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Found 28 results

  1. Hi I was wondering if anyone ever took the Masters in Medical Science program from UNTHSC before applying for PA school? It's a 1 rigorous program. I am interested in applying for it to possibly strengthen my application, but I would love some insight from anyone who had taken it too.
  2. What are my chances to get into a PA program? What programs would accept me? Or should I apply to post bacc/ or masters program? I have a 2.88 GPA. BS in Human Biology. I have not taken the GRE. I am 26yrs Female AA. I have well over 1000 hours of clinical experience (paid, nonpaid/volunteer). I currently took a leave of absence from my position as a High-school science teacher, to take Biochemistry, Epidemiology and study for MCAT (plan on applying to Master of Biomedical to gain acceptance into DO school which is my ultimate dream). I am also considering PA school MY Letters Of Recommendation is from a Chief PA at a hospital and 2 MDs that are Directors of Hospital. I want to remain hopeful but my dreams seem like they are drifting further away from me each day. I need advice.
  3. Hi everyone! Does anyone here know what the preferred housing options are for the students in the PA program? Is it more convenient/affordable for the students to live in the dorms on campus or do most of the students commute from elsewhere in Manhattan/another boro for the entirety of the program? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello! I was wondering if anyone accepted into Boston University's program could share or message their application stats (gpa, HCE...), I want to know whether, if I were to apply in a later cycle I could be considered a competitive applicant. Thank you for reading this and thank you for your time, I appreciate it a lot! -Maylily7 P.S. I'll put my stats here if ya want to comment on my chances of acceptance: cGPA 3.7, sGPA 3.5, Dean's List 7/8 semesters (currently in my last semester), about 100 hours volunteering for my school's EMS. I don't have a lot of Patient care hours but I am hoping to take a gap year and work on that. I also hope to retake the GRE to improve my score as well. Again, thanks so much!
  5. Hi everyone! I'm really hoping someone on here can ease my anxiety right now because I am really freaking out. I have recently been accepted into a really great PA program that I am in love with and can't wait to attend. Earlier today I received an email stating that they would start verifying the prerequisites of all the admitted students to make sure that they meet the requirements of the program [including that all science courses with labs are taken in person, they are intended for science majors (not allied health, health science, or nursing majors), all prerequisite courses received a letter grade (no AP credit on transcript for prerequisites), they are not expired, ect.]. I don't know why the heck I am just now realizing this (literally hate myself so much right now for being so negligent), but the microbiology course I took was not intended for science majors and was instead for the health sciences. This does not and will not fulfill the prerequisite I need for Microbiology. I am hoping and praying that maybe they will perhaps skim it over and not notice? The program matriculates this summer and so it is too late at this point for me to register and take the correct microbiology class. Luckily, if I do have to give up my seat in this program due to this careless mistake, I have also been accepted into another PA program that will count my class and so it will not be an issue. But I am absolutely in love with the program I decided to attend and am just really really freaking out right now. Does anyone think that there is a chance the admissions committee won't notice that it's the incorrect microbio class? Has anyone experienced something similar to this before? Thank in advance for any questions answered and advice given.
  6. Hi, I am writing this post as my girlfriend is on the road to getting accepted in to a PA school and is hitting a few speed bumps. I personally work in finance so I am a little out of touch in terms of support, and my suggestions to "keep pushing" are becoming more and more patronizing with every denial email she receives. My question for this forum is why? What is it that has caused 8 schools to say no to her application so far, without even an interview. Some info on her: GRE: 312 GPA- (cumulative including undergrad) : 3.2 GPA science: 3.6 Undergraduate degree- Language studies (Japanese) - (She's half Japanese). Work experience: 2.5 years as a physiotherapist assistant, 1/2 years to current as a medical scribe at a pediatric clinic. Along with this she has volunteer work and strong application letters. It's very difficult for me to watch the rejection letters come in one after another without an offer for an interview. I know if she received one she would do great as her interpersonal skills and bedside manner are so strong. Can anyone offer any advice as I am trying to help her through what I assume are familiar feelings of self doubt. Thanks in advance!
