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Found 40 results

  1. I'm considering applying to the PA program at Western. Does anyone know if their program has a medical spanish component, and if so, for how long? I looked on the website and couldn't seem to find it. Thank you! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hey all! Thought I would start a thread so we can get to know each other a bit! I just got an email for an interview, Sep 6. Has anyone else heard back yet? Good luck to everyone!
  3. Hello everyone, I'm new to the PA forum. Haven't seen a thread yet for the upcoming application cycle, so I thought I'd go ahead and start one. I'm sure I can't be the only one in the process of narrowing down my list of schools for next year! Just curious to see where everyone else is applying and what your backgrounds are. I'm going to do my best to stay active in these forums, because I think I can learn a lot from everybody here. This is my first time applying, and I'm sure there are people here who are re-applicants and can offer advice to those of us who are new to the process. A little bit about me -- I'm a recent University of Arizona graduate (Bear Down Cats!). I studied healthcare management and I'm currently working as an ER scribe in a rural hospital, about an hour outside of Charleston, SC. I'm taking the GRE in January and I'm currently finishing the last of my science pre-requisites. Once I receive an acceptance to PA school (fingers crossed), I'm comissioning in the Navy as a medical officer and I'll serve for at least two years after graduation. Planning to specialize in surgery, likely trauma and/or orthopedics. Here's a list of schools I'm considering, in order of preference. I know it's quite a few -- most likely, I will not apply to all of them. Let me know if you are also applying to any of these schools and/or what you've heard about these programs! Duke University Chapman University - Orange County, CA University of Alabama - Birmingham Treveccca Nazarene University - Nashville A.T. Still University - Phoenix South College - Knoxville, TN MUSC - Charleston, SC University of South Alabama University of Utah University of Florida University of Charleston - West Virginia Sullivan University - Louisville, KY Idaho State University Monmouth University - West Long Branch, NJ Seton Hall University - South Orange, NJ University of New England - Portland, ME Look forward to hearing more about everyone....and good luck to everyone applying in 2015!
  4. Hello, I interviewed at West Lib Uni on Jan 21 and was wondering if any of you guys have heard back?
  5. Hello everyone! Wondering if anyone else has received an invite for an interview for the class starting in June 2015? I received an invite today to interview on October 31st. Anyone have any advice? Thanks
  6. Hello everyone, I would really appreciate help with my personal statement. I am not a great at writing and would really like some insight and any help that you all can give me. My opening statement is not written well and I know that, it is not what I actually wanted to say but I was trying to go for something catchy and different. I would like to incorporate somewhere that I was not a good student at all the first 2 and a half years that I was a college student and I had no drive until I discovered my passion for the health care field. I wanted to describe exactly what happened and how I felt the first day of my internship at an emergency room. Try not to be too harsh. "Throw some gloves on and come get in some compression," is what the Registered Nurses and Physicians said to me in the first 10 minutes of my orientation at the Emergency Room. It was a Monday afternoon and I was scheduled to be at the hospital for two hours. I had been experiencing anxiety because I was going to be in the Emergency Room and this was my first time being in a healthcare setting, it was especially intimidating. I was following Lyle, who is a RN and is in charge of the education department; he was giving me a tour around the different pods in the emergency room. When I had first met with him he informed me that he would not be able to protect me from what I could possibly see during my time at the ER. He was not lying when he said this to me. He then took me to the drop off/loading area where the ambulances enter. When we first walked out there was already an ambulance out there unloading an infant that was on the gurney, I was never informed on the condition of this patient, he was hooked up to the monitors and crying; at least he was responding. We were standing out there and he was describing certain things to me and while we were standing there we could hear sirens close by and he wanted to wait to see what was coming in. Eventually, they pull in and the emergency medical technician walks around and opens the back doors to the ambulance and I immediately see a mans legs bouncing/shaking. Instantly I know what is happening inside the ambulance and my heart starts racing, I feel sick to my stomach and I think to myself “what in the world are you doing here right now.” The patient is in cardiac arrest and while they are bringing him in, there is a paramedic on the side of the gurney performing compressions and the others has him bagged giving him oxygen. We follow them inside and they enter the trauma room and I step back and watch until they tell me to put gloves on and perform compressions. The whole time I am emotionally freaking out, but I take a deep breath and grab some gloves and I don’t think about myself anymore, my mind is now on the patient whose life is quickly passing directly in front of me. Eventually, I trade off with a Resident who was performing compressions and it is my turn, I see nothing else but the patient now and I am completely focused on executing the compressions correctly and efficiently. Ultimately, the man did not make it, despite all the efforts from the Physicians, RN’s, and interns. This was the first time I have seen death, I was sorrowful for this man and his family. Even though the outcome was not what we had hoped for, I was especially grateful for this experience. Allowing me to be a part of the attempt to save this mans life, made me feel something that I have never felt before.
  7. Hello! My name is John and I applied to Oklahoma Tulsa and Oklahoma City PA this year. I was wondering how long after they review your application it takes for them to tell you if you get an interview. Has anyone had an interview there and could you explain your experience? Any advice is great! Thanks so much
  8. Hello! My name is John and I have applied to Baylor and UNT Fort Worth PA school this year. I was wondering how long it takes for them to ask you for an interview after seeing your application. Of course, I'm assuming I get an interview. Has anyone ever been interviewed there? Could you explain your experience? Also, I have heard that Baylor has recently lost accreditation. Is that true? Any relatable response would be great. Thanks!
  9. Hello! My name is John and I applied to Oklahoma Tulsa and Oklahoma City PA this year. I was wondering how long after they review your application it takes for them to tell you if you get an interview. Has anyone had an interview there and could you explain your experience? Any advice is great! Thanks so much
  10. Hello! My name is John and I have received an interview from CBU scheduled for July 27th. I was wondering if anyone has interviewed their recently and what the interview is like. I was told that I have to write an essay in 30 minutes. Anyone have an idea of what they ask for the essay? Also, I was told that I will be interviewed by two people and I'll be done in about 2 hours. Can anyone give me some tips, hints, or advice to doing well for the CBU interview? Thanks so much for all the help.
  11. when you earn an interview, is everyone that's granted an interview on the same playing field? or do they consider stats + interview when deciding admission? thanks!
  12. Hi everyone, just seeing who has been accepted to class of 2013 and what will your housing/ living arrangements be? I have been accepted and will be attending this fall and would possibly like to room up with another PA student. Congratulations to all those that have been accepted, see you in the fall!
  13. Hi all, How long should an applicant take to answer a typical interview question (such as: why do you want to be a PA, what have you dont to prepare yourself for PA school)? I think I have good answers, but I timed myself, and my answers are generally 2-3 mins long. I have a unique background with many diverse experiences which I would like to tie in, however I am reading that answers should be brief ... 4-6 lines at most. What are everyone else's thoughts on this? Thanks
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