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  1. I recently wrote a blog post describing a typical day for me in PA school. Hope you find it useful and that it gives you an honest understanding of what PA school is like. I did one post for didactic year and one for clinical year. Enjoy! Didactic Year Clinical Year
  2. Okay, so here it is. I have close to 1600 hours working as a medical assistant in a pain management clinic. However, I wasn't a certified medical assistant. In Arkansas you can work without the certification. My first question is, do you think this will look less credible to a board if they see that I wasn't certified when working? Would you advise going back and getting certified as a phlebotomist, CNA, MA, etc and go through the whole process of getting hce experience again? Also, the clinic I worked at recently closed. I most likely will not be able to get a recommendation from the doctor o
  3. Anyone else receive an interview for June 21st?? I got a call today and was offered an interview for next week on June 7th, but I'm not prepared at all so I decided to go with the 21st! I have to plan travel as well since I'm coming from the DC area. Supplemental received 05/11 CASPA app sent in 05/15 Interview invite 05/31
  4. Hey everyone! I'm starting PA school in May 2018 and would like to ask for equipment I will need for school for Christmas this year! I'm looking for recommendations on stethoscopes, otoscope/opthalmascope sets, etc. Please include any info you can including brands/where to buy them!!
  5. So I applied last cycle, 2016-2017, with somewhat of a premature application. I graduated in May of 2015 with a B.S in Biology and then applied for jobs as a nursing assistant until I finally landed one in Feb 2016. Since then I have been working as a nursing assistant and taking pre-requisites. (was formerly pre-med). My last application had about 800 hours of HCE (including volunteer work and nursing assistant hours). I had an "OK" PS, and 3 decent LORs. My cumulative GPA is 3.4 and science is 3.2. I got no interviews, all rejections from about 9 schools. This cycle I st
  6. Looking for advice. I am from the east coast and I am admitted to a school in the west coast. I am also admitted to a newer program closer to home with a much lower first time pass rate, cost $20,000 more, and limited/expensive housing option. My choice is to move out west since it makes financial sense. However, my wife doesn't like the idea of leaving her family and moving across the country. She states: "You'll be in school 24/7, all I am asking is to at least have my family around." Has anyone dealt with a situation like mine? BTW, I would be moving from Boston MA to Portlan
  7. Hey there, I wanted to start a thread where students could chime in to share their experiences while on rotation. I will post one of mine below from my blog PAjourney.com. Feel free to add some of your own experiences in the comments section. Thanks! This is my experience on my Pediatrics rotation: PAJourney.com - Clinical Rotation 1: Pediatrics
  8. Hi everyone, I am in desperate need of advice regarding how to plan out the next 6 years. In an ideal world, I would attend PA school and get pregnant during the clinical year, take the PANCE, have my first kid, and start looking for my first job when he/she is a couple months old. However, that would put me at having him/her in about 4 years (I would be applying 10 months from now for a June 2019-June 2021 academic cycle), and my fiancé is not willing to wait that long (he is much older than I am), especially because we would like to have 3 kids. The other options include having one
  9. Just wondering how many other schools do a Summative Week before graduation and how similar or different it is to ours at Penn State. I wrote a blog post describing my experience with Summative Week. Please feel free to share yours below.
  10. Hello everyone, I was hoping someone could shed some light on my situation. I am currently a paramedic, and have over 10,000 HCE. I was working as a firefighter recruit in the academy and unfortunately got injured twice. I was forced to resign and started working as a paramedic again. I love medicine and I have been working on my undergrad for the past 1.5 years. Currently a senior and all of my prereqs are finished (sgpa 3.7). I have an upward trend in my GPA, which was initially terrible (had bad GPA about 8 years ago when I was going through family issues and wasn't focused in school).
  11. Hey All! I'm currently a PA student at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center and my absurdly smart tutor (who abandoned me to go be a doctor, ugh) wrote a board review book during his M3 year, and has created a podcast where all the episodes are around 20-30 minutes, funny, interesting, ABSURDLY HELPFUL and come with a PDF study sheet with all of the info on it. I've used it for hematology, urology, nephrology, neurology and pulmonology so far and it's been really really helpful. He creates unique mnemonics and tells funny stories to help you easily remember the important info.
