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Found 336 results

  1. Hi There, I am a pre-PA student and am interesting in finding someone to shadow in the Philadelphia area. Currently I am working as a pharmacy technician at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. I graduated from Temple University a few years ago and want to return to school to become a Physician's Assistant. I am interested in any specialty. If anyone has the time and is willing to let me follow them around for a bit I would greatly appreciate it. If that is the case please email me back at my personal email pctran410@gmail.com. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and hope to hear back about the post any advice is also greatly welcomed. Have a nice day.
  2. Hi everyone! I am currently a Junior Pre-Physician Assistant student in a direct entry program beginning in Fall 2014. I have to make my schedule soon and was hoping to get some advice as to what classes are most beneficial. After this semester, I will have taken all the required science courses. I've taken a full year of Inorganic Chemistry and labs, a full year of Introductory Biology and labs, Genetics, Human Physiology, a combined course (specific for Pre-PA students) of Organic Chem/Biochem, and I am currently taking Microbiology and Human Anatomy and Physiology 1. Next semester, I will be taking Human A&P 2, however, I was hoping to add on one more science course to better prepare myself for the rigor of PA school. Do any of you have any recommendations? I was considering Biochemistry, Cell Biology, or Virology, but I am not sure what course is most beneficial. Do any of you know of what courses helped you the most before entering PA school? Thanks so much!!
  3. Hi everyone, Kind of feeling frustrated and would like some advice. I graduated end of May from a PA school up north. I was wanting to find a job in the South but did not find much. I had a few offers but at the time was being very selective. I gave myself a deadline and started to apply in other states. I just received an offer for a family medicine (very upscale in a busy wealthy area) in Texas. This was all verbal. Please advise as I know I will need to negotiate. Patient load expected is 20-25 pts/day. Salary 75k 1 wk PTO + 6 days holidays $1000 CME No medical coverage No mention of DEA, membership renewals, sign on, license renewal, etc. No mention of time off for CME I regret not accepting offers in the past as they were MUCH better, but I am starting to feel the pressure of accepting a position. Any advice is much appreciated. I am going to email him soon with a counter and follow-up questions. I initially did not want to accept less than 85k as my classmates in that area started at that and also I was offered something similar close by at the first of the year. THANK YOU!
  4. Finally able to post something here. Received this offer: EM - Busy ER with Trauma Center - will be progressively working with higher acuity ~98k for 2k hrs/yr (salary) - shifts are 8-12hrs Health/vision/dental 80/20 (elligible after 3 months) Malpractice paid 2.5 wks PTO/yr 401k match up to 3% (match eligible after 1st yr - can invest day 1) Short Term (after 90 days) Long Term Disability (after 1 year) No OT/CME/License/Professional Orgs/etc (They were not in the benefits summary. I will be clarifying this) Now, while I have to clarify the above, assuming it is not included (which is odd no?), what are your thoughts? Further, would it be feasible/acceptable to counter with higher salary to off-set the lack of CME (thus essentially getting the CME)? It is a solid institution (academic) and willing to train me to do quite a bit. I have an EMS background prior to being a PA, but wanted to get the consensus from those who have been around the block a few times.
  5. The American Association of Surgical PAs will again offer a meeting designed only for those interested in or actively apply to PA School. There will be amazing insights on the profession, training, future as well as interview tips and a chance for one-on-one time with PAs who work on admissions committees. Bring a draft of your essay! AASPA is proud to be one of the first professional PA organizations to host a seminar specifically tailored to helping people realize their dreams of becoming a Physician Assistant. You will spend two hours with thought leaders in the PA profession learning specific information to strengthen your PA application and interview. We know what admission committees want to hear! You will meet PAs who are serving or who have served on PA Program admission committees from a variety of different programs. Attending an AASPA Pre-PA meeting looks amazing on a CASPA application, or drop a line during your interview. You will receive a great certificate to add to caspa or add to your application file! Here is the info: Hilton Alexandria Old Town 1767 King St, Alexandria, VA 22314 Wednesday, October 2, 2013, Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm. Registration link: http://aaspa.com/page.asp?tid=186&name=2013-AASPA-Pre-PA-Meeting&navid=9 This amazing seminar will include: -Overview of the PA Profession -PA Profession news that all applicants need to know -Essentials of Academic prerequisites -Health care/patient care prerequisites -How to deal with CASPA -PA-wanna-be essays -How to stand out as an applicant -One on one and group Q & A session -and much more! Attending this seminar you will receive: Unique certificate of attendance suitable for listing on any PA application Copies of all PowerPoint slides and lecture materials One on one opportunities to speak with PAs serving on admission committees COST AASPA Pre-PA Member $25 All others: $30 in advance After September 23: Register at the door $50 **In addition, AASPA is offering an ultrasound course for PAs the next day, there are afew opportunities for volunteer models to have ultrasounds done of their abdomens, carotids, etc. Another great opportunity to experience the PA world AND build your application.
