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  1. I'm a current PA student that is considering pursuing an orthopedic role. I also have a masters degree in athletic training & sports medicine with five years experience as an athletic trainer. I'm curious as to how much I should be asking for when I start job searching and any input would be much appreciated. Gary, MAT,ATC, LAT
  2. I was hoping you guys could let me know how many hours of shadowing is considered competitive? This particular MD that is a neurosurgeon is going to let me shadow him 30-40 hours a week for about a month. He said if I want to come in more I can. He is even going to let me *watch* him do surgeries. I will meet his PA and watch what the PA does during surgery. He also told me afterwards that he will let me talk to some other doctors/PA's in different specialties to shadow them as well and ask questions. I believe I will learn a lot. Is shadowing highly valued by PA schools even though its re
  3. I came to college as a 58 year-old physician assistant student in a class of people less than half my age. The career change from engineering had been gradual, starting when I first blundered into medicine in my late 30s as a hospital volunteer. Later, after a 4 month night EMT course, I began volunteering with a local rescue squad. I eventually realized that I enjoyed medicine more than engineering. One day, a young member of our squad asked me to write a letter of recommendation in support of his PA school application. Up until then, I hadn’t known that the profession even existed, but I
  4. I am currently filling out the BCM supplemental application and I am unsure about the instructions. There is a box corresponding to the "Course Title"; I was informed to fill out the classes I have taken for each subject in this box; however, the box does not allow for that many characters. Can someone please tell me what I am supposed to enter into this box? Thank you. Brittany
  5. Hi there, I am starting college this fall and am having some questions about my major. As of right now I am majoring in Human Development and Family Studies and minoring in Biology. The minor in Biology will fulfill my pre req cources for PA school. My question is how will my major affect (positively or negatively) getting into PA school? Thanks!
  6. I am trying to think of jobs/experience you can get for PA school. What did you guys do for the experience? So far, I can only think of CNA, EMT-B, and Patient Care Technician. Any other jobs that are useful? Also, is it okay to be a CNA for one year, then an EMT-B for another year? I was thinking of having different jobs all throughout college. Is this a good or bad idea? I heard PA schools like "varied" experiences so is that considered varied?? What are your thoughts on this? thanks so much!
  7. I am having a really tough time deciding between whether to pursue a career as a PA or MD and was curious if anyone here wanted to offer any insight. Are there any PAs who wish they had gone the MD route or is there a general consensus that becoming a PA is much more fulfilling? I am in my mid-twenties and currently working in an ER while taking post-bacc courses that would fulfill pre-reqs for both PA programs and most med schools. I am single with no children so I have a great deal of flexibility in my decision making. I think that I would also really enjoy working in either pediatrics or
  8. I am currently a second-semester freshman with a science major. I am planning on applying to PA school but I have a lot of questions. MY GPA isn't up to standards at all currently and I am struggling with science courses but I am determined to make up for this first year. With that being said, I'm wondering if anyone has tips to help me get on the right track for applying for PA school even if I don't have a 4.0 at the end of college. I've looked into a few schools and took note of their prerequisites so I'm not missing out on something important but I'm stressing already. Pretty much I'm look
  9. I am a 35 year old mom of three and I have decided to do a career change. I started premed in my 20s, but realized that it was not for me. Finally, after growing up (getting married, having kids, working as a teacher), I have decided to go back to school for PA. After a couple of years of researching the field and talking to individuals in the field, I am excited to start my studies. However, I have a few questions about job experience. I understand that every PA school defines job experience differently. But, is there any way that I can avoid having to go to a Ross or Everett for 18 mon
  10. I got an email, and now a letter, telling me that I have been accepted into the class of 2015 and will start the program this spring . My question is...what now? For those who have been accepted how are you preparing for the program? By this I mean: -Financial aid (loans, grants, scholarships? I was lucky enough to finance my undergrad education with scholarships and I am concerned and clueless about taking out student loans for the first time.) - Housing (I think I will most likely be at the Morehead Campus) -Study tools (what are you going to use to take notes, laptop, ipad, tablet PC
  11. I'm currently a sophomore in college, on the Pre-PA track. I'm about 90% sure that I want to become a PA and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to increase my chances of getting accepted in the mean time. I currently have a 3.4 GPA and get all A's and B's. I started volunteering at the local hospital my spring semester of freshman year and plan on doing it again for the rest of my college career(working in the ER this semester, it's a different area each time). Are there any things you wish you'd done in the years leading up to apply for PA school?
