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Found 4 results

  1. Join us as Anand "Swami" Swaminathan, MD reviews what works (and what doesn't work) against COVID-19. Feb 18, 2021; 3:00 pm CST https://www.sempa.org/education/sempa-live/
  2. I find this troubling. I had this sense close to the beginning in mid-December, as I watched people without direct patient care posting selfies of their vaccine cards, that something might not be quite right. My hospital seemed to be doing the right thing, but then today I heard about vaccinations going to staff who are 100% telework and without other qualifying demographics. Just working for a healthcare institution does not justify a healthy young person without increased risk receiving this vaccine ahead of the elderly and high risk. I know for a fact that the nursing homes in my area haven’t been fully vaccinated. Even some of the inpatient nurses on non-Covid floors haven’t gotten shots yet, and they certainly qualify as “essential.” I don’t know where this communication breakdown began between the CDC, states, and institutions, and it’s enraging that this is being so poorly managed on such a wide scale. NYT article
  3. This may be an ultimately personal decision but I wanted some feedback. Sorry if it’s long. Currently my mother is undergoing aggressive chemo. She has her “on” week and then two weeks “off”. She has a few months left of her treatment and I currently live with her so Im taking her to appointments and helping her with what she needs. Although she is younger and doesn’t need a ton of care. She was diagnosed just months ago and it has obviously been a whirlwind with this and COVID. I previously was planning to be working full time by now and get PCE hours to apply next application year as I currently have 0 hours. I was planning to take O-Chem this fall and I’ve been studying for the GRE for about a month. The only part-time jobs I’ve been able to find are physical therapy aide jobs in private non-inpatient places (of which I have an interview next week) but I’m the least stoked on PT aide. Maybe someone with that experience could make the case for it? I’m an introvert who loves people but I’m not an athletic, comfortable in a sports environment type. I do love one on one connections though and am not overly shy. I have shadowed in multiple health clinics, I just don’t care much for PT! But I know it’s stepping stone. I feel like if I got into this part time job I’d probably would want to in a few months if things settle down with my mom to move to full time in another job. Is it worth it to take on a part time job to at least get some hours started for just a few months or just wait it out and worry about the other things in my life first? Of course the extra worry of potential patient contact meaning advanced exposure which I would bring home to my mom. For context I plan to apply to many schools with only recommended patient care or very low requirements and I have a 4.0 post bacc in pre-reqs and 3.73 of my first degree in economics. thank you!
  4. I am applying for 2021-22 cycle. I graduated recently and don't have any formal work experience. I am tired of applying to jobs, cold-calling clinics and hospitals for jobs. I even offered to work for free. I am licensed (EKG, and phleb) then also I am getting rejected. Nobody wants to hire anymore, they don't even need free services. I am a person of color, I hope that is not the reason.
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