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  1. Hi, guys! I looked around and didn't see a new topic for this year's CASPA cycle for USC, so I started one here. I submitted my CASPA application on May 10th, received an email to do the supplemental application on May 11th, and submitted my supplemental application on May 11th. Now, I'm just waiting to hear back!
  2. Hey everyone! I recently submitted an application to CASPA. My transcript has already been verified and now I'm just waiting for the application to change from completed to verified. I was wondering if anyone knew how long the verification timeframe has been for the month of August?
  3. Hi everyone! I have a question for those of you with some experience or knowledge about admissions committees or the selection process in general. Which GPA do adcoms hold in higher esteem: the BCP GPA or the Overall Science GPA? I'm wondering this because I was surprised when I got my CASPA GPAs back and saw that my Overall Science GPA is significantly higher than my BCP. Thanks in advance for any insight you may have and good luck to all of my fellow applicants!
  4. Hi there, I was hoping that someone could help answer this one on Stanford and retaking GRE exam. I know that you are required to submit your Stanford application through CASPA by September 1st, but does that mean you have to submit your GRE scores by that date? Intuitively the answer seems obvious but I have read that you can take/retake the GRE after that September 1st deadline and update your scores on CASPA. The updated scores will then be sent to the programs you've applied to. While I've already sent preliminary scores to Stanford, I'm planning on re-taking the GRE and am wond
  5. 3chainz

    Updating CASPA

    Hi all, I have a question on updating CASPA. I submitted back in late May. During that time, I listed some in progress courses as Summer term, but unfortunately I ended up not being able to take those courses due to my work schedule and instead I am taking them now in the Fall semester. I know that you can update multiple times, but when you update do you have to move from in-progress to complete or can I just change the term from Summer to Fall and leave it in-progress? Just wanted to make sure, thanks in advance for your help!
  6. AspiringPA21


    Hello all, Just wondering how much my overall non-science GPA would affect my chances of getting in? I just had my application verified and my stats are: Cum Undergrad: 3.10 Overall Science: 3.24 Cum undergrad non-science: 2.93 :(
  7. Good afternoon everyone! Can someone please tell me is it 500 words or 500 characters allowed for submission on CASPA for the personal statement? Thanks, Dreamy
  8. I'm kind of curious, pertaining my circumstances, which cycle I will be able to apply into. I will graduate in spring 2019. I have prerequisites for PA school that I will be completing my graduating semester. With that being said, I am confused on whether or not I will be able to apply for the 2019 cycle for classes that in the fall, or if I fall into the 2020 cycle. Could someone make it clearer for me, because I feel like I'm confusing myself on something that is quite simple. Thanks
  9. Hi guys! I'm hoping someone can give me some insight or personal advice for my current situation. So basically, I took Ochem in the spring of 2017 but failed it with a D because I was going through a tough time and a lot of stress. My mother passed away a month after spring semester started and during midterm week. Chem is already a tough subject for me because I'm more of a biology person (hence why Im majoring in BIO), but because of my situation I was having a really tough time concentrating in school. And to make it worse, my ochem teacher was a total ass and wasn't lenient of my situ
  10. Hi everyone! This is my first post on a forum so I really hope I'm posting in the correct place/not repeating a question! So here it goes... Sophomore year I got in trouble with the University for academic misconduct. The misconduct was over a homework assignment in a class that I had already completed. My friend had a few questions about formatting since it was an online class, so I sent one of my old homework's as an example. Long story short she accidentally turned in my assignment (with my name on it and everything) instead of the one she said she completed on her own. I know it wasn
  11. Hello, So I submitted my CASPA application early July but my evaluations and transcripts are taking longer than expected to be received. My last evaluation is having some issues uploading the file and the last college I am waiting for to send in my transcripts sent them in last Tuesday but they still have not been received(I even ordered a rush transcript request from that school and paid for it). My first deadline isn't till Sept 1 but I know it is better to send in your application earlier to receive an earlier interview date even if admissions are not rolling. I am really stressed out
  12. If you have 3 people send letters of rec to CASPA but a school only requires 2; does CASPA randomly choose 2 out of your 3 to send to that school that only requires 2? That would sort of be unfair if you had 2 PAs and 1 professor send in LORs, and lets say the school requires: 1 from a professor and 1 from a PA... what if CASPA randomly chooses the 2 from the PAs. Then it looks like you never got one from a professor? Am I missing something here?
  13. I just submitted to two schools that did not require any patient care hours because I wanted to get the app in earlier, however, I would still like to apply to schools that do require a certain number of hours. Do I just add the additional hours as a new experience? Thank you! -Carolyn
  14. Good evening everyone! I'm a first time applicant so hopefully someone in this forum can answer this quick question. Although, I add the shadowing hours myself and input the supervisory information, the PA that I am shadowing said there should be a standard shadowing form to complete. Is there a standard form that everyone uses to upload to various schools to show them your proof of shadowing or do I just simply complete the shadowing experience section and leave it at that? Any info is greatly appreciated!
  15. Hello everyone! I have a question pertaining to CASPA. I am a first-time applicant and I seem to have a pretty good grasp on the CASPA portal system however a new concern dawned on me. Forgive me if theres already a thread on this, but I want to know the correct approach to take. So basically, under "program materials" on CASPA for each school, the school usually has a "prerequisite tab" in which you match the science courses from your transcripts uploaded on CASPA, to the school's pre-requisites. For example, it will say "Biology" and if the school requires you to have taken BIO 1 &
  16. If I attended and participated in a suture and casting workshop with the pre-PA association on campus, should I list those under health care experience or extracurricular activities? For the casting workshop, we got to practice applying short arm fiberglass casts and removing them with a casting saw on our peers under the instruction of a PA and ortho tech. For the suture workshop, we got to practice a variety of sutures on raw chicken drums under the instruction of a PA. Thank you!
  17. Has anyone done the professional transcript entry? I have all of my transcripts uploaded to CASPA, but I'm not sure how the process works if I wanted to purchase the professional transcript entry. Specifically, when do I purchase it? After I submit or before? Thank you.
  18. Hello all! It is unfortunate my first post here is CASPA troubleshooting, but such is life... CASPA is asking me to upload my supplemental application from the University of Florida, but I am unsure of what I am supposed to be uploading? I filled out what I believe was their supplemental application but it appeared to be mostly concerning Florida residency? Any ideas anyone? EDIT: Sorry, I did not realize every school had their own forum! I reposted at the U of F one, so feel free to delete this mods...my apologies
  19. mfrats


