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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone, I've found a very interesting report from the Physician Assistant Education Association (PAEA). Every PA school applicant should know this information. You can sign up for the FREE report on andrewrodican.com. Thanks.
  2. I'm majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders and the internship opportunities I am presented with deal mostly with children with hearing disabilities (obviously) and Autism. I'm pretty sure this is not the medical experience PA schools consider competitive... Any advice on how to obtain true MEDICAL EXPERIENCE? In a hospital? With patients? Would it be wise to pursue an EKG/EEG/CMA/CNA Technician Certification, and work part time? Would that even be possible to obtain concurrently with my undergrad major?
  3. So I am not the greatest on paper. I have a GED and two horrible semesters under my belt. However, I have repeated most of the classes and passed with mostly As and Bs. Since returning to school I have gotten an a.s. in social science, and am currently finishing up my b.a. in anthropology of human biology. My current GPA is a 3.0, I have pulled it way up since failing a total of 8 classes some years ago. My poor academic transcripts are solely related to young naivety and the pursuit of a career as an artist. Since my rebel youth I have been employed most notably as an english as a second language teacher as well as a medical/ administrative assistant in a community based primary care office. Working in the medical office I have done everything from checking blood pressure to implementing/ designing the new electronic patient records database and training all employees of its use. Since my return to school this final time I have become part of the Phi Theta Kappa honors society during my time at community college. I have not done any extra curricular activities at my 4 year because on top of going to school full time I am also working full time. I have worked for my office for over 6 years and have sat in on visits, done ekgs, blood draws, etc. My lowest grade in a biology class to date is an F but after retaking the class I have gotten an A. I am also planning on contacting a cardiologist that my office works closely with to see if I may shadow him this summer. I also may ask my current employer's nephew to shadow, he is an orthopedist. I have not taken the GRE yet but plan to do so after taking a prep course. I will graduate next spring, but plan to apply to PA school next fall. What if anything can I do in the mean time to make sure my academic history and young stupidity don't continue to haunt me in the future? I pretty much fell into my current line of work and I have loved every minute of it. I really want to have the opportunity to prove that I can be in a position to do more for the patients I see every day. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.
  4. I am pursuing work in the medical field which I plan to do until PA school and I want to know what jobs will be more appealing to admissions and provide more valuable experience. I am finished with the Certified Nursing Assistant program and just took the exam but recently received advice that admissions would not really care about that experience and would prefer work as an ER tech, volunteering until a paid position opened. I'm hoping to pursue work that makes me most desirable to PA school admissions so any input is appreciated.
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