  12. Want to see what PA program at Jefferson College of Health Sciences is all about? Come out to the LAST info session of 2017 on July 28. Pre-registering is suggested, but not required. Find out more details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1878727572389278
  13. EMS calls ahead, and gives report "66-year-old female patient, unresponsive, multiple epis given, amio drip, bicarb, CPR, intubated … asystole, 15 minutes down time, will arrive in 10 minutes," is what I overhear over the radio while I am working in catching up with my charts. EMS arrived with the unresponsive patient, everyone in the ER rapidly working together trying to save her. The doctor frantically giving orders, asking EMS for more information. As per EMS, the patient was in dialysis when she suddenly collapsed. Sadly, after an hour of attempting resuscitation, it was time to call it, t
  14. How is it that sometimes we find our purpose in tragedy. I lost my grandma to diabetes. Diabetes did not take mercy on her. It took her slowly, until there was nothing else to take. It started with her kidneys, they slowly stopped functioning, so she had to be placed on dialysis. Lucky for her, my aunts cared enough to be trained on the process, and she was able to have it done in her home, that's if you consider that lucky. The next thing diabetes took was her sight. It continued taking from her until there was nothing more to take. As if losing your sight was not enough, it took the sensatio
  15. I need help with figuring out how to get my direct patient care hours for pa school. I don't know if I should get a certification to be an EMT since I've heard people talk about being a CNA. Also, people listed out options such as a physical therapist aide. I just finished getting a Bachelors in Biology and I'm confused on what to do to get my hours fast to go apply to pa school. What did you do to get your direct patient care hours.
  16. Before the Interview This article contains information on six important steps every applicant should consider before the PA school interview: 1. General Preparation 2. Types of Interviews 3. Do’s and Don’ts for the PA School Interview 4. Dealing with Anxiety 5. Silencing the “Inner Critic” 6. Final Preparation GENERAL PREPARATION You’ve done all the work necessary to get your CASPA application completed, and submitted. You wait in anticipation to hear back from the PA programs you applied to, and
  17. Hello everyone, I've come here to seek some guidance/feedback about my current situation. I'm 30 years old, I graduated in 2007 with a BS in Health Science with a concentration in Nuclear Medicine from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. I went on to finish Nuclear Medicine School in 2008. From then on I've been working as a Nuclear Medicine Tech in the radiology department of various hospitals. Back in 2010-2011 I decided that I wanted to do more, I felt like I was missing out. I decided to pursue a career as a Physician Assistant. I was very worried because at the
  18. I am applying this cycle to multilple PA programs. I've looked at old threads and know this has been an issue for others in the past. I hold my NREMT-P cert which I cannot let go due to my DOD obligations. If I am accepted, my recert window will fall sometime during the clinical year. Has anyone's found success with their program or medical director to have the didactic year satisfy requirements?
  19. Since 1998 US News has been publishing the only known ranking of PA programs. Their rankings are based on subjective peer assessment surveys of PA program faculty. A useful ranking system should be “measurable, reproducible, and not opinion based! Physician Assistant Programs Ranked by PANCE Pass Rates 2017 http://www.thepalife.com/best-pa-schools/
  20. Interested in seeing what are some of the procedures PA students learn before starting clinical rotations? Head on over to my blog to find out. Thanks! http://apthepa.blogspot.com/2017/02/clinical-procedures.html
  21. Currently I am living in Germany due to the military and I am going to school in a blended format online and some in class here in Germany but the school i'm enrolled in is mostly an online college. Will PA programs look down on the online degree or will this make me less competitive? Right now I have 10 years HCE, a 3.679 cGPA, a 3.4sGPA, tons of shadowing hours and I could get letters of rec from 2 PA's and a Physician and I plan to volunteer at the Red Cross here is Germany this year as well. Haven't taken the GRE yet but I plan on doing so towards the end of undergrad. I am majoring in Man
  22. Has anyone tried serving in the military active duty while attending PA school?
  23. Looking for any insight into my situation: I applied to 10+ PA programs this cycle, interviewed at 3, have been accepted to 1, and have not heard from about 4 other schools at all yet. The program I was accepted to just got put on probation overall GPA: 3.45 Science GPA 3.3 pre-req GPA : close to 4.0 Have about 1600 and counting hours as ED scribe Have about 75 hours shadowing PAs 2,000+ hours working/volunteering at a summer camp for kids with life threatening illnesses Plus another couple hundred of volunteer hours in other places - mission trips, etc. GRE very ave
  24. Dear PA Student or PA Grad, After personally tutoring PA students matriculating in PA schools for 2 years, I began tutoring graduates who were about to take the PANCE for the first time. 100% of the first five I tutored scored high. After teaching for over 20 years, I have made these subjects relatively simple to learn without memorization! And since 2012, I have helped 57 students pass the PANCE and PANRE. My students were from schools all across the U.S. *Of those 5 first time takers, 100% passed. *Of those who had failed once, 97% passed. *Of those who failed twice, 93% passed
  25. Custom search within all current PA schools to find the perfect PA program based on your needs, background and experience. Sort by GRE, Overall GPA, Science GPA, Tuition, Healthcare Experience, class size etc. etc. etc. http://www.paschoolfinder.com/pa-program-match/
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