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  1. Hi- I am looking to apply to PA school this upcoming cycle (beginning in April). I just want to see if it is worth it at all to apply this cycle or to if it would be better to wait until I have a stronger application. I'm looking to apply at grand valley state, Eastern Michigan, university of detroit, University of Dayton, (maybe) Northwestern University, midwestern university, and University of colorado- Denver or Boulder, so if anyone has any experience applying to those schools that would be extra helpful! I am most concerned about health care hours and GPA. My credentials: -
  2. Hello, This had me up last night ruminating so I thought I would listen to some outside opinions: I currently plan on applying to PA schools in the next CASPA cycle. I have a 4 year degree in Behavioral Neuroscience and about 3250 patient care hours; 2000 from an acute psych ward (Fairfax) and almost 1250 from Overlake Medical Center (as an imaging assistant). Both of these jobs count as HCE so I'm all good there. I also know that I can handle the course material and clinicals. I'm wondering if I'm currently too young to be pursuing PA school at 23 y/o. My main worries are about lacking
  3. If I don't get in this cycle I will have to retake certain courses. Is 6-7 years usually the standard before you have to retake these science courses? I feel like this would be an endless loop. Don't get into this cycle then basically wait even longer and retake all my bachelor of science courses lol. Anyone in the same predicament?
  4. Hello all, I'm in need of some serious advice, either from someone who has been in a similar situation or can help out in general. I'll start with some backstory. I'm currently a medical social worker and about a month ago realized that I probably should have gone into medicine instead of social work. The hard part is what I do isn't considered hands on and I don't have any prerequisites so I have to do it all. I'll lay out my plan and if anyone could help out with it hard be great because I'm a bit nervous about the process and the fact that it'll take me a few years to complete ever
  5. Hello! Anyone willing to share some advice on best HCE jobs in terms of admissions/experience? Background: I relocated to a new state at the end of the summer and got a job as a medical scribe in a local ED. My previous employment was in clinical research and through scribing I decided I want to be a PA. I am about to complete my EMT-B certification however, I am fairly certain that working as an EMT-B is not ideal as the only company near me uses EMT-Bs for transport only. Options: 1. Medical Office Assistant in private practice cardiologist office- Pros: get to do vitals, EKGs,
  6. I have a unique set of circumstances since graduating undergrad and I was wondering if anyone could give some insight on them? I had the opportunity to work a wide variety of health care jobs. I've genuinely loved all of them and being able to adapt to new environments and I've gotten to learn so much from different settings/specialties. Most of all, I feel like they help me see the patient much more as a whole after seeing them in different clinical settings. However, I'm worried that since I've worked so many jobs, it hurts my chances of getting into a PA school? I have not been actively
  7. Hello, I am a recent graduate from UCI with a B.S. in biological sciences (2.96 cumulative gpa). There have been ups and downs in my undergraduate years in the beginning but I was able to graduate with a science degree. I was so lost until a friend of mine recommended me to look into becoming a PA myself. I now have a new goal but my gpa is a major setback. I cannot afford the post bacc route but my grades from the last 1.5 years are at least 3.3 and up (taken only upper science courses). Plus I did research in Huntington disease for 1.5 years, soon to get a paper published. Also, I did v
  8. Hello! I am in the process of listing my health care and work experience. Does anyone know if it is preferable to simply list responsibilities or to write everything out in full sentences? I am finding it hard to describe everything given the 660 character limit. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks so much!
  9. I am a non traditional student. I recently started college full time at age 27. I am married with 2 kids. I just started my sophmore year. I have 0 HCE hours at this point. Actually I just have 0 hours for anything right now. (I worked as a waitress for the last 8 years). My schedule is already pretty intense and I am having a hard time figuring out how to acrue HCE hours. I know I will have a strong GPA and GRE test scores as I am a strong student. I am going to start volunteering in the emergency department at my local hospital next month and have some shadowing oppertunities lined u
  10. Hi All, I'm really excited to pursue a career as a PA, but I'm nervous that I don't have the right experience. I have health care experience, but not necessarily doing direct patient care. I worked in patient registration for two years in the ED, and then another year in hospital admissions. I've also worked as a ward clerk/unit coordinator for urgent care for about 6 months. Then I worked as a project manager for 6 outpatient clinics to reduce no-shows. Would these experiences count as health care experience? I had direct contact with patients in each of these roles, but I was not respons
  11. Hello! I have a question regarding quality of Health Care Experience. I have been a Licensed Esthetician for about 5 years now, specifically working under a Dermatologist performing Laser skin resurfacing, chemical peels, and acne treatments. Can this kind of work qualify as experience? It qualifies as Assistant to Dermatologist in some cases, but by any slim chance are there any Esthetician's here who may have been in a similar situation regarding HCE? Thanks!
  12. I am working on my application in CASPA... and I have a few questions regarding HCE. I know that direct patient care experience would be my job working as a derm medical assistant.. But I have a few things that I am not sure qualify as general health care experience: 1.) Dietary Clerk in a nursing home - I had to create meal plans with the dietitian and residents based off of their meal restrictions, etc. 2.) Residential counselor (senior year of college Practicum for credit) The position was a residential counselor for a group home with people who have dual illness. I had to assis
  13. If my research projects involved taking various anthropometric measurements such as blood pressure, body fat percent, VO2 max, maximum strength and power, etc., Can it be considered healthcare experience, patient care or is it just research?