  7. I’m a recent December graduate with a bachelors in biology and 22. My GPA is 3.38 and my science is about 3.2. I know I want to do something in medicine, but i’m exploring all my options as my recent attempt at MD/DO programs was unsuccessful. My mcat was 495 which I know is not quite competitive. I recently discovered PA and am wondering if this could be a better fit and if I have a better chance in getting into a PA program? I’m also accepted into a masters program in biomedical sciences so I could improvemy gpa for md/do schools, but am wondering if I would need it going the pa route? Finally, i’m consideringtaking a year or more off to gain healthcare experience, such as amedical scribe job i’m applying for and wondering if this would be good for the PA route and what programs acceptmedical scribe jobs as experience.Thank you for any help and advice as i’m a struggling graduate trying to explore all my options.
  8. Okay, so here it is. I have close to 1600 hours working as a medical assistant in a pain management clinic. However, I wasn't a certified medical assistant. In Arkansas you can work without the certification. My first question is, do you think this will look less credible to a board if they see that I wasn't certified when working? Would you advise going back and getting certified as a phlebotomist, CNA, MA, etc and go through the whole process of getting hce experience again? Also, the clinic I worked at recently closed. I most likely will not be able to get a recommendation from the doctor or the staff. Should I consider getting other healthcare experience or is this adequate? Thanks in advance for answering!
  9. Just in case anyone is confused with the name change... any applicants so for for Augusta University / Medical College of Georgia?
  10. Hello Everyone, I want to stay connected with all of my fellow pre-PA students who are applying to York College. I submitted my application recently and it is verified by the CASPA. The only thing I am missing is the GRE.
  11. Hey all, Just got my interview invite for St. Kate's today so I figured I start a new thread for anyone else applying! Best of luck to all!
  12. Is anyone else applying for Cal Baptist for the 2016-2017 cycle? My app was verified yesterday, July 25th.
  13. Become a part of Gannon University PA program now! You can find out more about the requirements needed to successfully apply for Gannon University Physician Assistant program, including high school background, grades, academic requirements and a lot more. Definitely worth watching it!
  14. Hi everyone, I'm Anna, newbie of the PA Forum. Now, I'm getting A.S degree and plan to transfer in next Fall 2017. As an international student, I have less opportunities to get into PA Schools. What B.S degree should I get if I want to become a PA? I'm looking for universities so far but don't know which one is good to chose. Anyone have some suggestions about the uni? I'm so curious about whether PA could become M.D or not? If so, they get the same B.S degree? Have a wonderful day. Bunch of thanks, Anna
  15. Hi everyone! I thought we could all update each other on our wait list status for the 2015-2016 cycle. I just got an email today saying I am on the wait list. My interview was 1/15. Good luck to everyone!
  16. Hi Everyone, Now that the admissions process is picking up and some invitations have been sent out I thought it would be a good time to start the accepted page. Congrats to everyone who is offered a seat! Feel free to post anything about yourself here, ask your fellow future students any questions, or anything else. Looking forward to seeing everyone in August!
  17. Hey. I know it's too early to apply to SUNY's PA program. Figured I would get this going for all of us who are planning to apply this year Let's do this!
  18. Hello! I have applied to UAMS this year. I was wondering how long it takes for them to get back to you about inviting you to an interview. I applied to Christian Brothers, in Memphis, and they offered me an interview within a couple of days. Does anyone know how long it takes and what the interview is like? Of course, I'm assuming I get one. Thanks so much!
  19. Anyone know any awesome presenters? Any topics that you think will be really interesting, useful? I saw the other post, but I am more curious about great things happening within the conference versus Boston itself (not that Boston isn't wonderful!). Thanks!
  20. Need advice or need a place to differentiate the programs you're applying to or want to find the schools to apply to? Read this blog posting. http://doseofpa.blogspot.com/2014/03/choosing-right-physician-assistant.html
  21. Does anyone know how to start a new school discussion group? The state of Iowa has a new PA program at St Ambrose University with the first class starting June 2014. Would love to hear of anyone was accepted or have heard pros/cons to the program.
