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  1. Hi there, I've been working as a PA in Texas for about 2 yrs now. Prior to this, I was working in Pennsylvania where I had an osteopathic and medical physician assistant license. I am planning on moving back to Pennsylvania and realized that my medical physician assistant license is no longer active in Pennsylvania. Do I have to completely re-apply or is there a way to reactivate my old medical physician assistant license? Thanks in advance! -Paul
  2. I've applied to a few family practice offices in Dallas and Fort Worth Texas, and was wondering what a fair salary range would be. I'm seeing anywhere from 90-115k/yr. Does that sounds about right?Assuming benefits are standard and full. I have 3 years of family med experience in Pennsylvania. Making the move to down south soon!
  3. I ended up taking a job for $60/hr with monthly bonus based on volume. I'm shooting for $65/hr - just sent them an email.
  4. Hi there, I will be moving from Harrisburg, PA to Dallas, TX in the next few weeks. I've worked 3 years in family medicine and was offered an urgent care job in northern Dallas/Richardson recently. Compensation is $60/hr with monthly volume based incentive bonus (unsure of how much...), full benefits, 3% 401k match, 15 days time off, 1000 cme, 3 days for CME. Sounds like a decent deal to me...but I don't want to jump on something too quick. Any thoughts?
  5. I have 3 years experience in family practice in Pennsylvania. Moving to Dallas TX soon. Urgent care is offering $50/hr - seems low to me...any thoughts?
  6. I've worked 3 years in Pennsylvania in family med/urgent care and will be moving back to Dallas TX in a few weeks. I've received a few offers in urgent care and would like to know if it is a decent offer. They are offering $100k to 105k /year salary with potential bonus, full health insurance, 15 days PTO, $1500 CME, 3 days off for CME and OT as desired on weekends. With 3 years experience, I was hoping for $110 - $120 range. Am I being unrealistic?
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