  6. Hello, I'm new to this forum and am desperately seeking advice. I've been debating between MD/DO or PA for practically my entire undergraduate career. (Will be an incoming 4th year next year). This summer, I decided to enroll in a prep course to take the MCAT in September, planning to go to medical school. But now, I realize that I have been questioning this "final" decision since the beginning of my MCAT studies. My question is that I don't know if I should still take my MCAT in September. I know I'm not studying as much as I can, and I feel like its partially due to being unmotivated. Maybe also due to the fact that I don't know if I want to go to med school anymore. I know PA schools don't really take the MCAT and take the GRE instead. Should I continue trying to motivate myself to study? (heavily due to the fact that I paid for the course and already registered for the test in Sept) Or.. Should I just give it all up and immediately begin studying for the GRE...? I guess personally, I'm leaning more towards PA than MD/DO. Any advice/input would be greatly appreciated! Sorry if my post was long.
  7. Hello everyone!!! This is my first draft/ revision. Any comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated!! Thank you again. My great interest in health care began at an early age. My mother is a chiropractor and my grandfather was a college chemistry professor. Together, they created an environment filled with scientific and medical discussions in which health care topics were commonplace. My grandfather would always go into great detail to explain the chemical composition of just about everything, from flowers to food. He would often pull out plastic atomic models and construct chemical particles to demonstrate the structure of the atoms. This all seemed perfectly normal in our home. In addition to my early fascination with science and health care, I was always an extremely active child involved in dance beginning at three years of age. I loved both the artistic side of dance and the physical movement including conditioning and working together as a team. This required a great deal of dedication from an early age, which helped to build discipline, quick learning and strong work habits. These skills transferred over into my education, because of the many similarities. When I was fourteen years old, I began to develop severe pain in my ankle while performing in ballet class. I soon discovered that the small Os Trigonum bone became impinged when my ankle was fully extended. The only cure was to remove the bone. After careful research, we selected a surgeon from New York City. He did an excellent job of explaining the procedure and showing us on the x-ray how he would perform the surgery. After graduating high school a year early, I got signed by a top talent agency in Hollywood and moved to California at the age of 17. I was excited to pursue a professional dance career. During this time, I fully enjoyed my experience in dance, but also realized how much I missed my exposure to health care and learning more about the human body. I also grew to realize my desire to complete a higher level of education and how important this would be for my future. After one year in California, I decided that my pursuit of a dance career would no longer be a top priority. This year was very helpful in giving me time to mature and think about my future. I became re-dedicated to obtaining a higher education and pursuit of a career in the medical profession. My years in dance helped to develop strong skills in time management, living a healthy lifestyle and striving to be better each day, which have carried over into my college coursework. I believe this will also carry over into my Physician Assistant schoolwork and later into my work career. In addition, my natural curiosity to learn and produce extraordinary results as a team member will be essential in Physician Assistant school and in the medical profession. Shortly before my freshman year began, I attended a Cardiology appointment with my grandfather. During his appointment, a Physician Assistant saw him. This was my first encounter with the profession and the moment I knew this was my future. The Physician Assistant was extremely compassionate and knowledgeable. I admired the generous time she spent with my grandfather, not once rushing to get out of the door. I later shadowed this Physician Assistant, learning and growing more passionate about the profession. She took extra time to discuss the procedures and comfort the families about upcoming surgeries. Her confident knowledge shined through and provided a calming effect for the anxiety felt by the families. Watching her mannerisms made me look forward to the day I will be in a similar situation and be able to help patients get through difficult times. I believe I have a calling to be a part of a health care team and provide something bigger, more moving and more beautiful to people than I ever could through dance. During my undergraduate years, I took classes in Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. I especially enjoyed these chemistry classes and felt that I had a natural ability to understand this complex material. My favorite class was biochemistry where I began to realize how many of these theories helped me better understand the molecular and chemical aspects of the human body. This discovery has further confirmed my passion for health care and my decision to become a Physician Assistant. Through my dancing adventures, experiences with my chemist grandfather and volunteering in the emergency department in a children’s hospital I believe God has guided me to this point in my life. I eagerly wait the day I can walk into a patient’s room as a Physician Assistant and provided exceptional medical care along with a loving compassionate touch.