  22. Has anyone here applied to the PA program for the year 2014? i posted before, but no one seems post? just wondering.
  23. Hello, I have just applied to the 2014 PA program at RCC. I received a postcard about a month ago stating that they had received my application, but have not yet heard anything else. Has anyone else that has applied to the program heard anything from RCC yet? anything helps and thanks
  24. We had to answer four questions in our statement with a 1500 character limit that included punctuation. These were my four answers, each question will be read by a separate person on the selections committee. Discuss a personal experience that has shaped the person that you are. How has it changed you? Deciding to join the Army and become first an infantry medic and then progressing to become an Army Flight Paramedic has had the greatest impact on my life. Loyalty, duty, respect, selfless-service, honor, integrity, and personal courage may only be words to some people. To me they represent the values that I lived for 24 years of military service and continue to live by today. I was fortunate in my career to have leaders that saw the potential I possessed mentally, and physically, I was constantly challenged to become better than I had been as a soldier, medic and eventually a leader. I was selected ahead of my peers to attend the Advanced Medical Non-Commissioned Officer Course, before being promoted to Sergeant. I rose to the challenge and I graduated in the top 10% of my class. I completed and became certified as an Emergency Medical Technician Basic and Paramedic level provider ten years before the Army required Basic EMT certification for its medics. I completed Flight Medic School and was the distinguished honor graduate of my class. I also attended the Joint Enroute Care Course which is the Army equivalent of a critical care course for Flight Surgeons, Nurses, and Medics. My medical skills were honed during combat deployments treating patients as the primary medical provider on a medevac helicopter. I feel the Army has changed me in that I am driven to succeed and will always give 100% effort to accomplish everything I do. How do you resolve conflict at work, at school or at home? Provide an example to illustrate. One of my responsibilities as a Senior Non Commissioned Officer in the Army involved resolving conflict between subordinates, peers, and on a few occasions’ superiors. I strive to resolve conflicts so that both parties feel their needs have been met. To illustrate; while I was the Platoon Sergeant (Sgt.) in a Medevac Company one of my peers, the maintenance Platoon Sergeant came to me upset. The Sgt. was short 6 mechanics necessary to perform maintenance on the aircraft and was working until after ten at night. Almost half of my soldiers were mechanics that performed as aircraft crew chiefs (ACC). My peer felt that it was unfair that I had the resources that he felt he needed and wanted to have six of my ACC’s transferred to him until replacements arrived to fill his shortage. I felt that I needed all of my ACC’s , but I realized the distribution of work in its current state was unfair. I prioritized the maintenance needs of my Platoon which allowed me to provide additional staff for the maintenance platoon. The compromise allowed him the use of six of my ACC’s until he received replacements for his shortage and in return his platoon would assist mine in grounds maintenance. He received the extra help he needed and I received assistance for my responsibilities. This allowed both of us to achieve our common goal of supporting our mission. When conflict arises I try to collaborate with others to find our common goal for a win-win solution. Explain how you feel about the role of the Physician Assistant being a dependent practitioner? Performing as a dependent practitioner is a role I have performed as an Army medic and flight paramedic. A flight paramedic’s scope of practice is set by written protocols and supervised by a physician who is a Flight Surgeon and the medical director for the company. Being a new paramedic to the unit, the flight surgeon would be present at any medical evaluations I and other new paramedics went through so he knew we would be assets to the company.. Through collaboration and open communication I developed a bond of trust between the medical director and myself as he became more and more confident in my skills and knowledge. The director learned that I would always act in the best interest of my patients, and I would not jeopardize his trust in me, or my patient’s lives. Because of this I was allowed more and more autonomy and a wider scope of practice than most of my peers. I have discussed this with PA’s and learned the process is very similar for them when working for a new physician. While they do not have to undergo hands on evaluations by the physician, they are evaluated in the quality of patient care rendered, usually by record audits or observation during patient contacts.. To me this seems perfectly rational as a dependent practitioner; the physician must have complete confidence in my skills, knowledge, and integrity to be truthful with him in everything involved in caring for those that need help. Identify a weakness in your personality and explain how it might impact your learning and performance in the Physician Assistant Education Program? My personality is to be competitive with myself and to push myself which can be a weakness because I have to work to find a balance in life. As a student I am devoted to reading ahead and completing assignments well before they are due. I tend to be very hard on myself when I score less than I feel I am capable of. As a soldier I often faced situations where it would have been easy to give up but this drive helped me succeed individually and more importantly as part of a team, I find that I can help others achieve their goals and they can help me see a bigger picture. While operating a medical clinic for Afghan children I faced a situation where it seemed we were unable to meet the demand with the resources we had. I didn’t want to stop for any break but realized that I also needed to be at my best in order to help others. My team and I were able to work together to see all of the patients while maintaining our quality of care and our own health. This trait will impact my performance because I will be 100% dedicated to the program and will be focused on learning as much as I can while working with others. I believe that I will contribute a breadth of experience and different perspective to the learning process that will help my fellow students and hope they can do the same for me. Thank you for any comments
  25. what is the required GPA to enter the PA program when you finish the prereq classes??? i hear a lot of responses and i would appreciate a response from someone that got accepted recently into the program.:sad:
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