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  1. Hello, Everyone, I recently had to withdrawal from the PA Program I was in. I was in my clinical year and doing really well on my rotations but some family issues came up and I wasn't able to even take a leave of absence. I was mostly an A student during didactic year and all of my preceptors were more than pleased with my performance. I was wondering if there are any programs out there where you can transfer credits that were already earned....I'm looking for a way to pick up where I had to leave sort of speak and not start from square one. I've been calling every program I can get ahold
  2. Hello all! I was hoping to get an opinion or two as to my efforts preparing for PA school application process. First off, I am a medical rep that was blessed to have hands on patient time as a rep in the realm of sleep disorders and another opportunity to work as a rep with chronic lung disorders and neurological disorders that lead to respiratory problems/ failure. I am currently a rep for a home health company where I have taken that knowledge I gained and designed specialty programs for COPD/ restrictive lung disease patients, trying to reduce hospital readmission rates, and ne
  3. First time applying, submitting my application soon... Wish me luck! Don't be gentle, tear it to shreds. Life can be summed into a succession of moments that shape us into the type of person we are today. Some people would have you believe that only the momentous, earth-shattering experiences shape who we are and how we view the world, but I disagree. I believe we are molded more by the strength it takes to face seemingly trivial daily troubles, and the unwavering empathy and support we provide for those in need. The latter is something I have seen from numerous physician assistants, and i
  4. Hi guys and gals, I have a question! I graduated 2013 with a BS in Business. My CGPA is 3.1. Initially, I was a chemistry major so I have about two years worth of sciences done but my grades were not that great. My existing SGPA is 2.7. I plan on retaking all the courses over that I received lower than a B. So my problem is: For the fall semester, I got into the following programs: Pre med post bacc at Hofstra University Non-matriculated program at NYU (applied for post-bacc in the spring) Non-matriculated program at Hunter (applied for post-bacc in the spring) Which p
  5. Hey everyone! Katie from Alabama here. I am an RT (2 years experience) trying to get into PA school. I am struggling with this personal statement. I somehow ended up writing TWO... they are completely different (in my eyes) I would love any input you guys have as to which one the admissions committee may value more! I'm not exactly looking for help editing them (though I would gladly accept because I definitely need it) I am just trying to decide which one is worth me continuing to work on...Thank you so much!! -Katie PS # 1: My interest in medicine began at a young age
  6. Hey everyone! Katie from Alabama here. I am an RRT (2 years experience) trying to get into PA school. I am struggling with this personal statement. I somehow ended up writing TWO... they are completely different (in my eyes) I would love any input you guys have as to which one the admissions committee may value more! I'm not exactly looking for help editing them (though I would gladly accept because I definitely need it) I am just trying to decide which one is worth me continuing to work on...Thank you so much!! -Katie PS # 1: My interest in medicine began at a young age. I was
  7. While I put on my isolation gown, I wondered why the Pediatric Department requested me to volunteer a few additional hours for them. My two assigned departments included the Pediatric Diabetes Center and the Emergency Department so this was unusual. A nurse directed me to a patient’s room that seemed to be occupied by a small six-month-old baby girl. “Here is your patient for today. She is a 2-year-old abused and undernourished little girl. She cannot talk yet or stand up on her own. Just keep her company.” I was astounded that a 2-year-old was this small and fragile. As I g
  8. Hi everyone, I have officially applied to one school with my first attempt GRE score (got a flat tire on the way AND got rear ended - talk about stressed and then sitting for the exam) v: 145 , q:140 w: 4 I am able to retake the GRE but the school that i have just applied to (Grand Valley State in MI) will be past their deadline so unfortunately they will be getting my first attempt score. I have read that GVSU's focuses only very minimally on the GRE scores ( which in my case i really hope so) My overall GPA is 3.0 - Few semesters really hurt my overall - some due to family de
  9. Hello, I am a pre-PA student in my junior year of my undergraduate studies. I chose Psychology as a major because I was initially attempting to get into an RN program, finished most of the PA school prerequisites in my first 2 years, and wanted to study something I found interesting and applicable to being a PA when I transferred to a University. As I am taking my time on the way to PA school and chiseling away at my required HCE I won't be applying for at least another 2 years. I have a lot of free time and find the lack of medicine, Anatomy, and physiology specific studies getting a bit bori
  10. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! "To say I was an accident prone child is an understatement. I frequented doctors’ offices and emergency rooms for a variety of injuries and ailments. I remember staying home sick from elementary school, curling up on the sofa to watch marathons of “Medical Mysteries” and “Trauma: Life in the ER”. My squeamish parents were somewhat disgusted by my gruesome choice of entertainment and were puzzled by my infatuation with medicine. Even so, my interest and enthusiasm for medical care persisted. In 2006, after I was involved in a ser
  11. Any and all help will be rewarded with 1000 virutal hugs :) I am a 1st time applicant, so I admittedly have no idea what I'm doing! I know I need to "trim some fat" but I wanted to gauge if I was onto something good, or if I need to make major adjustments. Also, do I have to state anywhere that the names I've used have been changed for HIPAA compliance? THANKS MAJORLY DUDES! ------------ On his better days, Mr. Hughes was one of my favorite patients. He was a middle aged man with a booming voice – I could usually hear him from the elevator before he stepped foot into the office. We
  12. Hi folks, I am new to this forum. I am in my first year of college and I recently started a job as a CNA at a hospital on the orthopedic floor. I have been shadowing a pediatric orthopedic surgeon and his colleague, a PA, regularly since I started school. Anybody have any suggestions on what else to do this early on to "fluff" my application? Anything will help! Thanks!
