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  1. Hey all, thanks in advance for any advice. Offer is for rural hospitalist. Duties are basic hospital medicine but also include telemedicine triage/urgent care consults and covering the ED when they have a high census. Hours are 24 on, 3 days off 24 on, etc etc. Only one in house past 5pm or so once the internal med docs head home. I have been working in critical care medicine at an academic institution for the last 18 months, so that is my experience Offer details: Salary - 110k Loan repayment: 60K over 6 years Signing bonus: 5K Annual bonus for production/performance: 3k CME: $3500 + 5 days Vacation: 4 weeks Retirement: I put in 6, they put in 9 - total of 15% Licensing, DEA covered I was going to counter w/ 120K for salary and move 5k from loan repayment to add to the signing bonus. What do you all think?
  2. Thanks again for all the advice. I already have a PRN ER gig lined up, so that makes me feel good that I am doing the right thing. I am still waiting on details of the ER job.
  3. Thanks for all the responses. As far as my current job, great opportunity for learning on some very complicated medical and surgical patients. The overnight hours are not great. Its a group of PAs/NPs, no attending, no formal education or rounding. I am training with a NP currently, but its just learning the ropes, no real didactic stuff or anything. The city I live in is not huge, but not small, and the ER job would be at a moderately sized hospital with one doc on staff at all times and I think 2-3 other PAs/NPs. I actually did a rotation at one of the hospitals within the system and it was a great experience.I am waiting on details for the position as far as benefits but I know the pay is 65-70/hr. I currently make 100k, w/ nothing more than a 1% raise per year. Its not all about the money, its a multi-factor issue: more money, day hours, and ER. I will throw more info about benefits once I get them. Thanks again for all the responses.
  4. Long story short, I am currently in critical care working overnights. EM has always been my passion. A couple opportunities opened up for ER jobs, paying about 20K more a year and day hours (11a-11p). Any advice on how to handle this situation? Stick it out at the CC job and wait a while for another ER gig to open up or send my resume for the ER job? Thanks in advance.
  5. I can't do music with lyrics because I get too distracted, so all my suggestions will be mainly musical: Tycho - Awake Helios - Yume Vessels - Dilate God is an Astronaut - Self-titled album Explosion in the Sky - The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place --> these guys did the Lone Survivor soundtrack, if you're familiar with the movie. Eluvium - Copa These are my favorite albums by these groups but I would recommend almost any of their work. I could go on and on but I'll spare you guys.
  6. Cool, thanks. Its crazy that people take 60K to practice medicine. Seems insulting to other PAs and the profession in general.
  7. A lot of high numbers here. What is a good "Standard" to compare these to? 100K w/ 5 years EM experience? 90K for a new grad? I honestly have no idea so I'm simply asking for my edification.
  8. I interviewed at Iowa and it was an amazing experience. The PA staff there is great, the facilities are amazing. They have everything you need to be successful. I plan on applying there upon graduation. Iowa City is a nice smaller town with plenty to do in the free time you would have. Their PA program is very progressive and incorporates med students and PA students the entire didactic year. I would imagine this would create a better environment while doing the residency there.
  9. I agree. But I would also think some would just say thanks but no thanks we'll take the next student in line.
  10. When I interviewed at Iowa for PA school, I was able to speak to a few of their EM PAs. They talked about the residency there and said its rigorous and very good. Its the only trauma center in the area, you do various rotations in EKG, ortho, burn, etc. Its 18 months, so you have more time to hone your skills as a practitioner. Its a fantastic hospital with a great staff, albeit in the middle of no where.
  11. Undergrad Ed School: University of Nebraska - Omaha Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.63 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.48 Age at application time : 30 1st GRE: Q- 147 V 152 W - 4 Direct Patient Care : EMT-B 1600 hours Extracurricular/Research Activities: 200 hours of research in a molecular biology lab, many volunteer activities through church including worship band for 3+ years, lead a group of students in preparing them for a global journey and out reach activities. Tutored in my Universities science center ~75 hours. Schools Applied: Yale, University of Nebraska, University of Iowa, Union College, Midwestern University (Glendale), South Dakota, Wisconsin Application Submitted Date: Late August, the 28th I believe. Interview Invites: Nebraska, Iowa, Union Denied: Midwestern, Yale, South Dakota Withdrew Application: Wisconsin, Union Waitlisted: None Accepted: Iowa, Nebraska Attending: Nebraska!
  12. I was offered my seat a week after I interviewed and accepted! Can't wait to start in August!
  13. So I don't know who will find this useful but I completed my interview at UNMC today. It was a great experience and was much more laid back than I had anticipated. No crazy questions, not intimidating at all. I actually had a lot of fun. The staff was amazing and so nice and helpful. The facilities are beautiful and state of the art and the PA students we had the pleasure of meeting with were very positive and love the program. Very excited to find out if I get in or not and hope this helps anyone else. If you have questions don't hesitate to PM me.
  14. Sorry to hear, I got rejected from Yale and USD. Was a little surprised by USD being a bordering state, but I know they are like UNMC and are very big on in state students. So I have 3 interviews (Iowa, Union, UNMC), two rejections, and one still waiting to hear from (Midwestern in AZ).
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