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  1. Hi All, After my two interviews this past month, I am finding myself in the situation of having to choose between two programs: it's an incredible opportunity and a dream to even get a choice, I realize, but I'm also really having a hard time because there are definite benefits and drawbacks to each program. I'm trying to figure out 1) what matters MOST in determining which program to pick and 2) which program will ultimately help me get the best job as a new grad. I would also like to give myself the best chance to succeed and have the best quality of life as a student along the way. I'
  2. I'm just curious if anyone knows the overall acceptance rate for PA school. Specifically: # of applicants who get at least one acceptance / # of applicants who apply to at least one PA school. I tried but couldn't find this info on the PAEA website. I know I've read that for medical school the rate is around 40%. Just curious how PA school compares.
  3. So here is my dilemma, Last cycle I got interviews at 3 schools, 1 in Pittsburgh- where I currently live and have my friends and boyfriend, and 2 in Philly, I got wait listed in Pittsburgh, and recently (about a week and a half ago) got word that I got accepted to one of the schools outside of Philly! So this is a fantastic school, great program, 100% PANCE pass rates, great student to teacher ration, etc. This means I would have to move about 4-4.5 hours away in August. I am so TORN because I was planning to re-apply for 2 schools in Pittsburgh and keep working here for an
  4. I am finishing up my sophomore year and have switched my major a couple of times. I started in Chemical Engineering, switched to Biochem for a semester, and am now happily majoring in Nutrition. I finally quit worrying about "impressing" PA schools by forcing myself to major in something I did not like and decided to actually spend my undergrad learning topics that I will enjoy and that will help me be a better PA. Unfortunately, with all the switching, I have "wasted" some credit hours on some engineering and math classes that are no longer required for my new major of Nutrition. I could
  5. what are my chances for getting accepted to PA school after graduation?
  6. if I were to earn A's in all of my needed science classe, what are my chances for getting accepted to PA school after graduation?
  7. Hello, I posted this in a few areas here and across the interent and have not received a response. I would like to get an idea of my chances at being considered a good applicant for PA school when I apply next year, and what I can do to improve those greatly. My undergraduate GPA was a little above a 3.0 due to grade forgiveness, however without grade forgiveness as CASPA will calculate, it is probably between a 2.75 and a 3.0 (retook organic chemistry 2, but received Bs or higher in upper level microbiology classes, anatomy, physiology and immunology). My grades were bad as an undergr
  8. I am coming towards the end of my 1-year contract with my current company (family practice) and will not be renewing. This was my first job out of school, and this new practice which opened a few months before I started has pretty much failed. One doctor left, the other let go about 2 weeks ago due to low volume and every day I hear something different from the owner about whether or not he is going to shut it down or not. He has told me he wants to keep me for medical consulting, but I definitely don't feel confident in job security here. Another thing is we have been super low volume...
  9. I am writing in regards to my wife and her interest in getting into a PA program. She is very smart, she has an undergraduate degree in Psychology with a 3.88 gpa and a 4.0 gpa in all required PA program science courses (Chemistry, Biology, etc.). She also made those grades while working part-time and playing soccer full-time for her University. By the time she applies for the PA program (at Bridgeport University) she will have around 2500 hours of direct patient care as a home health aid (I know that is not the most noteworthy), around 100 hours as a neurofeedback technician, and around 100 h
  10. Hi, I wasn't able to find a thread about this so here it goes. I just applied for the 2014 cycle and some of the school I have applied to have rolling admissions. So some will make their decisions now and others later this year. If I were to get an offer for acceptance nowadays, would it be okay to accept it until I hear back from other schools? I know you have to make a decision within two weeks and I'm okay putting down a deposit. It's just that I know a lot of the school I applied to won't even make interview decisions until later this year and I would like to give myself opti
  11. Hey everyone!! My name is Karen and I am an undergrad in UMCP. I am very interested in this PA program and I was wondering if those who got accepted can share with me how their pre-reqs were :) I would really appreciate it :)
  12. Pacific requires a bachelor's degree to be completed prior to May 1st in the year of entry. Has anyone been accepted that had all of their prerequistites completed, but a bachelor's degree still in progress at the time of application? Thanks for any info! It seems too competitive to have anything less than perfect!
  13. Hello, I just got an interview for March 8th. I was wondering if there was any advice from previous interviewees about this school's interview process. I saw there was a writing sample, and wanted to know if anyone knows the prompt. I also noticed that we find out the day of if we get in or not, how does this work? Thanks! Zoe
  14. I have been thinking about this a bit since reading RC's post on PA's educating PA's. Where are we in terms of developing future leaders? IMHO, very far behind the nursing and physician establishment. Our profession has done a great job in developing clinicians that can practice medicine efficiently and cost effectively. We are valued members of our health care teams. But in essence, to me, as I look back over the last 26yrs of my career and squint into the next decade of my career, I ponder what does that really mean? This will sound a bit jaded, especially to newer PA's but
  15. Yo. Right now i'm a junior at a small christian school in Illinois, Olivet Nazarene University, which has a pretty well known bio program. I've got a 3.5 GPA and it is steadily rising as I have been getting all A's this semester and from here on out after I had a recent change of motivation, which should put me at a 3.75ish by the time i graduate. I will be getting a B.A. in Biology and double minoring in chemistry and sociology. I've taken all the prerequisites, medical terminology, biochemistry, cadaver lab, and will take developmental and nutrition. I will be going on a medical mission
  16. Has anyone been accepted to the Nova programs with an online bachelors degree? If so how does the admissions board feel about online programs? I'm currently working on an online degree from UF and I'm not sure if it's the best course of action to get into PA school. Any advice would be big help! Thanks
  17. Hello Everyone! I am starting this thread to keep in touch with those who have been placed on the waitlist. I LOVED this school when I interviewed there. It would be great to know where everyone stands on the list (if you know) and if there is any movement on it. This could help us in our future planning and more importantly, offer some hope that we may still have a chance for this cycle. If you see this and it applies to you, lets keep in touch please! Thanks!!
  18. In a nutshell, high-ranking school #1 is far away (across the country) from my family and my boyfriend of three years, but when I visited it I loved it there and felt like the students were truly happy and getting a quality education. This school trains PAs for work in any field. Lower-ranking school #2 is close to my beautiful apartment I share with my boyfriend, as well as to my supportive and awesome family. Unfortunately, I kind of got a negative vibe when I visited--students there didn't love the program, and it seemed disorganized and unprioritized compared to the DO program (example
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