  13. Hello all! I submitted a drawing to the Frame My Future scholarship contest earlier this year. After they reviewed 5500 entries, they picked me to be one of the 24 finalists!!! Wooot! In order for me to win $1000 scholarship that could help me pay for the PA program at UNTHSC in Fort Worth, TX, I need your help. The money is awarded to 5 finalists who get the most votes, so please vote for me! Voting is from now until April 19th (11:50pm Eastern Time), so vote early and vote often! 1. go to: www.diplomaframe.com/FMF2015-Naguit 2. click on 'Vote for This Entry" 3. enter your email addre
  14. Hi I am currently attending High School as a Senior as this will be my last year. I would like to know where to start with the Physicians Assistant programs. I had three options: 1. I was going to go straight to a four year and get my bachelor and at the same time I was going to get my hours needed through things offered at the local hospital where ever I would end up going. 2. I was just going to go to my local Junior College and I would take the EMT course this summer so that is how I would get my hours done. Then i would apply straight to the PA program after I got my associates. 3. I wa
  15. Hello, I am a business major (information systems) looking at a possible switch to PA. Here's a little background. I had the inkling that I wanted to be in the medical field after transferring to my university. It has actually always been in the back of my head but I pursued a degree in a hobby I enjoyed - computers. I was primarily focused on DO and/or Dental (did not shadow anyone at the time so wasn't sure). Being that both of those school require a bachelors degree, I found it faster and more economical to finish my business degree and then begin the path to getting into a medical/dent
  16. Hello there, I just graduated last week with a BS in biology. Through the last couple years, I had no idea what I really wanted to do, and all though now that I've come to realize being a PA is my calling, my gpa is no where where it needs to be. My cumulative gpa is a 2.58. I have a majority of C's and B's on my transcript with a handful of D's. My initial plan was to retake courses at a community college to boost my GPA but then I saw through this forum that maybe a post-bac is a better option? I really have no idea on what my next move should be. Any advice? I know it will take a f
  17. Hi there, I graduated with a degree in Biology, but really didn't know what i wanted to do with it while i was in school, and as a result, i did not receive the best grades. I got a cumulative 2.56, but I have a 3.2 in my prerequisite classes, and a better cumulative over my last 4 semesters, but still not great, 2 C's and mostly B's. That being said, PA school is my dream. It's something i really want to do. I recently obtained my EMT-b and want to start working, I have some HCE but not a lot, yet. I was just hoping to get some input on how to address my low GPA. What types of classe
  18. I am a 23 sophomore student that regretted his after-high-school-indecisive-goals pursuing his career in Physician Assistant. I've always wanted to do pre-med but the length of it discourages me. But as long as I can become someone that give hope and care for people for their health, thats all I care. Community College GPA: 3.75 Major: Bachelors of Science in Healthcare Studies School: Richland Community College/University of Texas at Dallas Here are my questions and concerns: 1. I am doing Bachelors of Science in Healthcare Studies. The reason is because I wanted to become more
  19. Hello, I'm a PA student on clinical rotations now trying to secure a psychiatry rotation in Tallahassee, FL. The office manager I spoke to asked me many questions about what a PA practicing in Florida can do in psychiatry. I was unable to answer some of her questions about prescribing medication. I told her I thought PAs in FL could not prescribe controlled substances. She went on to say they employ NPs who had to acquire special certification in psych to write and fill certain medications, My questions are, are there options for PAs to become certified in something to give them more privileg
  20. Hi guys. I was hoping I could get some good critical feedback regarding my PS. I would appreciate it if you were harsh and picky with your criticism. I know it is a little long and I am planning on cutting back "fluff" and trying to get to the point I really do appreciate the help, you guys are the best and I love all the help this forum has provided. I remember the day like it was yesterday. The alarm is sounding and I am rushing through endless corridors until I reach the Emergency Department at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. This was my second year as a volunteer at the hospital
  21. Hello, I am a pre-PA student currently approaching the "finish line" with regards to the pre-requisite courses I have been needing to complete for the PA programs I dream of applying to and one day attending for 2016. I will be applying this upcoming April or a couple months after depending on the amount of hours I am able to acquire by that time, but have been wondering like so many other students, what my "odds" are in terms of not only having my application looked at, but also being offered an interview. I do have transcripts available for viewing, along with several hours of shado
  22. Hello! I have received an interview from CBU scheduled for July 27th. I was wondering if anyone has interviewed their recently and what the interview is like. I was told that I have to write an essay in 30 minutes. Anyone have an idea of what they ask for the essay? Also, I was told that I will be interviewed by two people and I'll be done in about 2 hours. Can anyone give me some tips, hints, or advice to doing well for the CBU interview? Thanks so much for all the help.
  23. If you are in PA School, on rotations, or studying for the PANCE/PANRE and would like help studying or if you need helpful study material please contact me!
  24. Hello! My name is John and I have applied to Baylor and UNT Fort Worth PA school this year. I was wondering how long it takes for them to ask you for an interview after seeing your application. Of course, I'm assuming I get an interview. Has anyone ever been interviewed there? Could you explain your experience? Also, I have heard that Baylor has recently lost accreditation. Is that true? Any relatable response would be great. Thanks!
  25. Could someone please review my personal narrative? I am hitting a wall, and desperately need a fresh point of view! I kneel on cement with my hands covering my face. I breathe slowly, thankful for the stillness. Just 15 minutes earlier, I found my older brother surrounded by pills, unconscious on the bathroom floor. A receipt lay beside him with the words “Don’t resuscitate” sprawled across it in black ink. My heart beat saturated my ears, and everything beyond the point of my father’s initial shouts was white noise. Everyone was frantic, but for me time slowed. I escorted my little broth
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