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  1. Kind of late actually! I believe it was in August! Good luck!
  2. Got a phone call today inviting me for an interview but I've been accepted elsewhere. Hope one of you all get this chance! Good luck!
  3. @eleyrer It's possible that people didn't accept their seat or dropped their seat. Or maybe they are going over waitlist before final interview. Either way. We were accepted so ... Yay us! LOL and good luck to everyone!
  4. Hi all! I got pulled off waitlist today! Don't give up hope! Looking forward to meeting all you that I will be spending the next 2+ years with!
  5. Trying to see if anyone has recently taken UNE genetics course. Want to know how doable it felt to everyone? Saw that it seemed to have a lot of work but open book. Please give me your opinions. Looks like course might have changed a little in past couple years. Not sure if same instructor or not. Thanks
  6. I've decided that I want to take the rest of my prereqs at the university level since I am taking A &P 1 and 2 at a community college and don't want them to think I tried to get the easy way out. What good online courses have you guys taken for Microbiology, Biochemistry and Genetics online that's at a university and not a community college? I looked through these posts and some of the schools listed but can figure out which one seems best. I just want feed back on online courses you guys have taken that you thought was good. Thanks
  7. I saw it needs a proctored exam. Is that in CA that it needs this. I live in VA so this would be an issue.
  8. This is the reply that I got from the school: What is everyone's opinion on it? "Yes, the courses will be accepted as prerequisites. The admissions committee does take into account the rigor of an applicant’s academic career. In addition, although taking the classes with the ‘right’ course titles and content is all that required, your goal is to be as prepared as possible for PA school, not just “get in”. I already have a BS and I am a sonographer (ultrasound technologist). I have been working in this field for 8 years. I started out premed but dropped it my sophomore year because my dad passed suddenly. So I have taken Organic chemistry and Calculus in the past as well as I am now re taking A&P to make sure I am in the 7 year deadline and the other courses that are required. What would you guys do?
  9. @loliz- No, no further description other than class name and one semester. I went ahead and tried to ask the more specific question to the admissions lady on if the intro or level or the course matters. I'll wait and see if I get any response. Can't believe they have been so vague with me. I'll keep on rolling with my classes and hope for the best. I'm thinking maybe I'll take the biochem somewhere else if all else fails. Sounds like the microbio and genetics will probably be ok.
  10. I have a question about prereq courses. The school I am applying to states that accept courses from community college. I need genetics, Microbiology, and Biochem. I am enrolled in A&P at the community college now. I'm trying to make sure if the remaining courses that are offered at the community college will be accepted. The Microbiology course is titled Intro to Microbiology and biochemistry is also titled as Intro to Biochemistry. Genetics is called General genetics. Since these courses are at a community college they are 100 and 200 level courses and some people I've asked questioned if it would be accepted because it is not 300 or 400 level courses. What is your opinion on this? I asked the school and all they did was refer me to the website which only says what courses I need and how many credit hours. Thank you!
  11. The school I'm applying to accepts classes from community colleges, which normally don't have 300 and 400 level courses. So I'm thinking I'm safe to assume that even though it's not a 400 level it will be accepted? I wish the advisor wouldn't have been so vague with me. But on the same hand, if it was very obviously not a course accepted, I would like to think she would have just said "No it won't work." I just really didn't want to waste money, you know? But so far I'm getting the feeling that the consensus I that this will work?
  12. So you don't think the fact that those two classes say intro will make admissions think I took a class that doesn't have enough depth? I really wanted to at least be able to take genetics at the comm college because I don't see many online gentics courses.
  13. I tried to e-mail the school and ask if these classes would be acceptable but they just said look at our website! So I'm going to ask for everyone's opinion. The website asks for a semester of Biochem, MicroBio, and Genetics and here are the course descriptions at the community college I'm going to for Anatomy right now: BIO256 General Genetics (Sp, 4 cr)Explores the principles of genetics ranging from classical Mendelian inheritance to the most recent advances in the biochemical nature and function of the gene. Includes experimental design and statistical analysis. BIO 150 Introductory Microbiology (F, Sp, 4 cr) Studies the general characteristics of microorganisms. Emphasizes their relationships to individual and community health. CHM 260 Introductory Biochemistry (Sp, 3 cr) Explores fundamentals of biological chemistry including study of macromolecules, metabolic pathways and biochemical genetics. I got a little thrown off if it will be accepted just because of the "INTRO" in front of two of the classes but let me know what you think. OR if you have suggestions of what I should do. Thanks Sabina
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