  8. I am wondering which schools accept the largest amount of students in each class. Also, I would like to know which schools only accept a small amount of students. Even if you are not familiar with all the different programs, if you could please post the program size for whatever programs you are familiar. Thanks! :=D:
  9. Hey Pre-PA students, I am currently attending a four year university in North Carolina, majoring in Sport Management. After extensive shadowing with two different specialty PA's, I've decided that I want to pursue the career. However, I am in a unique situation because I am a rising senior with 8 classes left to take for my Sport Management degree and I am curious as to how to go about becoming a PA in the most cost effective and most direct way possible. I've read that the major isn't important as long as I'm successful in it (which I am). I'm just concerned about whether I should get my prereqs done while I am in my Sport Management program (currently have the non-science prerequisites for most programs done, but not any of the science ones yet) or should I wait until after I graduate to get the prerequisites finished at possibly a community college (if I am not looked down upon for completing them there). Also, most PA programs require direct patient health care experience and I currently have none of that as well. Should I look to get that done now or after I graduate? I've finally found my passion after years of searching and I really believe that I am capable of being successful as a Physician Assistant. If anyone has any advice that would benefit me in my situation, I would gladly appreciate to hear it! My estimated cumulative GPA will likely be a 3.4-3.6 by the time I graduate and this excludes any prerequisites I would need to take to for PA school. If there are any questions that need to be asked in order to give advice, please let me know! I hope to hear from you Pre-PA students soon! Thanks!
  10. I am following a pre-PA track right now and I have recently just finished my first year of undergrad. I originally was planning to volunteer at a hospital, but I realized when it was too late that it does not offer the hands-on patient care experience that I desired. I'm still going to volunteer at the hopsital, but I would really like to gain this experience starting this summer. I cannot do any HCE at a hospital since I am not certified in anything. To gain such an experience, should i try to get certified as an EMT or CNA? If so, which do you think is the best road to take to get the best experience? Are there any other ways of gaining HCE besides being certified as an EMT or CNA? I would really like to get myself involved in hands on patient care experience since i haven't been really exposed to it. My only concern about being certified as an EMT / CNA during my undergrad years is the possibility of not being able to find a job with that certification. That would pretty much mean I wasted my ~1k to get certified.
  11. I am in the process of starting a Pre-PA group in Fairbanks. Here are a few of my ideas for the group: Currently, I am trying to get list of PAs that have no problem letting us shadow them. Also, I'm trying to find a few different PAs that would do a question and answer session for us. I know of 3 PAs that recently graduated from MEDEX and hoping they will be willing to talk. Maybe we could even go to anchorage when MEDEX has information sessions? Once we get a good group together I think it will be valuable for us to do mock surveys and look over each others personal statement giving advice. I have been also complying a list of places to volunteer around town. In the winter I would love to hold a fundraiser for some kind of cancer awareness or maybe just help a group. It's always more fun volunteering with a group of people instead of by yourself. This group is not just for the MEDEX program, its for any one looking at the possibility of becoming a PA or pursing the idea. If anyone wants to join I have started a facebook page. Again, I have just started this and I need to add some documents. I will probably make the group closed so we can feel comfortable posting questions without everyone seeing our comments. Copy and Paste :) https://www.facebook.com/UafPhysicianAssistant Currently its labeled UAF Pre-Physician Assistant, but its not only for UAF, its Fairbanks. -Kelly
  12. I'm planning on doing a few of my rotation in Atlanta, GA. Thinking of surgery, ER, and primary care. Any hospitals or clinics you guys/girls can suggest? Tell me briefly about your experience. I would appreciate it!
