and my father is a retired surgeon. I would appreciate any input or advice you guys may have.
  15. I have one more semester to finished my science pre-req before applying to PA school, but my current overall GPA is a 2.8. Can I still get into PA schools?
  16. I went back to school this last school year to take some pre-reqs I needed to apply for PA school. I already have both a bachelor's and master's degree. My question is how to enter the pre-req courses. Should I list them as post-bacc, or as senior grade level?
  17. Where on the Caspa application does it show Caspa's computation of your GPA? Thanks in advance for your answers.
  18. Hello, and thanks for taking the time to help me out! I was wondering if anyone knows if speaking a second language will help my application stand out. I am a junior at my university and I am getting ready to apply to PA schools for the first time. It looks like at the end of the semester, the CAPSA will have my science GPA as a 3.05 and my cumulative as a 3.33. I know that these are relatively low marks. I had one devastating semester (family issues + financial issues + mono = disaster), but I have definitely been on an upward trend ever since. I am majoring in biology and Spanish with minors in chemistry and psychology, and I have over 1000 HCE. Does anyone know if my Spanish could help me? Or should I start looking into other career paths? Thanks!
  19. I get the impression from looking around that, as the PA profession came from those already in the healthcare field, HCE was of a high value. However, there have been many posts about the decreasing requirement for HCE and the higher applicant average for GPA. While lots of programs, and the PAEA annual report, will list the average GPA and average HCE from the accepted applicant pools, has anyone looked at the direct correlation of the two? What I mean is, what is the trade off between HCE and GPA? Is 2000 hours of high quality HCE worth two-tenths (0.2) of a GPA when it comes to interview invites? What about 5 years of high quality HCE: what would the GPA threshold be for an interview invite? This is of course assuming that the minimums are met and I'm only talking about quality hands on HCE. Volunteering as a candy striper is great experience, but I'm talking more about the RN, paramedic, military medic/ Corpsman roles. I have looked at 187 PA schools and have pared my list down to less than 20. It has amazed me how many have a low to no (500 hours or less) HCE requirement while having average cGPAs from matriculates be above 3.50.
  20. I’ve spoken to many different PA students and have heard similar stories; about half of their classmates can’t handle the load because they have never had a REAL college course. They took their biochem and o chem classes from community/state colleges and their genetics course was an easy A. Here is a scenario that happens way too often and I’m wondering what admissions does to justify decisions. Bill is a genius and was offered a full ride to the University of his choice. He choose a difficult Ivy league school and graduated with a 2.9. While Scott struggled to graduate high school and was only able to attend a community college. He graduated with a 4.0 but never had to stay up past midnight studying for and exam nor had to write a lengthy paper of any kind. They apply to the same PA schools, and even though Bill has a stronger application in every other area, he isn’t offered an interview because the screening tool denies his application. Scott is offered interviews at a few schools and is accepted after “googleing” ‘how to interview’. What needs to change?
  21. Hello there, I just graduated last week with a BS in biology. Through the last couple years, I had no idea what I really wanted to do, and all though now that I've come to realize being a PA is my calling, my gpa is no where where it needs to be. My cumulative gpa is a 2.58. I have a majority of C's and B's on my transcript with a handful of D's. My initial plan was to retake courses at a community college to boost my GPA but then I saw through this forum that maybe a post-bac is a better option? I really have no idea on what my next move should be. Any advice? I know it will take a few years to get where I need to be, and in the mean time, what kind of work experience would be beneficial? Working as a scribe maybe? Ive been so upset about figuring out what to do, that I've even considered starting over as an undergrad if trying to bring up my gpa will take just as long. Any and all advice and suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you so much
  22. Hi there, I graduated with a degree in Biology, but really didn't know what i wanted to do with it while i was in school, and as a result, i did not receive the best grades. I got a cumulative 2.56, but I have a 3.2 in my prerequisite classes, and a better cumulative over my last 4 semesters, but still not great, 2 C's and mostly B's. That being said, PA school is my dream. It's something i really want to do. I recently obtained my EMT-b and want to start working, I have some HCE but not a lot, yet. I was just hoping to get some input on how to address my low GPA. What types of classes I can take, and where, to increase my GPA? I am also very highly considering going to Paramedic school for my EMT-P. Any suggestions? Am I screwed by my old grades from when i had no idea what i was doing? Should I try and go to nursing school or RT or something over Paramedic? Would that make a difference? Thanks anyone for input, I feel like I am in quite a bind, and would really appreciate input or suggestions.
  23. Hey everyone, I have a question about transferring credits from two different schools. I'm applying for PA School at the moment and when I first went to school I didn't do so hot. My GPA was a 3.0 but I have like 6 withdrawals and 4 C's. I stopped going to school, worked for two years aka got my life together and then went back to school. Now I'm graduating with a 3.8. Would it be considered academic dishonesty if I didn't submit the first school's transcripts? I don't need any of those credits, do I have to submit the credits? All types of feed back would be helpful, thank you!
  24. This is my first post here and I am hoping from some help from this awesome community. I graduated in 2013 with my B.S. in biology. Overal GPA about a 3.4 and Science GPA is a 2.9. I have taken plenty of upper level biology courses such as genetics, anatomy, cell biology, and micro biology. A's and B's. However, my chemistries are almost all C's. I believe thats what brought down my science GPA. I recently got my EMT-B certification and am looking for work. Recently got turned down from 10 PA schools I applied to and, needless to say, I'm feeling a bit lost. Realistically, can PA school still work for me? I know that if I can get an interview, i can get into PA school. The hard part is qualifying by the numbers. I am looking at online courses through University of New England to retake Gen chem I and II. Working part time and depending on my paents also takes a toll on me mentally. I had a good job that was unrelated to medicine, so I quit it to pursue health care opportunities. Is this a good way to go? Did anybody follow the same journey? Thank you, I really appreciate the help.
  25. Hello, I am a pre-PA student currently approaching the "finish line" with regards to the pre-requisite courses I have been needing to complete for the PA programs I dream of applying to and one day attending for 2016. I will be applying this upcoming April or a couple months after depending on the amount of hours I am able to acquire by that time, but have been wondering like so many other students, what my "odds" are in terms of not only having my application looked at, but also being offered an interview. I do have transcripts available for viewing, along with several hours of shadowing various PAs, am currently working as an ED Scribe, and will be a CNA hopefully by mid-January. Apart from experience, I realize that GPAs are extremely crucial along with everything else that enables an applicant to truly be well-rounded. If at all appropriate, I would be very eager to share my transcripts via email/privately and discuss anything regarding what I have thus far! Thank you very much, prePA3.
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