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  1. fdamico1985, Would you mind sharing with us what the interview questions were like? :)
  2. Thank you so much! That is very sweet of you :) I'm getting anxious and excited!
  3. israa.alsayyed & Calah100, See you two there :) Wish you all the luck preparing. We will do great!
  4. Their inital file score this year is a 5.10, much higher than in the past. I have a 5.07 and am "on hold" :( I'm just hoping it drops a bit!
  5. Sure! I actually just got a call from NAU this morning for an interview on August 28th! Best of luck to you :)
  6. I called about a week ago to make sure my file was complete, and she informed me that they had just started looking at applications. I'm assuming it will be a little while before we hear anything :)
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