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  1. Accepted back in mid-October! I'm excited for June! I will check out the Facebook group.
  2. Last year, the first interview date was mid-September and invitations were emailed at the end of August.
  3. Just FYI, the University of St. Francis location in Illinois does not have a PA program. It's the campus in New Mexico. Source: https://www.stfrancis.edu/academics/graduate-masters/
  4. Wow that's a small interview group. Was it a group interview? I guess I'll be waiting for a later invite..
  5. Hey all, Has anyone received updates about interviews? Application was received 6/23 and was supposed to receive feedback within 3 weeks.
  6. Hi all, Has anyone heard about interviews yet? It's my second year applying to SIU and completed the application 6/24.
  7. Does anyone know if adcoms are aware that you are re-applying to their program? There's obviously a chance that a committee member might remember reading through your essay or a previous interview, but I'm wondering why the designation portion in CASPA asks whether you are re-applying or not.
  8. Applied in July and interviewing on Feb. 15th!
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