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  1. I am racking my brain trying to devise a plan to get back to school. It is a weird predicament I am in it seems, but I can't imagine I am the only 40-something person with a Biology degree that wants to go back to school for a medical career. But here is the problem: My degree (BSE in Biology) is 21 years old and therefore I have to retake the prereqs to get into a PA program. For the PA Program at UMKC it's 37 hours of prereqs in which I've had all but 9 hours. UMKC require they be 7 years old or less. I have to be working towards a degree to receive financial aid. Taking prereqs is n
  2. Hi, I have made something like patient case simulator, history taking and physical exam simulator for dyspnea (including diagnoses like pneumonia, pulmonary emboli, COPD exacerbation, pulmonary hypertension).. if you care you can check this out https://dodx.shinyapps.io/DoDx5Dyspnea/ and let me know feedback. It is free. Its available to be opened on any browser, Iphone too (so it works like an app) Its for nursing, PA and medical students and practitioners. Let me know what you think, Best Luke
  3. Can anyone recommend any EM conferences other than SEMPA and Essentials of EM? Can't swing either this year for various reasons but would be interested to hear what other folks have liked (or not liked). Thanks in advance! (I should mention I've already completed the EM Boot Camp series, which I highly recommend for those who haven't!)
  4. I'm looking for shadowing opportunities in the Detroit/Dearborn area this summer. I'm a responsible college senior with volunteering experience looking to decide if I want to go to PA school. Thank you and if anyone has any information, please feel free to add!
  5. Hello everyone, I just want to encourage all practicing PA's and PA students to email both Robert Alpern, MD (Yale SOM dean): robert.alpern@yale.edu and John McCarty (ARC-PA executive director): johnmccarty@arc-pa.org if you oppose Yale's proposal for an online PA program. I have emailed both and received a prompt response. ARC-PA is meeting before the end of the month and we will know soon if the program was approved. The reasons I oppose the proposal: 1. It will tarnish our reputation as one of the most rigorous programs in the health sciences 2. It will jeopardize clinical site
  6. Hi, Does anybody know much about this newer residency at Emory? I am really interested in going into critical care after graduation and think a residency or some kind of structured education could be of great benefit.
  7. I've already been accepted in to PA school starting in the fall and have been working in international health since 2011. However, my contract is up at the end of February with very little chance of renewal, so I will essentially be job-less from March till August. I don't want to start a new "career," because I will only be there for about 5 months, but I do need to do something to bring in some money. I don't have any ER, CNA, etc. certifications either. Does anyone have any ideas for where to look for short-term work, besides the typical retail route?
  8. a 3 minute youtube video... (please excuse the poor language) The public's ignorance remains high, and this is a perfect example of it. My own family, despite being educated and reasonable people, shared these misconceptions about the PA profession for a long time. So, I don't think the issue is people being intentionally ignorant, but I don't really know where the problem lies. The PA profession has been around for decades, so what has it been doing wrong? It seems that everybody's finger points at the AAPA. What exactly have they been doing wrong? Where have their focus
  9. I got an email, and now a letter, telling me that I have been accepted into the class of 2015 and will start the program this spring . My question is...what now? For those who have been accepted how are you preparing for the program? By this I mean: -Financial aid (loans, grants, scholarships? I was lucky enough to finance my undergrad education with scholarships and I am concerned and clueless about taking out student loans for the first time.) - Housing (I think I will most likely be at the Morehead Campus) -Study tools (what are you going to use to take notes, laptop, ipad, tablet PC
  10. Hello everyone, I know we are all checking this forum constantly for any new information. I thought I'd share a video that I found kind of funny. It's dry humor, but sometimes laugher is a good way to combat stress. Enjoy, Eric
  11. I know that professions such as CNA, PTA, phlebotomy, etc are acceptable for getting HCE. I've worked as a CNA with Trach and Ortho patients, but have also worked as a direct support professional in a group home for people with disabilities, a daycare with infants, and currently work in a transition home for homeless teens. I'm wondering if I could make these last three professions qualify as HCE. I've had to provide personal care, take temps, pulses, distribute meds, and perform safety checks at all of these jobs but wonder since they are not in a healthcare setting if it would even worth my
  12. Nurse practitioner educational programs are starting to migrate from the master’s level to the doctoral level, leading to the “Doctor of Nurse Practitioner” degree. Right now, the DNP is officially geared toward nurse practitioners in “leadership roles,” but—reading between the lines—I believe the AACN credentialing body is likely seeking the DNP for the majority of future practitioners. See this info from the American Association of the Colleges of Nursing: http://www.aacn.nche.edu/DNP/dnpfaq.htm Meanwhile, physician assistant programs remain at the M.S. or even B.S. levels. In t
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