    I have a question regarding uploading my transcripts to CASPA. I have finished all my pre-reqs for the schools I am applying to, however I am still taking my language requirement to complete my degree. I will not be done with the language until this winter, after most of the school deadlines. I am also trying to apply early, within the next month, so should I still upload my transcripts now and then would have to upload them again after I complete my degree? Also, if I have taken some courses at a community college but am having them transferred over to my undergrad school, do I have to u
  20. I am unable to login into CASPA. Is anyone having this same issue?
  21. Hey all, CASPA open up soon, so I thought I'd open up this topic. I am a member of the class of '18 at Miami Shores. I interviewed at a few places last year that had the class above take care of communications related things, so I figured I'd follow suit. Also, for the accepted class into the Miami campus, one (or a few of us) will create your page so that we can answer any questions that you may have (Moving has been the most daunting issue for most of us). I'll be here for any questions. So feel free to PM me :D Of course, take multiple views into account, not just mine. Best
  22. Hi everyone! Confession: I'm struggling to find PCE. I'm graduating with my B.S. in Biology next month, and throughout college I've had some healthcare jobs and what might (might might might) constitute as a PCE gig (I was a caregiver for a girl with cerebral palsy for the better part of a year--LOTS of hands-on, medication-giving, bathing, wiping, feeding, teeth-brushing, etc. experience, as she was unable to do these things herself). I say it might count because it isn't in a traditional clinical setting, but I've had several people (PAs included) tell me they think it could count. So, I
  23. I recently submitted my CASPA application, only to later discover I had made a typo. I inadvertently referred to the PA profession as "Physician's Assistant" instead of "Physician Assistant." Needless to say, this is quite embarrassing to me, moreover as I cannot touch my essay now to change it. I just wanted to gauge opinion - how bad will this be for me? It is in the very first sentence, no less.
  24. Hi, This is only my second time posting to this forum but I often read people's responses and they always seem to be insightful. I am about to submit my CASPA application but I'm trying to decide if it's better to submit my application with my low GRE score or not submit a score at all and list the date I will be re-taking the GRE, which is at the end of June. I was told that schools don't look at applications until a GRE score is posted to an application so I'm nervous of how to proceed. If I submit my less than average GRE score will schools disregard my application all together because
  25. Hi everyone, I am a first time applicant and am currently filling out the Program Materials section on CASPA. Within the Program Materials section, many programs request students to upload documents. Most require just a CV/Resume to be uploaded, however, there is a generic statement (written by CAPA) beneath the Documents area that encourages the student to upload additional supporting documentation (such as proof of PCE/HCE hours, I'm guessing). I am wondering if I should attach supporting documentation of my PCE/HCE hours to my CV/Resume in this section (include everything) OR if
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