  13. Hello, I am a pre-PA student interested in Psychiatry. I have experience working with SPMI individuals. Could someone please help to point me in the right direction to link up with a current PA-C in Psychiatry. I am hard working and devoted to the mental health field and would contribute as much as possible to lending a helping hand in return for experience wisdom and general knowledge of the profession. Many Thanks
  14. mfields started a thread called "Best HCE for pre-PA if $$$ is NOT a factor", http://www.physicianassistantforum.com/forums/showthread.php/38279-Best-HCE-for-pre-PA-if-is-not-a-factor well I want to start a NEW thread, what is the "Best HCE for pre-PA's IF $$$ IS a factor? Sorry Steve, what I meant to type, "What is the Best HCE for pre-PA's IF $$$ IS a factor WITHOUT any military experience.
  15. For any able to help out- I'm looking to shadow a PA to see if this is truly what I want to do. I'm a chicago public school teacher looking to switch careers. I enjoy working with kids, speak Spanish And am very interested in learning more about the PA field first hand. I'm in the process of completing my prerequisites. Please PM anyone who's able to give me a chance to check it out. Thanks much. Jen
  16. Howdy Ok so Im looking for either an extensive online system based bank of test questions (i.e derm questions covering common disorders, presentation, etiology, testing, 1st/2nd line treatment etc) or flashcards could work too. I've seen some USMLE cards online but Im wondering if those would be too in-depth. Photos would be nice too (like skin conditions). Also if you know of any online banks of system based case studies that would be awesome. I have an app on my phone that allows you to pick cases, read the history, read PE results then chose dx testing and treatment but all it does is let you know if your chose right but doesnt explain anything or give you the final diagnosis. Here's hoping this turns out to be an awesome resource thread!! :smile: TIA
  17. Any tips on things to add or change would be greatly appreciated! As you guys know, these can be tough to get out. My conclussion is week but I'm blanking on ways to wrap this up. “Welcome to Kyrgyzstan!” my taxi driver greeted me in Russian after I had loaded my luggage into the trunk of his decades-old Lada. Arriving well past midnight on Turkish Airlines flight 346, I caught a fleeting glimpse of the mountainous Central Asian country that was to become my home as an English teacher for the next year as we sped past shuttered bazaars and Soviet-era highrises. Although I had focused on how environmental toxicants affect human health while conducting laboratory research as an undergraduate Environmental Protection Agency Fellow, actually getting on the ground in developing countries--from the desolate mountain villages of Kyrgyzstan to the war torn streets of Tajikistan-- led me to begin reflecting on the health disparities underserved populations face not only overseas but also in our own country. While my grandmother’s positive experiences with an orthopedic physician assistant (PA) who had stopped by her house to check on her after her knee replacement surgery and whom she still claims is “better than a doctor” had initially made me consider pursuing my passion for the study of medicine in the service of others as a PA, it was not until I was lying in an understaffed medical clinic in India midway through my year teaching in Kyrgyzstan that my dedication to pursuing this calling was truly cemented. Suffering a Grade Three concussion after a car I had been riding in had spun out of control and crashed into a building, I had been taken to a free clinic in Delhi to get my head stitched back together. Medical waste spilled out of overflowing trash cans and seemingly hundreds of coughing, bleeding, and sick Indians lined the hallways as the understaffed team sought to treat everyone. Due to the shortage of doctors and nurses, I was in the hospital nearly 14 hours before a medical attendant could provide the needed stitches. My experience with a hospital in a country with high rates of poverty and infectious diseases solidified my commitment to serving others through a hands-on medical career as a PA. I arrived home to Texas and began fervently pursuing this goal. Working in the Providence Hospital Emergency Room (ER) has provided me with an up-close look at the healthcare challenges the disadvantaged in Central Texas face, complementing my firsthand knowledge of global medical issues. These challenges include everything from lack of insurance to substance abuse problems that cause permanent physical and mental damage. I have sat for several hours with an elderly Alzheimer’s patient who almost brought tears to my eyes while we waited for her test results and witnessed the emotional pain on a woman’s face when she was told an ectopic pregnancy would have to be surgically removed. In such cases I am struck by the indomitable spirit and inherent decency of people even in situations that are truly heartbreaking. The people I have met while volunteering in the ER inspire and challenge me to continue pursuing a calling to serve others through medicine. While frequently all I can offer is a much-too-small helping hand or comforting words, these are usually more greatly appreciated than I initially thought they would be. It is because of a burning desire to be able to do more for people such as these, a wish to practice medicine while also leading a fulfilling life dedicated jointly to my patients and my family, and many positive experiences shadowing PAs that I desire to become a one myself. The Kyrgyz taxi driver pulled up to the curve of the apartment building of the Russian family I would be living with for the next few months and I hopped out of the cab into the frigid night air. I was nervous, but excited. New adventures were on the horizon. While I did not know the sometimes seemingly indomitable challenges that awaited my life and work in Kyrgyzstan, I was ready to begin tackling them. Looking back at the year I spent in Central Asia, I now know we often grow the most in times of hardship. When I take my first step onto a medical college on my journey to become a PA, I will bring with me a commitment to service above self, academic excellence, and continued personal growth. Conclusion here...?
