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  1. Very true. Fortunately the larger hospital in my area actually allows you to decide if you rather work directly with patients, or not (like working in the gift shop). They want me to commit to a set time each week though and I can't really do that, so I'm kind of back at square one.
  2. @ Rev - Thanks for sharing your story, 100+ hour weeks are definitely not fun so I can understand the pain. @ Nyquil - You CLEARLY understand exactly what I am going through. It almost seems like it takes an extremely sacrifice for those of us looking into this field as a second career. Right now I am really thinking hard about if I want to spend time continuing with the online courses, or just looking into a different path altogether. Not sure if option 2 will work for me firstly because I think I am just too old to go down that looooooooooong path, and second because for the most part
  3. Thanks for the info GMarie. I was actually looking into taking the classes at a CC, but unfortunately the latest class still started when I am typically still at work or trying to get home from work. I am considering taking a Saturday class, but the class and lab is from 9-3 which means I could take one class per semester. That is manageable but will probably take 2 years of Saturday classes to finish, and it doesn't factor in HCE or my weekend work. I think this week I am going to stop in a clinic nearby my job and see what their hours are and if I can volunteer there doing something rela
  4. I hear you on the job thing, but the timing in this economy isn't the greatest unfortunately (I had been looking). As for managing financially in PA school, that wasn't really a big concern of mine because we had a savings plan to get there. The part I did not count on was leaving my job BEFORE I had an acceptance in hand (which would also allow more time to save).
  5. Lemon Bars - Thanks for the response! I definitely thought a lot about hospital administration but I still feel like it keeps me too far removed from patient care. I have a friend that is in this field in Florida and she hates it because she went into the field thinking she would be able to make a difference (i.e. balance patient care with the financial needs of the hospital) and says that she only feels the squeeze of the stress of managing the two with her being force to choose $s over patient health. I don't see myself doing that at all. I have considered public health, but even thro
  6. I work an extremely demanding job with very unpredictable hours in the finance industry. I am a slave to the annual cycle of fiscal year start up, close out, month end close out, quarter end close out, project this, project that, arbitrary deadlines that you have to give your right arm to meet, etc. I take my scheduled lunch about 5% of the time, and I leave work on time (which means within 30 minutes of when I should actually be leaving it) about 10% of the time. I am also expected to work weekends and holidays "as needed". I had a schedule laid out for which classes I need to take to app
  7. Any PAs, PA-S, are pre-PAs out there in the VA or D.C. metro area? I'd love to connect!
  8. "A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams" :;-):
  9. Yes, I am completely new here:heheh:, but I would say oversaturation will only occur if the supply of PAs being produced exceeds the demand required. We can do some simple math and come up with an estimate of grads but it's much harder to predict the demand for PAs, particularly since demand is constrained by infrastructure which takes much longer to catch up with growth.
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