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  1. I'm in the same boat. I recieved mine in June though.
  2. Got my alternate letter today. My interview date was sept 23. I'm kind of okay with that though because I thought the interview went worse than that!
  3. Still waiting! All my materials were verified in the May/June time frame.
  4. Thank you for that response! It is really helpful for hear from a former student. I appreciate you taking the time to respond as I had not heard much previously about this program.
  5. I do not know if this matters, but I have an interview and my quant score was in the 44th percentile at a 151. My verbal however was higher, 153 in the 59th percentile. So my total was over 300. So my GRE scores were not all that great, however I think other parts of my application are stronger.
  6. I wouldn't. However if months to by without hearing from them interview wise, then I might update them with your then current hours.
  7. I haven't heard anything yet. I'm down south too.
  8. Got my phone call today! October 8 and 9!!! They actually invited me to the one in September, however I requested if they had a later date because it would have been harder to get off of work. Then they gave me the week of Sept 22, and that's my nova interview...so I hope it doesn't reflect poorly that I asked for a later one. And the ring tone was a super idea! I was so excited to see that on my phone! Whew!
  9. @kcaldwell, did you get an email saying your application was complete? I got one shortly after I submitted my supplemental. Other than that email, I have not heard anything.
  10. Hey TNRT! Thank you so much for sharing. Sorry about the news you received though. Have you applied elsewhere? You experience is competitive!
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