  18. Hi Forum, I'm a recent graduate (May 2012) and recently relocated to the SF bay area. My dream job is in a pediatric specialty such as ortho, allergy/immunology, dermatology, nephrology, pulm, really almost anything! I'm completely unfamiliar with the job market here, and am getting a little frustrated by the lack of resources. Any advice? Thanks! :)
  19. I was pre-physical therapy but after doing research I realized thats not for me and PA's actually have more autonomy than PTs.
  20. Eastern is starting a PA Program in May of 2014, pending accreditation next September. Site: http://www.emich.edu/chhs/pa.html Admissions info: http://www.emich.edu/chhs/pdf/PA%20Admissions%20Info%208-21-12.pdf Looks like there's an info session on December 10th for those in the area.
  21. When I was at the conference in Toronto this year participating in the Assembly of Representatives, I got a chance to meet the other representatives from TN and we discussed the fact that we don't communicate enough amongst the different programs. I started a Facebook group that I hope will be a means of collaboration and communication amongst the various schools in TN. Check it out: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TNPAStudents/
  22. I have shadowed PA's and doctors of all kinds and know the differences between the two. My plan since i started college was to attend PA school, but recently i have been putting a lot of thought into medical school. I would have to go an extra year of undergrad and take more organic chemistry and 2 more physics classes, and also would have to prepare to take the MCAT. My GPA is around 3.3-3.4 so I'm also curious if i can get in to medical school or PA school. My question, and point of this thread, is should i go another year in undergrad and take the MCAT to go to medical school or should i just go ahead and apply to PA school? Some things you should know before you answer this: - Money isn't a problem for me because my parents would be paying for everything. - I am 21 years of age at the moment. - I have considered going out of the country for medical school, but i have heard bad things. - I would like to hear from both sides and hear multiples views about my situation, meaning i would like to hear from a MD and PA. - I want to know more about the MCAT (How hard is it, how long do you have to study for it and such) - Time isn't a problem for me either.
  23. I'm currently a sophomore in college, on the Pre-PA track. I'm about 90% sure that I want to become a PA and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to increase my chances of getting accepted in the mean time. I currently have a 3.4 GPA and get all A's and B's. I started volunteering at the local hospital my spring semester of freshman year and plan on doing it again for the rest of my college career(working in the ER this semester, it's a different area each time). Are there any things you wish you'd done in the years leading up to apply for PA school?
  24. Hello all, I live in the North Tampa area and am looking for any opportunity to shadow a PA. It doesn't matter what field, I just want to get a feel for the field. Thanks! :)
  25. I amcurrently a microbial biology student and have decided to switch to an arthistory major. I hope this change willallow the course flexibility to finish my remaining PA pre-reqs well and thetime to focus on gaining clinical experience. Mystats are: 3rdyear undergraduate. cumulativeGPA: 2.97 science GPA:2.66 I planto raise both GPAs to at least a 3.0 by finishing both my major and PArequirements in my final year and summers. Also, I will aggressively pursueclinical opportunities while working as a phlebotomist. But, Iwas mainly concerned about how admissions committees might view my change inmajor. As faras increasing my science GPA post-bac, would it be better to retake the essentialpre-reqs that I've earned C's in (bio, Ochem), or, takemore elective courses (genetics, immunology, medical terminology, etc.) andperform well? Anysuggestions for post-bac programs would be much needed and appreciated!
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