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  1. I also use NCCPA and log everything. I keep copies of my certificates in a folder on my laptop in case of an audit.
  2. started a new job and i get $0. Have completed 50 hours already and they were free from the cleveland clinic.
  3. PA-C! email came in today at 8:51am (eastern) My packrat score totally did not correlate to how i did on the PANCE. Received a 164 the first time than a 159 on the second exam which should put me at a PANCE score of around 600 according to the formula. Got a 475, but don't care because I am still a PA-C! haha
  4. tested on 8/31..hoping for scores to be released today since it seems like thursdays are score release days. walked out of that exam feeling nauseous, defeated, and confused. hoping for the best today!
  5. Just wondering how many students you have lost so far? so far we have lost 6 students. started out with around 60. This number seems way too high. Would love to see how other classes compare?
  6. your understanding is correct, ONLY reason they are on probation is due to charting and paper work issues. 100% FIRST TIME pass rate on the PANCE for 3 years now ;)
  7. Just to update you all..Over half the class has been fully accepted (payed all deposit fees). This was emailed to me by Pauline
  8. Don't go by the Facebook page a few people are current students and some people including myself are waiting to hear from other schools...those of you still waiting do not lose hope!
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