  14. Hello everyone!!!! This is my first time posting on this forum so i'm hoping I'm doing it right. A little bit about my background: I went to the University of Miami (2014) and graduated with a GPA of 3.0 with a bachelors of Microbiology and Immunology and minors in Biology and Chemistry. Then I went on and got my masters at Barry University in Biomedical Sciences and graduated this past May (2016) with a GPA of 3.6 I have a 2 year research experience at the microbiology lab at Miller school of Medicine in Miami, 160 hours of shadowing with different physicians (Urology, Obgyn, Neur
  15. Hey! I am wondering if any of you guys have found ways to get experience in the OR as part of your HCE aside from becoming a certified surgical tech? I am planning to apply to PA school next cycle (to matriculate 2018) and I'm currently working as a certified medical assistant (after getting my B.S. in biotechnology), but I'd love to get a job in an OR. However, all the OR jobs I've found require at least the two year surgical tech degree and I definitely don't want to spend all the time and money becoming a surg tech when I'm planning to apply to PA school. Has anybody ever gotten to w
  16. Seen by a PA, presumed ingestion and missed meningitis. Reserving any judgements as details are unknown. Lawsuit filed by family. The husband of a Brooklyn woman who died of an untreated form of meningitis, slammed Coney Island Hospital with a lawsuit Thursday alleging that his wife was misdiagnosed as emotionally disturbed or suffering from an illegal drug reaction by "careless" and "negligent" medical staff. Grisel Soto, 47, spent her last hours alive strapped to a gurney and prescribed anti-psychotic medication, while the lethal infection raged in her brain. After she arr
  17. How detailed do the "experience" descriptions need to be? I'm a medic - is it safe to assume they'll understand the tasks, or should I list them (e.g., start IVs, administer meds)? Thanks!
  18. Hello, I am currently a junior and if I want to start PA school next fall, I need to apply this summer, but I'm unsure if my stats would allow me to be competitive enough to actually get accepted to any schools. I was hoping to gather some opinions on whether I would be a competitive enough applicant to apply now or if I should wait until next cycle.\ STATS: GPA: 3.9 HCE: I will have about 600 hours as a CNA in a nursing home and as a volunteer at a health clinic doing intakes and vitals Shadowing: I have about 20 hours but plan on aquiring at least 20 more before applying If I
  19. Hi PA Forum community! I stumbled on this website during my research about the PA profession about a year ago and would read through these forums on the daily, but I never had much courage until now to actively seek out some help! I really want to get into PA school but I don't have the most stellar GPA. I will be graduating Stony Brook University next week but I had a first 2 years in college, unfortunately leaving me with only a 2.7 GPA :( My grades did, however, increase my last two years of undergrad. I have been a pharmacy technician for almost a year and a half, but I know
  20. I've decided to change careers, and wanted to triple check and confirm something so I don't misrepresent anything on my future application. On CASPA there's PCE, HCE, Employment, Research, etc. I've worked for years in the pharmaceutical industry and have experience in clinical trials. Would this all be under HCE, or Research? I thought it would be under Employment, but that's for "paid work done outside of the health care field," and I would think pharmaceuticals would be in the health care field. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  21. I'm changing career, and I've read people listing their experience as a dance instructor on their application, and that makes sense. I have very little HCE as I've only been able to volunteer at a hospice for little under a year as a full-time student, and don't think I'll go over 500 hours. However, I have helped out my family run the gym for over 7 years (my mom's a gymnastic coach and dance instructor). Can I even list that? I'm guessing that the fact that I'm not the instructor and just an assistant (helping stretches, righting postures and handstands, bringing ice packs) doesn't help.
  22. I really want to apply this year and see if I get in. My GPA is very low with a cGPA of 3.19 and pGPA of 3.09. I have 500 hrs as a pharm tech, 200 hrs as a volunteer, 50 hrs as a CNA Seeing this, I know I would have to work on my HCE 2-3 years in order to get into PA school. My question is, even if I put in the commitment of working 2-3 years and accumulating HCE, will it be worth it??? Seems like the average GPAs to get into PA school are getting higher and the average HCE among applicants are getting lower.. I am also considering going into nursing first and working a few years to get exper
  23. I've seen quite a few times that interviewers will question why you're choosing to become a PA rather than a Nurse Practitioner after working as a nurse full-time for several years. To me, I'll still be getting the hands on experience I need to be functional as a PA and will be more involved and in the know than I would if I worked as a CNA first, which seems to be a more accepted form of getting patient care experience for PA school. Do you think becoming a Nurse could affect my chances of being accepted to PA school? My argument would be that I prefer the more in depth diagnosis and tr
  24. Last cycle I applied to 6 schools, received one interview at Baylor, and wound up #8 on the waitlist...since it doesn't seem like I'll be moving up that list any further I will need to reapply. In evaluating my app, I think maybe my lack of HCE is my biggest deficit. Quick stats: GPA 3.89 Science 3.9 Post-bac 4.0 GRE 159Q 159V 4.0W Job - Shriners Burns Hospital research coordinator HCE - previously a scribe (if that counts?) and performed HIV testing and H. pylori testing in the ED, volunteer in two physical therapy departments Shadowing - 20hrs county clinic, will have 20hrs EN
  25. Hi everyone, I am trying to decide when the best time to submit my CASPA application. I will have around 1100 hours working at a hospital as a CNA by late May. From my understanding, it is best to submit applications as early as possible for programs that admit under a rolling admissions basis. I am not exactly sure what is considered early submission, but I am planning on submitting all my CASPA materials by late May. Many of the programs that I will be applying to require a minimum of 1,000 hours. My question is, should I wait longer and work more before submitting my CASPA application at a
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