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Found 8 results

  1. Hi everyone! Does anyone here know what the preferred housing options are for the students in the PA program? Is it more convenient/affordable for the students to live in the dorms on campus or do most of the students commute from elsewhere in Manhattan/another boro for the entirety of the program? Thanks in advance!
  2. I have my first interview at Cornell this month. Any advice on how to prepare? I heard it will be both group and individual and I'm not sure what to expect. Does anybody know any important things for this school in particular? Thanks!
  3. what pa program are you in and what's your profile like? I am still an undergrad student and I would want to be (extra) well-prepared for PA school. I have looked at multiple uni's programs, but since I'm in california, I'd like to stay local. I was looking at usc's. anybody in usc's program? gpa? GRE score? HRE? curious. thank you.
  4. Cornell's webpage is still under construction - does anyone have prereq course information and HCE requirements? Any info would be appreciated as I haven't heard back from admissions yet and am trying to build my list. Thanks!
  5. Hi all! I was just wondering if anyone knows if Cornell's program accepts ER scribing hours as direct patient contact? I couldn't find a list of what specifics they accept or not. Thanks!
  6. Good luck to everyone who applied. Just turned in all my things yesterday. Random question: do they do rolling admissions? I couldn't find anything that stated whether they do or not specifically.
  7. Hi guys! Who else has applied? Still waiting to hear back about my app being received!
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