  12. Hello everyone, One of the programs I'm applying to will cost around $90K for the entire program. This excludes the cost of living. If I get accepted and complete the program, I feel like I'll be in debt for many years to come. I was hoping someone could give me some insight as to whether or not attending a program of this nature is a wise idea in the grand scheme of things. I appreciate any feedback!
  13. I have been offered a full time job with 100% paid PA program tuition by my former employer, a large healthcare system where I worked for 17 years. Our family relocated 4 years ago to a different state. If I were to take this wonderful opportunity, I would need to drive 3 hours one way on Sunday evenings, stay for the week, and drive 3 hours home on Friday evenings. We have children ages 8 and 10, and it would be a difficult thing as a family to decide if they should come with me, stay here with their dad, and of course, the ultimate question, is it really worth the sacrifice to break the fami
  14. After much research, I'm interested in hearing opinions from practicing PAs about my idea for a change in medical education. I am just a pre-PA student, so there's a good chance of me being misinformed on this whole issue, but I'd love to hear others' thoughts and opinions. (Even if it's just to tell me just HOW misinformed I am. :) ) It seems to me that medical education is highly segregated when it comes to available educational paths. For example, a PA must "start over" if s/he wishes to become an MD. I've been thinking that a more efficient route would be the following: 1. Bachelor
  15. Just wondering if anyone out there knows of (or uses) specific techniques or mental frameworks for putting medical knowledge into long-term memory (as opposed to just rote memorization). For example, one of my professors (a really awesome, extremely knowledgeable EM PA) apparently uses a mental system that involves visualizing filing cabinets for different areas/topics in medicine, then pulling out the file folder that relates to the information she's trying to recall, and then looking at the papers in that file folder. I've also read about techniques such as "memory palaces"/Roman roo
  16. Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I am recording my whole process of getting accepted to PA school, and my experiences throughout school. From getting patient care experience, pre-reqs, to recently getting accepted into PA school I will put it all down. I am trying to include any tips and tricks that I feel worked for me so that others can benefit from them. I will answer any questions and give my advice to those who are still working on getting into PA school. (Any little advice helps along the way). http://djthepa.blogspot.com/ I am planning on recording through P
  17. Hi everyone, This is my first time applying to PA school, straight out of undergrad (I'm 22). I have been rejected by 3/5 schools so far, and although I want to remain optimistic about the other 2, I also want to be realistic. I'm thinking that one of the major reasons I have been rejected is due to my GPA (3.13 cumulative, about 2.75 science). If that is the case, I know I could benefit by retaking some classes (slash taking some more classes such as genetics and biochemistry that would increase my range of possible schools to apply to), but I'm wondering what the reaction would be by adcom
  18. We're trying to get an idea as to how many veterans in general are applying to PA school this cycle. Please take a second and go to this thread to vote! http://www.physicianassistantforum.com/forums/showthread.php/33183-Poll-For-All-Veterans! Thanks for your time!
  19. Hello! My name is Raymond Kwan and I'm about to graduate from Texas A&M College Station this upcoming May. I'm planning to apply to PA school and would love to find shadowing opportunities with PA's in the HOUSTON or COLLEGE STATION area. As i still do have classes, i'm more than willing to work around them to find a schedule that would best fit you. as well, i have monday and friday's off so i would be more than willing to spend those 4 day weekends learning and experiencing the PA work field. please let me know if you'd be willing to consider taking me on as a shadow. PM me i
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